30 Women Who Have Revolutionized A Male-Dominated Industry

The tech industry has a gender problem, but fortunately there are still women who have broken through the glass ceiling.

Some of them are CEO’s at household-name companies, others are up-and-coming stars with fresh, industry changing ideas.

Approximately 5 percent of America’s Fortune 500 Companies are led by women. Though this might seem small, it proves one thing: women are taking up the reins and leading their companies — something nearly unheard of until a few decades ago. The days of pure patriarchy are gone as women usher in a new age of female-run enterprises.

More importantly, women in the business world are helping others achieve their goals- a move that could improve the outlook for women in technology.

This piece is dedicated to the women who’ve served as the architects for modern technology, and to all the girls who will continue on with the legacy.