9 Perfect Gifts For The Health Nut In Your Life

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9 Perfect Gifts For The Health Nut In Your Life

We all know someone who puts health first. They know their caloric intake, the steps they took that day, and the exact amount of beauty sleep they got last night. Meanwhile, you and I are trying to figure out how to get more Ranch dressing on leftover cheese fries.

We once were lost, but with these gift ideas for the health nut, now we are found.


The Purple Carrot

The Purple Carrot is for vegans, who happen to be vastly under-served when it comes to meal-kit delivery. The Purple Carrot solves that with pre-packaged, vegetable-heavy ingredients for the green eater we all know and love.

Price: $68 for 6 meals per week



The air you breathe is just as important as the food you eat or the number of hours you sleep. The Awair air monitor intelligently analyzes the air in your home or office and makes smart suggestions (open the window, buy this humidifier, etc.) to make sure your air is as clean as it can be.

Price: $199


Soylent 2.0

Soylent 2.0 is a pre-packaged shake that is meant to act as a meal replacement, offering one-fifth of your daily needed nutrients and 400 calories in a single bottle. Ingredients include soy protein, algal oil, and Isomaltulose, and though it doesn’t sound that way, Soylent 2.0 is pretty delicious.

Price: $34 for 12 bottles


Fitbit Charge HR

The Fitbit Charge HR brings all the best parts of Fitbit into a single device. This little guy can track your activity, your heart rate, your sleep, and sync with your phone to show incoming calls and alerts. Plus, the battery lasts up to five days, which is more than most activity trackers can say for themselves. (Lol! Fitness trackers don’t talk, silly!)

Price: $149



Classpass changes the way you think about the gym, letting users visit a bevy of classes, studios, etc. throughout the month, all with a Classpass membership. The site is making it super easy to give a month of Classpass away, but be aware that pricing varies from city to city.

Price: $125 in NYC


Misfit Shine 2

For those of you who brushed over the Fitbit Charge HR, might I direct your attention to the Misfit Shine 2, which tracks sleep and activity through a host of complicated sensors. It even knows the difference between when you’re cycling or running or swimming. Plus, it has a six-month battery life.

Price: $99



WellPath offers highly customized nutritional supplements pre-sorted for daily consumption. The company does this based on a survey the user answers, or through existing data from 23andMe and/or Fitbit.

Price: starts at $40/month


Withings Aura

Sleep is potentially more important than any other single factor when it comes to overall health. The Withings Aura sleep tracker not only uses pads in the bed to determine how long and how well you’re sleeping, but connects to a special light that helps you produce the hormones helpful in waking and dozing off to sleep.

Price: $186



The Upright is all about posture, sending the user tiny vibrations each time they slouch, whether sitting or standing. Though posture is more about vanity than true health, you should always dress for the job you want, right?

Price: $130