4 Great Drones That Won’t Crash Immediately (And One That Will)

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4 Great Drones That Won’t Crash Immediately (And One That Will)

Soon even Santa will start delivering presents by drone so it pays to learn how the big man is going to get it done. Here are four good flyers (and one not so good one) that will be great way to get some air after the holidays.

We’ve tested all of these and are comfortable in recommending even the low end Sky Viper model below.


The DJI Phantom 3

This is the priciest drone on the list but it is well worth the money. One of the most amazing flyers I’ve ever used, the DJI Phantom 3 takes off with a press of a button and lands just as easily. As long as you don’t willfully aim it at a tree you will have an absolute blast flying this thing and the video it produces is amazing.

Price: $1,160


The AR Drone 2.0

The AR Drone 2.0 is one of the easier drones to fly and offers solid video recording and an amazing interface that connects directly to your Android or iOS device.

Price: $299.00


The Parrot Bebop

The Parrot Bebop is Parrot’s later camera drone and features almost more camera than drone. It’s light, fun to fly, and well built.

Price: $394.99


The Sky Viper Video Streaming Drone

This is an inexpensive but usable drone that offers a lot of value for not much cash. Because it’s under $100 you can safely give this guy a try. Build quality is acceptable and although the controls are a bit weak this is a great way to get acquainted with RC drones without paying much cash.

Price: $94.99


The Air Hogs X Wing

Don’t buy any Air Hogs. These guys are always disappointing. It’s sad but true. These are basically toys and they fly like lead balloons. Our own Greg Kumparak bought this drone for himself and found out it could fly briefly and the crash endlessly. Avoid.