17 gorgeous gifts for your tech-savvy gal pals

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17 gorgeous gifts for your tech-savvy gal pals

We’re back again with one of the most loved gift guides in all of tech — the one made just for the ladies. This is the fourth year in a row we’ve put together a list of all the techie gadgets your lady friends could hope for and we hope it gives you some ideas for that special gal in your life. This year, the trend is towards gifts both beautiful and functional, and we’ve got a few suggestions you may want to add to your holiday shopping list.

From sleek chargers to digital decor, here are some of the best gifts for gal pals who’ve been good to you all year.


Elektronista Crossbody Digital Bag by Knomo

Organize, grab and go with all the things with this Elektronista crossbody bag from Knomo. Inside, there are plenty of pockets and a mesh case to add your iPad, pens, credit cards, a charger and several other practical things you’ll need throughout the day. Use it as a clutch or pull out the handy strap and sling it across your shoulder. The bag retails for $199 online.


Kate Spade Holland Bracelet Hybrid Smartwatch

A smartwatch that doesn’t look like a smartwatch but a fashionably designed piece of timeless wrist jewelry — yes, please! Ditch the clunky, sporty look for a classic with this Kate Spade Holland Bracelet Hybrid for $225. Find it at Kate Spade or Nordstrom, both online and in stores.


Kindle Oasis

There’s no better way to say you truly get her if she’s an avid reader than the gift of a Kindle — and this one is sure to top any gifting list this year. Oasis is the latest version out from Amazon and, at just seven inches, easily fits in the palm of any hand. Plus, you can flip it around for left or right-handed people, is waterproof (hello, bathtub readers) and comes with twice the storage power at 8 GB. Buy it online at Amazon for $250.


Amazon books gift card

Along with that Kindle, think about including a decent gift card to help her on her way to reading adventure. You can choose any amount from $1 to $2,000, though that’s A LOT of books.


West Elm USB Desktop Humidifier

West Elm has a few go-go gadgets this holiday season, and the desktop humidifier is one of our favorites. It is sleek, simple and can be hooked up to your laptop for days when you need more moisture in the air and a bit of help breathing through a cold or sore throat. It also looks very nice on any table. Get it for $80.


Tile Pro Series

Often lose your keys, phone, car? Tile can be a life saver for women with a lot going on. These small but mighty powerful little squares have an increased range, compared to the original Tile, and are both stylish and easy to hook onto bags and other things you want to keep track of throughout the day. Buy one for $60 or two for $100.


POMPOM smartphone battery pack

Made of faux fur and wrapped in vegan leather, this fuzzy battery pack from POMPOM will have you charging in style while on the go. It comes with a 2000mAh battery, so it won’t quite give you a full charge but it will give you the extra juice you need to call an Uber or text that friend back. Available at Boostcase for $50.


Eight smart mattress

Eight is a mattress company integrating smart tech to track sleep and keep her warm at night. You can also export the data to Apple’s health app and call up Alexa to warm the bed, start your smart coffee maker or turn on or off Philips Hue lights. Of course, all that does not come cheap. The mattress starts at $800 for a queen. Alternatively, you can get Eight’s smart mattress cover, which comes equipped with all the sensors for sleep tracking, night movements and what-not for $260 on Amazon.


Raden A22 Carry-on Suitcase

This Raden suitcase will charge your phone so you don’t have to go searching around walls and under airport seats while waiting for your flight. Just sit where you want and plug in. Nice! The A22 Carry-on series comes in multiple colors (red, blue and pink shown here), is TSA-approved and comes with location sensors so you keep track of your bag. Buy it at Nordstrom or other online retailers for $300.


iPhone X

Shutterbug? If anything, the new iPhone X is arguably the best Apple phone when it comes to camera quality. Plus, there are the other upsides, like edge-to-edge screen, Face ID and those animojis she might get a kick out of. Apple is currently selling these for $1,000, but you can probably get a monthly payment plan through your carrier.



Want to go O.G. on the photography? This Polaroid 600 camera is just the thing for that vintage paparazzo in your life. It’s a classic point and shoot, and, as the ad copy says, “nothing is more insta than this.” Get it only at Bloomingdale’s for $140.


Click and Grow Smart Fresh Herb Garden

Here’s one for that someone you know who just can’t keep a plant alive. The Click and Grow planter comes with three cartridges to grow basil or the plant of your choice. It’s self-watering and comes with patented “nano-tech” to keep the plant at a medium size. Get it on Amazon for $60.


Master & Dynamic Over-Ear Headphones

Fanciest headphones you’ve ever seen or fanciest headphones you’ve ever seen? This over-ear masterpiece is designed for decades of use so it won’t punk out on you like those cheapies you keep getting. It cancels out noise and provides a rich, warm sound. Choose from silver metal or brown leather. Buy now at Master & Dynamic for $400. 


Lab-made Diamond Ring from Brilliant Earth

They say diamonds are a girl’s best friend but lab-made and blood-free diamonds made with the latest tech are all the better for that socially conscious special woman in your life.

Sure, it’s a pricier gift, but check out the dazzling spread from Brilliant Earth if you are hoping to impress that special someone who also wants to make sure her gems are ethically sourced. The one on the left is a 1/4 ct, starting at $990.


Smartphone Makeup Mirror

This is not your mother’s vanity mirror. The Plug Life smartphone makeup mirror plugs into your iPhone and then lights up so you can check for any smudge, budge or spinach in your teeth. Makes for a great stocking stuffer that is sure to wow. Get it at Bloomingdale’s for a mere $20.


An electronic leg massage

Tired legs? Panasonic has just the thing! Wrap this affordable leg massager around any part of the leg and let it do it’s magic — all for just a little more than the price of a one-hour massage in San Francisco. Buy on Amazon for $150.


Soothe Massage

Electronic leg massage not enough? Get someone to come to her using Soothe’s online booking system. This startup lets you book any professionally vetted massage therapist to come give you a massage in the comfort of your own home. A one-hour massage starts at $120.