15 neat hidden features in iOS 10

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15 neat hidden features in iOS 10

After months and months of beta, iOS 10 is finally here — and it’s a huge update. In particular, Apple has tucked away many little features that you won’t see right away.

If you want to impress all your friends with your mad iOS skills, here is a list of some of these features. I also wrote a short and sweet review of iOS 10 if you want to learn more about all the changes coming with iOS 10.


"Delete" the default apps

Do you have a stupid useless folder with all the default Apple apps you aren’t using? Our long national nightmare is over as you can now delete the default apps — sort of.

Just long press on an an Apple app and hit the tiny “x” like you’d do for any other app. It will hide the app and delete your personal data. You can reinstall the icon from the App Store. Unfortunately, it doesn’t work with all Apple apps (not Health for example).


Rest your thumb to unlock your phone

With iOS 10, Apple is changing the default behavior of the home button. In order to unlock your phone, you actually have to press down on the home button to activate Touch ID.

If you’re like me, you don’t like this change and you’d rather change it back to iOS 9 behavior. You can do just that by going to the Settings app, then Accessibility, then Home Button.


Change the intensity of the flashlight

If you have an iPhone 6s or 7, you can use 3D Touch to adjust the intensity of the flashlight in the control center panel. Perfect if you’re looking for your glasses and somebody is sleeping next to you.


New lock screen behavior

The camera button in the corner is gone, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t launch the camera from your lock screen anymore. Just swipe left and *boom*, you’re in the camera.


Widgets on the home screen

Once you’ve unlocked your phone, swipe right on the home screen to access your widgets. No more Apple News headlines, just your useful widgets.


Quick action widgets

3D Touch has become a whole lot more useful. On the home screen, deep press on an app icon to launch a baby version of the app. These aren’t just shortcut, it’s an interactive mini-app. For instance, PCalc features a tiny calculator, the Weather app gives you the weather, Apple Maps automatically suggests your next destination and more. Quick interactions with apps are now much faster.


iMessage secrets

Apple has packed the Messages app with many new features. One of them is bubble effects. Deep press on the send button to access bubble effects and this crazy new laser screen effect.


Slack? Is that you?

Double tap on a message to access Tapback. This feature lets you react to a friend’s message with a thumbs up, a heart and more. It’s a subtle way to react without triggering a notification. It is particularly useful for group conversations.


Search in Photos

Photos features a new Memories tab with smart albums. But that’s not all. Your iPhone analyzes the content of your photos. This way, you can search for things in your photos. For instance, if you search for “umbrella,” iOS will show you all the photos in your library that feature an umbrella (ella, ella, eh, eh, eh).


Customize contact cards

Contact cards have been revamped. In particular, you can customize your favorite way to call or message someone. So for instance, if you deep press on the “message” button, you can choose a preferred iMessage phone number or even a third-party messaging app.


Where's my car?

Apple Maps automagically remembers where you parked your car. I’ve used this feature this feature while traveling this summer and it’s the best. You don’t have to do anything, Apple Maps automatically adds a pin with your car once you stop driving.


Split those Safari tabs into two

While there aren’t a lot of new features on the iPad, Safari is getting a much-needed feature. You can now drag a tab in Safari and drop it at the edge of your screen to split your Safari window into two.



If you use your iPhone as your alarm clock, you can now set up bedtime. In addition to waking you up at the same time every day, it’ll notify you that it’s time to go to bed. This feature also gives you insights into your sleep pattern.


Emojify all the things! 🎉

When you switch to the emoji keyboard in the Messages app, iOS now automatically highlights words. If you tap on these yellow words, they’ll be turned into beautiful emojis.


And the best part…

Talking about emojis, iOS 10 emojis have all been completely redesigned. And there are new ones!

For this reason alone, it’s worth installing iOS 10 right now. And if you don’t want to dig around to find the new emojis, here are all the new emojis coming with iOS 10.