Celebrate Veterans Day With These 13 Veteran-Founded Startups

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Celebrate Veterans Day With These 13 Veteran-Founded Startups

In honor of Veterans Day, we’ve put together a group of up-and-coming startups that were all founded by veterans. While the companies range from non-profits to mobile apps, all have founders that share the determination, work ethic, and leadership needed to serve their country.



VersaMe is a wearable technology company currently crowdfunding their first device, Starling. The device listens to how many new words your child hears and says each day, in order to track language development. The company was cofounded by Chris Boggiano, a U.S Army operations officer, and Jon Boggiano, a former operations officer and battle captain in the U.S Army’s 1st Infantry Division.



ProctorFree is a North Carolina-based startup that is aiming to lower the cost of higher education by bringing test taking online. The company uses facial recognition technology and machine learning around testing behavior, eliminating the need for human proctors. ProctorFree was cofounded by Mike Murphy, who formerly served in the U.S Army as an intelligent analyst.



Ampsy is a platform for brands to aggregate & curate their best fan social content. Ampsy is currently used used by brands like W Hotels and American Idol, among others. The company was founded by Jeremy Gocke, a former West Point grad and officer in the U.S Army Signal Corps.


Spark Finance

Cofounded by former U.S Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal officer Mike Slagh, Spark is an app that gives users daily market advice and stock trading ideas. Spark also lets users dive deeper into stocks by charting technical, sentiment, and fundamental data, as well as seeing curated stock pics from popular traders. 



Founded by former U.S Army Field Artillery Officer Nick Nick Black, inKind is a donation platform where nonprofits can ask for the exact items they need. Donors can then pick and donate specific items, resulting in a more meaningful and personal connection.



Uvize was founded by Dave Cass, David Parker, and Bo Bergstrom, who served in the U.S Navy, U.S Air Force, and U.S Marine Corps, respectively. The company is an SaaS platform for mentorship matching, with customers spread across the higher ed and budding incubator/accelerator space.



While we’ve already covered Plated a few times, not many know that the ready to cook food delivery company’s cofounder, Nick Taranto, was a infantry officer in the US Marine Corps.



Founded by former U.S Navy officers (and U.S Naval Academy roommates) Steve Weiner and Mike Slagh, VetTechTrek is an organization that facilitates high-impact trips to tech companies for veterans and their spouses. The group’s ultimate mission is to build a pipeline between the military and tech, and to find advisors who can aid in that transition. Previous trips have included tours of companies like Facebook, Uber, and Coinbase. 



Launching today, GuideOn is a platform that helps veteran’s translate their military knowledge into language that can be understood and recognized by corporate recruiters. The company’s first product lets users input their military service details and have it instantly be “translated” into a professional civilian resume. The company was founded by Anthony Garcia, a former U.S Army helicopter aviator with over eight years of military experience.



Founded by U.S Marine Corps’ General Ray “E-Tool” Smith and Sergeant Sam Meek, Sandbox is an iPhone app that lets friends and family send service members physical mail and photos from their mobile device. The app also has a feature allowing veterans to stay connected with one another when they return from active duty.



RideScout is an app that gives users all transportation options available in their city, including public transit, taxis, ride-sharing, biking, etc. The company was founded by U.S Army Vets Joseph Kopser and Craig Cummings, and has eight total veteran employees.


Sword & Plough

Founded by active U.S Army 1st Lt. Emily Núñez Cavness, Sword & Plough is a bag and accessory company that works with veteran owned and operated manufacturers to repurpose military surplus fabric into stylish bags.



Founded by former U.S Navy officers Zach Scheel and Drew DeWalt, Rhumbix is a mobile platform designed to provide real-time data and insights on construction sites. The company just raised a $6M Series A led by Greylock Partners.