April Fools’ 2015: The Mega Round-Up Of The Best Gags

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April Fools’ 2015: The Mega Round-Up Of The Best Gags


April Fools' 2015

It’s that time of year again! The time when a massive chunk of the tech industry drops what it’s doing and puts all of its collective effort into getting a few laughs. As we do every year, we’re gathering up the best/worse/most cringe-tastic efforts in one place for your perusal. We’ll be updating this list as the day goes on, so check back in later!


Steam-Powered Gaming Box

You’ve heard of Valve’s Steam box gaming console. ThinkGeek has taken it one step further, with a console that’s powered by Steam. Literal steam. As in the vapor that water converts into when heated.


ThinkGeek’s product page.


ThinkGeek's 360° Selfie Rig

Selfie stick? Pft! The universe revolves around you; your cameras should, too. Here’s the ThinkGeek Product Page


Voltron Cat Condo

Every year, ThinkGeek comes up with a few pranks that really should be real. This is one of those. Although your cats will probably ignore it in favor of the box it came in, anyway. ThinkGeek’s product page.


Groot Beer and Rocket Fuel

Groot is calm. Rocket is… not. What happens when you mix beverages inspired by the two best Guardians? You kick evil’s ass, that’s what. ThinkGeek product page.


ThinkGeek's Game Of Thrones Clue

Who killed Jon? Who knows! You’ll have to wait months or years for the next edition of the game to come out to find out — and by then, you’ll probably have to replay the whole game just to remember what the hell is going on. (Note: All of the Game Of Thrones-related jokes just got pulled down off ThinkGeek. Maybe someone couldn’t take a joke?)


Hodor Travel Buddy

The other (now removed) Game Of Thrones-themed prank item from ThinkGeek: a Hodor phone case/car mount. Need to get to the super market? Sure. Just make a Hodor on Hodor, then a quick Hodor, then Hodor Hodor Hodor.


ThinkGeek's Mad Max PowerWheels

Remember that Barbie jeep you had as kid? It’s like that except, you know, with spikes. Dystopian face paint and anti-sand storm goggles not included. ThinkGeek Product Page


TimeHop's TimeBook

Facebook recently launched a feature that’s basically a Timehop clone, so Timehop took the opportunity to throw a jab at Facebook. Meet “Timebook, a totally original never before thought of idea”.


This is easily one of my favorites of the day; so simple, and yet it burns so hard. The link leads to Facebook’s press release for their Timehop clone feature.


Birchbox Part 1

Birchbox actually has two gags this year: one of the guys, and one for the ladies.

For the guys: a mail-order beard subscription box. It comes with epoxy, beard wax, and everything else you need to tame that faux-mane.



Birchbox Part 2

And for the ladies (Birchbox’s distinction, not mine!): A nostalgia-packed Saved By The Bell box. It’s got Zack’s cell phone, a bottle of peroxide for at-home bleach jobs, and everything else you need to survive a day at Bayside High.


Airbnb Goes Back In Time

Airbnb has discovered a “glitch” left behind by “an intern” that lets you travel not just the world, but across the space time continuum. Would you prefer a “Cozy cave with rocks”, or something a bit more high-end, like a “Sunny cave with fire”?

You can find the kind-of-hidden page right here, and a blog post about the glitch here. The era that you’re “traveling to” seems to change throughout the day.


Rovio's Agri Birds

You know what sometimes helps Anger issues? Gardening. Looking to chill their Angry Birds out a bit, Rovio has “announced” Agri Birds, a game “where resource management meets visual novel meets point-and-click survival horror meets FPS meets your face!”


Reddit's ridiculous button

A timer counts down. A button next to it resets the count… for everyone on the site. Every reddit user gets one click. What happens when the timer counts all the way down? It’s a mystery!



/r/listentothis, a default sub-reddit  with 2.5 million subscribers, has changed its ways. Once a place to find and appreciate music from artists that you probably wouldn’t hear on the radio, it’s now strictly dedicated to the Space Jam theme, and remixes/mashups of the Space Jam theme.


500 Startups "Five Unicorns" Fund

Investing a bit of money into 500 startups is a hefty goal in it’s own right. But Dave wants to kick it up a notch: 5 startups. $1 billion dollars each. “Our new fund will invest exclusively in the top company each year already clearly branded as a unicorn, and already funded by unicorn VCs.” writes Dave. “This strategy will also give us a lot more time to go skiing with other entitled white male VCs.”


CERN Confirms The Existence Of The Force

You thought the Large Hadron Collider was meant to find some particle thing? Heh. They’re really looking for the Force. The Force. As in, may it be with you.


