6 Nerdy Guy Things To Wear That Won’t Make You Look Like A Nerd

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6 Nerdy Guy Things To Wear That Won’t Make You Look Like A Nerd

All of the gifts in our guy’s clothing and accessory guide look great and have enough of a nerdy frisson to make you a hit at holiday parties. Some of them are expensive – a $38K watch is a stretch – but most are well within reach and well worth your attention.


ScottEVest SeV System 8.0

Carrying your entire suitcase inside your jack seems nonsensical until you check out the SeV System 8.0. This jacker “system” turns into a vest and can hold phones, small laptops, water bottles, passports, and just about everything in between.

Price: $300

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The Ressence Type 5 Diver

Ressence makes watches that are, in a word, incredible. Their latest model is called the Type 5 and it is designed to be a bright, readable diver. The dials are embedded in the face and there is no crown so you don’t have to worry about water getting into the case.

Now for the bad news: this mechanical beauty costs $35,800. Maybe Santa really likes you?

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William Gibson X Buzz Rickson MA-1 Coat

This jacket has gone up in price in the past few years because of high demand. Based on the U. S. Air Force MA-1 Intermediate Flying Jacket, this wildly detailed coat is the one worn by Cayce, the hero of William Gibson’s book Pattern Recognition, and has taken on legendary status. At $695 it’s a little pricey but it’s just the thing to show how deeply you identified with Wintermute in high school.

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Betabrand Smuggler's Jacket

Whether your best friend is a Wookie or just a hairy dude in flannel, the Smuggler’s Jacket by Betabrand can make you look great when you hit the Cantina. Based on a jacket made famous by a well-known murderer, the $218 jacket is slim-fitting and features details only found in a galaxy far, far away. Live long and prosper.

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American Giant Hoodie

Why wear something awful and shapeless when you can put on this thick, well-made hoodie. The $89 piece is just the thing for chilly plane rides and long evenings at the bar and fits like a dark, heavy glove.

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Bonobos Travel Jean

These $98 jeans fit great and expand slightly when you expand slightly, making them great for travel and/or eating. They aren’t too tight, come in fun colors, and last for years.

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