29 Productivity Apps To Help You Rule The Office

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29 Productivity Apps To Help You Rule The Office

It’s no secret that technology has made our lives a lot easier, especially with the advent of smartphones and apps that can track anything from your heartbeat, to the amount of time you waste on Facebook. However, it can be hard to separate the wheat from the chaff. So here’s a list of 29 of apps for maximizing your productivity.


1) Staying on track

Apps to help you focus and stay on track



Having difficulties concentrating on your work because of distracting websites and apps? Freedom solves this problem by shutting down certain websites for a period of time that a user controls. Users select which websites are allowed or not allowed, and if you still can’t stop surfing you can disable your browser.



The more you incorporate mindfulness techniques into your day, the more you are able to improve your performance. The Headspace app provides guided meditation that teaches you how to achieve clarity and calmness in just 10 minutes a day.


Mental Workout

Mental Workout is an app that has 5 different functions that aim to improve a part of your mental fitness. Each one of them is developed with help from specialists. Like the Good Night function, which was developed by a clinical psychologist and fellow at the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.


Rescue Time

When you look back on your day it is often difficult to discern what tasks took too long or what outside distraction was the most time consuming? Rescue Time allows users to track their daily activities to find inefficiencies. The app generates reports so users can analyze their weaknesses and set goals to improve them. Rescue Time then adapts to track progress according to the goals users set.


2) Collaborating

Apps to help you and your team work together more efficiently.



Organizing, assigning, and tracking tasks for a team is time consuming. Trello brings more productivity to your individual and team projects. It shows all of the projects from the entire team in a single glance. The app makes it easy to assign, monitor and discard projects once completed.


Google Docs

Google Docs allows teams to create online presentations, spreadsheets, or documents together. This can be done within minutes or hours of the other or if you want to collaborate at the same time you can do it in live-mode.



Communicating with a distributed workforce is tough. Yammer brings teams together so they can efficiently collaborate and communicate. Team members can easily switch between projects and share what they have learned between groups. Managers can stay informed by participating in meetings with all of the teams in a given project.


3) Networking

This apps can help you master the art of networking.



Contact management is time consuming and the old way of organizing and remembering contacts is outdated. In fact, only 9% of business cards make it to a CRM system, which is a waste of potential contacts. FullContact allows you to scan or take a picture of a business card and it automatically uploads the contact to your database in about fifteen minutes.



Expanding your professional network is challenging, even in the age of Linkedin and Facebook. Weave allows you to first expand your network online, then meet your new contacts in real life. The app sets you up with contacts that will be beneficial to your professional network and then you can schedule a meeting in app for the convenience of both parties.



Meetup makes it easier to start a group or connect with a new or existing group by connecting members with shared interests to events that fit their schedules. The app improves the productivity of your network outreach efforts.



Namerick is an app that uses techniques based on human memory studies, to efficiently teach you names. It uses repetition and mnemonic techniques modeled off of people who have perfected the art of name memory systems.


4) Improving browser productivity

Apps to stay make sure you stay productive online.



Saved.io saves your bookmarks in the cloud so you can recall them on any device and browser. The app makes it easier to organize and annotate bookmarks so you can remember why they were important. Just preface your web address with ‘saved.io’ and it will be saved to your account.



Grammarly automatically shows you your grammar errors and fixes common problems. Some contextual spelling mistakes like their/there/they’re are corrected as well. Furthermore, it has a great synonym suggestion generator that makes you more efficient in expressing yourself with less redundancy.



Buffer is a browser extension that automates the timing of your social media posts across multiple social media outlets. If you post messages for a company, you can choose Buffer for Business that includes rich analytics and RSS feed integration.



LastPass saves all of your passwords across multiple platforms in the cloud to streamline your browsing. It also provides document backup features and a centralized data system that shows you all of your accounts in one view.


5) Maximizing desktop performance

We’ve all been here.



AutoHotKey is a script creator that is much more user-friendly than most programs. You can easily create hotkeys or remap the keyboard to bring more productivity to your desktop experience.


Free Download Manager

Free Download Manager increases your download speed automatically. You can schedule a download to begin when you are away from your desktop so you don’t lose time. There is a function that allows you to control the speed of the download so you can perform other tasks at the same time. You can also resume broken downloads and eliminate an unproductive and frustrating problem.



Services like Syncplicity, Dropbox and Box all provide file-sharing in the cloud.


6) Organizing

Apps to help you stay organized.


Acuity Scheduling

Acuity Scheduling is one of a number of scheduling apps, that work across multiple devices provides descriptions of events. Through an integration with PayPal users can even pay bill through the app.



The many tasks you need to manage in a day can be overwhelming and often you can find yourself forgetting a task or taking too much time trying to figure out what you need to do first. Todoist is a to-do app that lets you assign tasks and subtasks to your list with due dates and comments.



Event management can be incredibly time consuming. The problem is, there are many things that go into an event and doing multiple tasks can take up much of your time. Bizzabo starts by giving your event a website with information you put into the system. It manages your contacts for the event, does email marketing, and gets information out to social media outlets. And there are organization and agenda features that make the process even more manageable and productive.



Evernote gives you a platform to view, organize, and modify all of your projects. It works across all devices and also has an Evernote Web Clipper extension for most browsers that helps you save web pages, news articles, images and more.


Genius Scan

Genius Scan makes your phone into a scanner so you can save things as a PDF or JPEG, which can then be modified. You can take a picture of just about anything and make it into a document.


7) Improving email productivity

These apps were made to help you gain control of your inbox.



Lookeen optimizes searches for Outlook, making you more efficient and productive. The search is pervasive, and can target information normally unsearchable through a manual search, such as information embedded within multiple file types of attachments, contact information, appointments, and archived data. Searches can also be saved for quicker retrieval next time.


Mail Pilot

Email is still very relevant. The average person spends 33% of their workweek reading, organizing, prioritizing, and replying to email.  Mail Pilot makes your inbox into a to-do list by organizing and prioritizing it. It sets reminders for replies that are not a priority so you don’t forget emails you planned on writing in the future. Your inbox is organized in a way that makes email feel like work, and when completed, an accomplishment.



Mailbird creates a custom design for your inbox to tailor it towards your needs and preferences. It also integrates messages from multiple sources like WhatsApp, Facebook, and email across many devices. These messages are then viewed in one place. You can have live meetings when necessary if you need to complete something immediately.


8) Staying informed

The easiest ways to stay up to date on the topics that matter to you.



Finding articles that interest you or that help you in your work can be difficult at times, and often you do more searching and scanning than you do reading.  News360 boosts the productivity of your information gathering efforts by learning what you enjoy reading and setting up a newsfeed that reflects this.



Instapaper allows you to save interesting articles, blogs, lyrics, recipes, and just about anything else you want to read on the internet. They are then waiting for you on all of your devices, you can even read them offline.



Still having difficulty finding an app that works for you or do you have other areas that need improvement? Try perusing AppAdvice. It has reviews of the latest apps and advice on how to optimize your performance with your current apps and devices.