Check out all of the tech-themed Super Bowl commercials

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Check out all of the tech-themed Super Bowl commercials

What a game?!?! While the first half wasn’t the most exciting, the second half (and overtime) made up for it. Congratulations to Tom Brady and the Patriots for mounting the largest comeback in Super Bowl history, and winning in the first ever overtime in Super Bowl history.

And how could we forget the ads! In a tradition that’s become almost as storied as the game itself, companies spent big dollars to push big stars and — this year more than ever — a more political agenda at the big game.

Whether it was the Google ad that opened with a Pride Flag; or Airbnb’s #weaccept campaign; or Ford’s focus on sustainability, or (especially) Audi tackling equal pay; this year’s slate of Super spots seemed more willing to push a political envelope (nicely done, y’all).



GoDaddy had a fun commercial – it basically showed what the Internet would like if it were a person. In GoDaddy’s mind this meant someone waking up to a dial-up alarm tone, showering in an ice bucket challenge, and living in a house with lots of Roomba-riding cats.



Intel scored big time – its ad featured Tom Brady, who was the hero and MVP of the game. The ad showed off the company’s 360-replay, which was used during replays during the game. Oh, and while they didn’t talk about it in the ad, Intel also powered the fleet of 300+ dancing drones that performed during the half time show.



Wix decided to go for an action-packed ad that still showed off the customizability of their website builder.



Airbnb moved everyone with an ad for their new #weaccept campaign, which focuses on acceptance and inclusion. You can read more about the initiative here, which seems to be a pretty direct response to the recent executive orders on immigration (as well as a response to the company’s own experience with discrimination).

CEO Brian Chesky also announced on Twitter that the company would donate $4 million over four years to the International Rescue Committee (a non-profit that supports refugee resettlement).


Nintendo Switch

For Nintendo’s first ever Super Bowl commercial they decided to show off Switch. The ad focused on how the soon to be released device can be played in bed, in the kitchen, and of course on your TV when it’s in the dock.



Hyundai went all out for their Super Bowl ad. They actually filmed the commercial during the game, and edited it in time to show right after the game ended. Why was it so time sensitive? Because the focus of the ad was letting U.S military members stationed overseas watch the game “with” their families. They did this by sending the families to the game with a 360-degree camera that streamed everything live back to the service member stationed overseas.



T-Mobile had a bunch of commercials. The first was pretty kosher, and featured a dancing Justin Bieber. Then for their second one, Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg paired up to deliver a pun-filled dialogue promoting T-Mobile’s unlimited plans. Then towards the end of the game, things got weird with two sexually charged ads featuring Kristen Schaal, essentially making fun of Verizon’s data limits. Check them out for yourself here and here.



Sprint had a funny commercial that brought back the “can you hear me now” guy from the old Verizon ads. The plot was basically someone faking their own death to escape a Verizon contract. Dangerous, but definitely creative.


Google Home

Google decided to use its ad time showing off Home, its voice-activated home assistant. It also had a broader theme of diversity and inclusiveness, featuring families and friends from all walks of life all using Home. The spot opened with a shot of a pride flag and closed with a woman asking: “How do you say, ‘Nice to meet you’ in Spanish?”


Mobile Strike

Mobile Strike’s advertisement wasn’t super interesting – it was a follow up to their other commercials featuring Arnold Schwarzenegger playing the game on his phone. But considering the mobile game had to pay $5M for 30 seconds of ad time, it was a good reminder how lucrative the mobile gaming business can be.



Ford went all in on their ad, showcasing all of the new technology they’re building that puts more emphasis on safety and sustainability. They showed off their self-driving cars, electric vehicles, mobility services (even Chariot made a cameo!) bike sharing and more.



Audi focused on wage equality in their ad, highlighting the fact that they’re committed to equal pay for all of their employees.



Squarespace had a funny advertisement showing how important (and sometimes difficult) it can be to get the right domain name – especially when someone else has already bought your name.