18 Wonderful Gifts For Your Wonderful Mom

Moms rock. She’d be there for you in a minute — so don’t wait until the last minute to get her something this year.

We’ve tried to keep this Gift Guide from being too cliche; you won’t find any kitchen tools or gardening gear here. It’s 2015, and if your mom is anything like most of ours (and the many moms we’ve got on staff), she wants rad gadgets and things that make her life better. While there’s plenty of stuff exclusive to each, you might notice some overlap with our Gift Guide for Dads. That’s intentional: turns out moms and dads like a lot of the same stuff.

For this gift guide, we surveyed a bunch of moms — from those on staff to the ones who had us — about what they’d want. Here’s the best stuff from each popular category.

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