12 great gifts for photography lovers

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12 great gifts for photography lovers

Camera lovers love cameras, that’s for sure. But they also love accessories and add-ons to help them either take better pictures, take more pictures, edit those pictures or share them for the rest of the world to see. You can get a lot of neat gifts for the photographer in the family or friend group once you starting thinking outside the camera body.

These are just some ideas at a range of different price points to satisfy the shutter bugs out there. A picture may be worth a thousand words… but a good, useful gift for a photographer can be priceless if it means getting that killer shot.

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The Gnarbox is a portable, rugged backup solution for photographers, with a host of direct memory card input ports, built-in Wi-Fi connectivity, a durable case and either 128 or 256GB of onboard storage.

It has high-speed image transfer capabilities, and the Gnarbox companion app for iPhone or Android allows you to edit 4K video, RAW photos and much more on the fly, and to organize all your shots by date or by camera. You also can convert and share your media from anywhere if you want to post on the road.

It’s an action, sports or nature photographer’s best friend, and it’s not even that much more expensive than a standard SSD backup drive at either $299.99 or $399.99, depending on which storage capacity you choose.

Get it direct from Gnarbox here.


DJI Mavic Pro Platinum

The DJI Mavic Pro Platinum is probably the best balanced drone out there right now in terms of usability, portability, cost and photographic quality. The Spark is even cheaper, but the Mavic Pro will deliver better image and video quality, and it’s still incredibly easy to pack in a carry-on camera bag.

DJI’s Platinum version of the drone also has longer battery life for more shooting time, and much quieter operation (which is huge for not being an annoying drone person when using this around other people). It’ll open up whole new worlds for photographers new to drones, or for those who used older ones and came away unimpressed.

Buy it direct from DJI or from Amazon for $1,099.


DSPTCH camera wrist strap

This paracord wrist strap is my all-time favorite camera strap, especially for mirrorless and compact cameras like the Fuji X100T or Olympus OM-D E-M1 II. It’s comfortable, secure and stylish, and relatively inexpensive, with a smart, easy to detach connector.

Get this for your photo-loving friends and their wrists will thank you.

But it direct from DSPTCH for $32.


SpiderLight camera holster

Every time I wear one of my Spider camera holsters I get asked what it is, where I got it and how I like it. The answer to the last question is: a lot.

Spider’s holsters are back savers, for sure, taking some of the bulk away form your back and putting it on your hip. I use one of their pro models for conferences, but generally speaking, the SpiderLight Pro, which works with existing belts, is all you need for lighter DSLRs and mirrorless cameras.

But it direct from Spider for $95.


Artisan Obscura soft shutter release and hot shoe cover

Artisan Obscura makes an obscure accessory that applies to a growing number of cameras out there: A soft shutter release. These screw into the shutter button on some cameras (most of Fuji’s line, for instance) to give you an easier finger hold for taking pictures.

The Artisan Obscura line features unique woods and metals for a distinct look, and they’re a great way to accentuate classic looking cameras. It’s also something a lot of photographers aren’t likely to get for themselves. Plus, you get a hot shoe cover that matches in the mix.

Get it (and a variety of other designs) from B&H Photo for $60.


Canon Selphy CP1300 compact wireless printer

The Canon Selphy mobile photo printer is a step above the average portable picture printer because it supports up to 4″x6″ prints. The quality is also excellent, making for photos that look like they were professionally printed, even though they print out lightning fast.

The printer connects to your camera via smartphone, and even direct from USB. It’s very flexible, and portable enough that you can bring it on your travels. This is a terrific gift for families with young kids.

Get it from Canon for $119.99.


Ona Prince Street camera bag

The Ona Prince Street is an incredibly high-quality camera bag that’s the perfect size for a street shooting/travel setup with a pocket that’s the perfect size to just contain a 12-inch MacBook, or a 10.5-inch iPad Pro with Smart Keyboard attached.

This makes it the perfect blend of durability, good looks, practicality and portability. And if the bag doesn’t outlast your camera, I’ll eat my own Ona Prince Street.

Get it in a wide variety of colors for $279 direct from Ona.


SD card

If you have a friend who loves to take pictures, then they ALWAYS appreciate additional memory cards. It doesn’t matter how many they have: More is better.

SanDisk is tried and tested, and the Extreme Pro is a good balance between price and performance. Capacity is less of an issue, but 32GB is probably the minimum you should get.

At just over $20 per, it’s a great stocking stuffer right now from Amazon.


Google Pixel 2

Listen, this one’s only for the very special photographer in your life, because it costs $649 minimum. But the Pixel 2 offers the best mobile camera out there, period. I’ve loved every picture I’ve snapped with this bad boy.

My advice is to get the all black smaller Pixel 2, because it’s basically the world’s best unassuming street camera.

But it direct from Google for $649.


Meural Canvas

Another more expensive gift, but a great one for the photographer who takes a lot of pictures, but never shows them off. The Meural Canvas is a digital frame unlike any other, with a brilliant 27-inch display that really does justice to great photographs.

You can easily create your own playlists and upload them to the Canvas, and set how you want them to be displayed. Plus, you can switch between landscape and portrait orientation and create different collections to suit each.

Printing is a chore, but Meural is a great alternative starting at $595.


Glif smartphone tripod mount

Studio Neat created the original Glif years ago when there weren’t many options out there for mounting your iPhone on a tripod. Now, the redesigned version is available, with a quick release clip and three tripod mounts for added flexibility.

As you can see in the image, it’ll let you make a full-fledged portable recording studio out of your smartphone, which is pretty terrific given how amazing the latest iPhones are when it comes to recording video.

Get it direct from Studio Neat for $28.


Chromecast Ultra

It’s the modern-day equivalent of a slide projector: The Chromecast Ultra is the best way for you or your friends to share photos in a group setting, provided you have a TV present (which people usually do).

The Chromecast Ultra works with 4K sets, so you can view those stunning shots at higher resolution and with greater quality. And it’s a very versatile media streamer, too, of course.

Get it direct from Google for $69.