Pac-Man In Google Maps

Google started things off early yesterday with this Pac-Man Easter Egg hidden within Google Maps. To fire it up, go to your favorite Google Maps location and tap the Pac-Man icon in the lower left. If it’s not showing up, try Times Square in New York. (more like pac-maps, amirite?)


YouTube hearts Sandstorm

It’s a YouTube tradition: any time someone asks “What song is being played in this video?”, someone will answer with laser tag arena anthem “Darude — Sandstorm”.

Now YouTube is embracing this trend, with searches for pretty much any popular song on YouTube offering up a “Did you mean: Darude — Sandstorm?” link. They’ve also added a Sandstorm button to the video player, which lets you ensure that the music in any given video really is Sandstorm.


Self-browsing Chrome

Zoning out and browsing the web is pretty easy. But can’t it be even easier? I mean, why do you even have to mindlessly click on links? Can’t your browser just mindlessly click for you? With Google’s new Chrome extension, it can. Hell, it’ll even book you a vacation! To, erm, somewhere?


Smartbox By Inbox By Gmail

It’s Inbox… for your physical mailbox. Now with a thermo-controlled mail environment, a spam filter that physically blocks junk mail, and more.


Google Fiber Dial-Up

Google Fiber is fast. But maybe it’s, like, too fast, man. Sit back, relax, and meditate to the song of 56k telephony.


Google Goes Backwards

Looking to put their new “.Google” top-level domain to use, visitors of com.Google (as opposed to Google.com) will find Google… with a bit of a twist. Go ahead and try searching — you know you want to.



Typing a response to something is soooo 2005. Why type when you can wrap up your feelings with just the snap of a shutter? Chrome on Android now lets you snap a selfie response and share it with friends.


Amazon Goes Retro

Remember what Amazon looked like back in 1999? For one day only, it’s back. Alas, it’s just a non-functioning facade; once you actually try to click anything, it’ll be replaced by the modern layout.



Sous-vides (like Anova’s Precision Cooker) are great if you want, like, a whole chicken. But what if you’re just really, really picky about the temperature of your tea? Meet the Precision Cooker Pocket.


HelloSign Avian

HelloSign lets you easily sign faxes, digitally. Are faxes just waaaaay too futuristic for you? Why not send the document by airmail, instead?


Samsung's Galaxy BLADE Edge Smartphone Chef's Knife

Just don’t try to answer a call with it.


iFixit Tears Down The Apple Watch

Just… maybe not the one you’re hoping for.


Google Japan Makes A Hands-Free Keyboard

Why type, when you can blow repeatedly on a party blower and have the strength of your blow converted into characters? It’s so convenient!


Giphy's GIFt

Everyone loves sending their friends GIFs. But what if you could send your friends GIFs.. in real life? With GIFt by Giphy, you can!


Tidy Cat's Cat Litter Drone

Because cleaning up kitty litter is gross.


It’s just a pity that most cats would swat this thing out of the air about four seconds into its first flight


NewEgg Launches EGGCOIN

Bitcoin. Darkcoin. Dogecoin. And now… Eggcoin? Deciding they needed to get into the cryptocurrency game, NewEgg has “launched” Eggcoin — a digital currency that fluctuates with the current price of a dozen eggs.


Funny Or Die's Dips

Instagram does 15 second videos. Vine does 6 second videos. And now Dips will take short-duration clips to a whole… new… level: 1.5 second videos. It’s a prank, but it’s a damned believable one. Look for the guest appearances from Mark Cuban, Richard Linklater, Bob Odendirk, Danny DeVito, and more.   They’ve even set up a site with a few hundred Dips from all sorts of people you might recognize. Here’s Will Ferrell’s. Here’s Conan’s. Most importantly, here’s one from our own Anthony Ha.


Groupon's Car Service, Grouber

You want to buy a Groupon… but you don’t want to drive somewhere to redeem it? No problem! Let one of Groupon’s cats pick you up in a Grouber.


T-Mobiles Pet Unleashed

Add your pets to your family phone line for just $5 a month. “Your carrier hates puppies, so @#%# them!” Also, on a side note: that’s some Google-level April Fools’ video quality, T-Mobile. Good job.



DocSend lets you send documents in a secure, manageable way. Its name also sounds a lot like “Dachshund” when you say it aloud. Hence: DocSend Dachshund, for your physical/adorable document delivery needs.


Sony Playstation Flow

Sony’s Project Morpheus is cool and all — but do they work… underwater? Flow only works underwater. Sync the goggles, strap on the arm sensor floaties, and dive in. If this existed, maybe it could make underwater levels actually fun and not awful for once.


HTC's Smart Sock, "Sok"

A “feet” of engineering (lol), the Sok has a built-in notifications display, hole detection/alerts, and best of all: GPS that makes sure you never lose half of a pair. Their prank product page for it is packed head to toe with puns.