8 great gifts for your favorite frequent flyer

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8 great gifts for your favorite frequent flyer

Welcome to the 2016 TechCrunch Holiday Gift Guide! We’ll be rolling out a bunch of guides leading up to Christmas, hopefully making your holiday shopping a little easier. Looking for gifts for others on your list? Check out our full 2016 Gift Guide Hub.

Looking for a great gift for the road warrior or frequent flyer in your life? Well look no further. Here are some of our favorite things to use when we’re in the air or on the road, for business or pleasure.


Avegant Glyph

Watching a TV show or movie on a plane is the ultimate time waster.

But if you want to watch your own content you’re essentially forced to watch on your tiny phone screen or your bulky laptop, which the whole plane can see (remember watching that awkward Westworld or Game of Thrones scene on your last flight?).

Enter the Avagant Glyph. It’s a headphone-looking contraption with 2 eye holes that project HD content directly into your eyes – so it’s like you’re watching a ~40-inch flatscreen from your couch. It connects to any HDMI device, so it can even play content from your iPhone as long as you have an adapter. And the best part, you can still see what’s going on around you, in case someone on the plane needs to get your attention.

Oh, and as a bonus – they can also be used as plain-old headphones if you wear them over your head and pop in the eye holes.


Large-capapacity battery pack

Yes, here at TechCrunch we are obsessed with big battery packs. But who needs one more than a traveler! Especially large capacity ones (anything 20,000 mAh and up), because they can basically last a long weekend without needing a recharge – perfect for traveling.

This specific one we’re recommending is my favorite because it charges your phone 5+ times AND has a USB-C port so it can charge devices like an MacBook or the new MacBook Pros. We also prefer USB packs like this over ones with built-in lightning or USB cables because they can charge basically any consumer gadget as long as you have the charging cable.


Amazon Basics Retracting Lightening Cable

This is the sleeper pick for best gifts for travelers. You may not think to buy it, but it literally will change a traveler’s life. There’s nothing I hate more than reaching into my backpack on a plane and grabbing a tangle of cords – headphone cables, lightening cables, microUSB – you get the point.

Just trust me – at $12.99 these retractable cables are a steal, and will keep your bag (and life) tangle-free.


Raden Smart Suitcase

Suitcases are suddenly cool again. Nowadays there are tons of smart suitcases that can charge your phone, track your bag using GPS, and even weigh your luggage.

Raden makes its smart-suitcase in 2 sizes – a 22-inch carry-on version and a 28-inch checked size. They also come in 10+ colors.

In terms of tech, the suitcases have a 7,800mAh battery pack with outward-facing USB ports to charge your phone 4 times, a scale built into the handle (so you just pick it up and the app will tell you how much your bag weighs) and bluetooth sensors to locate your bag.


DJI Mavic Pro

Drones and travel don’t mix. Most advanced drones on the market are so big they need their own dedicated suitcase. Enter the Mavic Pro.

Made by DJI, the current leader in drone technology, the Mavic Pro is a full-featured drone that folds up into the size of a water bottle. It also doesn’t sacrifice on quality – has a 4K camera, GPS, obstacle avoidance and all the other bells and whistles that new drones have.

One issue – it’s currently delayed and probably won’t ship until after the holidays. But, I guarantee you anyone you get this for won’t care about waiting – it’s that great. It’s the first thing on my present list this year.


Bose QuietComfort 35 Headphones

Bose finally made a wireless version of their flagship line of noise-cancelling headphones, the QuietComforts. Now on sale, the QuietComfort 35 has the same great features as older Bose noise-canceling headphones, but is now wireless (which is essential for anyone with the latest iPhone).

These headphones are so well loved we don’t have much to say here – except if you know someone who travels a lot and is in the market for noise-canceling headphones, and you can cough up $350, just get them. You won’t be sorry.


The Macbook

Ok I know what you’re saying, throwing a Mac laptop on a gift-guide list is cheating. Who doesn’t want a new Mac? But we’re pointing the new MacBook out specifically because it is the ultimate travel laptop. It’s a full-functioning Mac (arguably better than the MacBook Air) and weighs just 2 pounds. I travel a lot and switched about a year ago from a bulky MacBook Pro to the new MacBook, and never looked back.


Uber Gift Cards

Uber is every traveler’s best friend. Not only is it now a reliable ride home from nearly every airport in the U.S, but a lot of travelers are now using Uber on vacation instead of renting a car. So if you know someone who travels a lot for pleasure, they’ll definitely love an Uber Gift Card.

And while we get that gift cards aren’t the most personal thing, they’re a good last-minute fall back – especially if you put some thought into it – like giving a frequent flyer an Uber gift card.