9 Of The Best Performing Tech Stocks In 2015

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9 Of The Best Performing Tech Stocks In 2015

In a year when the stock market has essentially been flat, a few tech companies have killed it on the public markets. Companies like Facebook, Amazon, and Netflix created tremendous shareholder value this year, and their public market valuations are showing it.

Click through to read about nine of the best performing public technology companies of 2015. And, stay tuned for the next edition which will highlight some of the worst performing tech companies of the year



Amazon entered 2015 trading at $308.52, and closed today around $676, for a total percent gain of about 115 percent. Yes, Amazon more than doubled its market cap this year to $317 billion. Much of this success is due to the company showing it could finally generate revenue from its retail business, as well as the rapid growth of AWS.


Facebook (NASDAQ: FB)

Facebook took 2015 to prove to the world that they were serious about mobile, and the markets reacted favorably. The stock has spiked 34 percent year-to-date, closing today at $106 a share with a market cap of just over $300 billion dollars.


Netflix (NASDAQ: NFLX)

Netflix is by far our biggest winner, as the company’s market cap spiked more than 145 percent this year. The company finally ramped up its long-awaited international expansion, and the markets ate it up. Adjusted for a stock split, the company’s share price rose from $46 to $122, closing today with a market cap of $52 billion.


Alphabet Inc. (NASDAQ: GOOG)

Google, err… Alphabet also had a stellar year. The company used 2015 to restructure their organization, further show off their self driving car, and more.  The result was the public markets adding more than 40% to the company’s valuation, closing today around $768 per share, or a market cap of more than $521 billion dollar.


Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT)

Microsoft! It seems the company is finally back on track after a great deal of restructuring. The stock gained about 20 percent this year, closing today at $56.20, with a market cap of $447 billion.



Chipmaker NVIDIA started 2015 trading at $20 a share, and closed today at $33.17, for a total YTD gain of about 65 percent. The company is now worth almost 18 billion dollars.


GoDaddy (NYSE: GDDY)

GoDaddy is one of the only tech companies to stay above its post-IPO offering price this year. The company IPOed in April, and has since gained about 30 percent, closing today at $34.24 per share, or a total market cap of $5.17 billion.



After switching to a subscription model this year, Adobe proved that it still got it. The company’s stock rose more than 30 percent and closed at $94 dollars today with a total market cap of over $47 billion.


Salesforce (NYSE:CRM)

Salesforce, with its aptly-given ticker of CRM, closed today up 33 percent on the year, with a share price of $78.89, and a market cap of $51.37 billion.