5 apps that could help you in an earthquake

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5 apps that could help you in an earthquake

The year 2015 left us with a series of devastating earthquakes that shook Nepal, Afghanistan, Japan, Malaysia, and Chile leaving thousands of people dead and costing billions of dollars in damages.

The prevalence of these quakes had people talking about “The Big One” — a mega-thrust earthquake anticipated to hit North America or Southeast Asia within our lifetime.

Several countries have been conducting earthquake drills and various forms of disaster preparedness activities in anticipation of this potentially cataclysmic earthquake.

Technology companies have mobilized as well, with a number of apps on the market that can help provide information and communication in the event of an earthquake, or another natural or manmade disaster.


Earthquake Alert!

Earthquake Alert! is one of the most reliable earthquake alert apps for your safety and is readily available to Android phone users for free. This app alerts users of earthquakes with magnitude 1.0 and above in the US and shows earthquakes with a magnitude of 4.5 and above from all over the world.

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Life360 is a free app that’s available for iOS, Android, and Windows devices. It keeps you in the loop of your family’s whereabouts whenever you need it. It functions by requiring the user to set up a group of people, called circles, that the user will track through the use of GPS technology, to learn about each circle member’s present location. It also conveniently notifies you of a circle member’s arrival to key locations like home or work. This minute tracking effectiveness will surely help a lot in times of emergencies.

The app has an emergency button and chat features for quick response in times of need. It’s a great earthquake preparedness app designed to help you and your family during and after a strong tremor.

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MyQuake is another free app, that’s designed by the University of California, Berkeley’s Seismological Laboratory.Available for iOS, the app’s algorithm is designed to map out earthquakes that have occurred and are occurring near your area and can calculate the intensity of a tremor. It then shows facts and figures, like damages incurred, and relevant news articles and photographs.


Earthquake App by American Red Cross

The American Red Cross has created the Earthquake App, an earthquake preparedness app for iPhone and Android users.

It has step-by-step instructions on do’s and don’ts during and after an earthquake, whether you have Internet connectivity or not. The app also ensures you are immediately notified of nearby earthquakes by the USGS.

A quick safety alert that lets friends and loved ones know that you’re alright by automatically posting “I’m safe” on social media and sending it through email and texts is also a feature.
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Earthquakes is a free Android app with a comprehensive list of 17 international earthquake preparedness and earthquake information sources which includes the USGS, EU Mediterranean Earthquake Centre, British Geological Survey, Geoscience Australia, Natural Resources Canada, and Japan Meteorological agency, ensuring that reports you’ll receive are reliable and accurate.

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