9 great gifts for your favorite 20-something

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9 great gifts for your favorite 20-something

Welcome to the 2016 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide! We’ll be rolling out a bunch of guides leading up to Christmas, hopefully making your holiday shopping a little easier. Looking for gifts for others on your list? Check out our full 2016 Gift Guide Hub.

As one of TechCrunch’s resident 20-somethings, I know firsthand that we’re not the easiest group of people to shop for. Do we want electronics? Clothes? Stuff for our first post-college, real life apartment?

To help you out, here are a list of 9 awesome gifts that any college student, grad, or newly-employed person would be thrilled to receive.


Amazon Fire Stick

Any 20-something you know who just moved into a new apartment probably had to make the hard decision whether or not to buy a cable subscription.

Amazon’s Fire Stick, let’s you watch Netflix, HBO, ESPN and even CNN on your TV with just an internet plan. And it’s only $40.

There are other alternatives like Apple TV and Roku, but the Fire Stick is probably the best bang for your buck. A lot of our staff also really likes the Chromecast, but the Fire Stick has its own remote (which is nice if your phone is dead or stuck in the couch or something)


Snapchat Spectacles

Snapchat Spectacles are sunglasses that have a small camera in them for recording video directly to Snapchat. They also have a big spinning light on them that indicates if a recording is in progress, making them more social and less creepy.

While they retail for $129, they are really hard to find right now, and are selling on eBay for a pretty big markup.

That being said… if you can manage to snag a pair for your favorite Snapchat-obsessed millennial, they will definitely, like, freak out.


Charging Cables

You’re probably thinking, “what, who wants a dumb charging cable?”

But one common theme among all of my 20-something friends is that we are ALWAYS looking for more charging cables! Plus, it’s a great inexpensive gift or stocking stuffer.

If they have an iPhone, get them one of these Lightning Cables from Amazon Basics for ~$6.

If they have an Android, get them these Micro USB cables for around the same price.

Pro Tip: Get them a 6-foot version. It’s only $2 more and having an extra-long charging cord is a life changing experience.


A VR headset — but pick the right one!

Virtual Reality is here to stay. It’s one of those things that once you’ve tried, you’ll understand just how cool it really is. The issue is that *most* VR is still pretty expensive. So here are a few options that can let you give the gift of VR to you’re favorite 20-something, regardless of price point.

If he has a newer Samsung cell phone you can buy him the Gear VR for $99, which lets him put his phone inside the headset and create a pretty good VR experience.

Or, if they have a Playstation 4, consider the Playstation VR. It’s shockingly good.

If you are looking to go all-in, you can buy him a top of the line system like the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, – just remember they’ll need a high-powered gaming computer to power the device – like this one.


A big ol' Battery Pack

We recommended this last year, but it is really the perfect gift for anyone obsessed with their phone (and constantly running out of juice).

While you can find a bunch online, we like this one from Aukey because it’s a good brand, and only costs $24.99 for 20,000mAh – which will recharge your phone about 5 times on a single charge.


Uber Gift Cards

What 20-something doesn’t user Uber?

It’s a gift that will 100% get used, and will keep them safe by making sure they have a ride when they need it.

The gift card is easy to buy in almost any denomination either online or in stores.


DJI Phantom 3 Quadcopter Drone

Who doesn’t want a drone?

And while there are dozens on the market to choose from, we think we have the right one for your favorite 20-something.

DJI is considered the best drone manufacturer on the market, and while the Phantom 3 isn’t their newest product, it can still fly hundreds of feed in the air and capture great 4K video.

Plus, the price has now dropped to below $500, making it a really good deal.


Blue Apron

Worried your favorite 20-something isn’t eating right or cooking enough now that they are out of the house?

Sign them up for Blue Apron or any other food prep service. One a week they will get a box delivered will all the ingredients and instructions they need to cook a great healthy meal.

You can give it for a week, 2 weeks, or a month – and it only only costs $9.99 per person per meal.


JBL splash-proof portable speakers

Last year we recommended wireless earbuds, but this year are going to get social. Give your favorite 20-something the power to share his music with wireless speakers.

While there are tons on Amazon (some as cheap as $30), we’re going to recommend JBL’s $84 version for a few reasons:

It’s splash-proof, so they can take it poolside. It can connect up to 3 phones at once, so people can take turns playing music. And, it comes in 8 different colors.