11 Actual “Rooms” For Rent In SF That Are More Than Your Midwestern Mortgage

Let’s be honest, every apartment for rent in San Francisco is more than the average Midwestern mortgage. An ordinary 35-44-year-old homeowner in the U.S. hands over about $1,073 per month for their house payment, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The SF average for a one bedroom apartment is nearly three times that, at $2965 per month.

Of course, the high rent has much to do with high demand and not enough supply. As more and more tech workers have moved to the Bay in the last few years chasing a glut of job openings and a nurturing environment for their startup dreams, citizens seeking a place to lay their head at night have felt the squeeze in a city with a complicated and now woefully inadequate rental quantity (burrowing owls, etc.) .

Here we present to you some of the most ridiculous rooms advertised, clearly capitalizing on the city’s skyrocketing rental market.