Amazon Prime Day deals that don’t suck

Happy Amazon Prime Day. Sure, it’s a crass, made up holiday created with the sole purpose of fueling the cold, heartless engine of capitalism — but doesn’t that description apply to most holidays? Amazon kicked off the annual event in 2015 and managed to surpass its own Black Friday sales in that first year, thanks to some pretty deep discounts. Like Amazon itself, however, Prime Day can be a bit tricky to predict.

While the company has already previewed some deals ahead of the 30-hour event, deals are revealed all day long, in a bid to keep consumers tuned in. As such, the company’s offering up some pretty deep discounts on its own products and services, from the Echo to Audible, hoping to hook even more people into the Amazon Echo system.

Speaking of, Amazon’s also offering a number of Alexa only deals, no doubt in an attempt to make the idea of buying stuff through a talking speaker a little less foreign.