15 venture capital funds to know if you’re working on a machine intelligence startup

Major tech trends tend to draw lots of “dumb money” from investors, and machine intelligence is no exception. Some will lose money on insignificant acqui-hires while others may survive long enough to see their investments die at the hands of open source. But for a smaller list of VCs, machine intelligence presents one of the greatest opportunities for return on investment in the last decade.

In no particular order, these are the 15 funds you ought to get an intro to if you’re working on a machine intelligence startup. Though time will tell, each of these funds has taken a pragmatic approach to the space, investing in real businesses (for the most part) and enabling technologies. We’ve also included, for your reference, a few partners focusing on the space at each fund.

* Funds were selected using a combination of Crunchbase and PitchBook data, with an emphasis on recent deals, partner expertise, community opinion and resources offered to founders.