11 Really Awesome Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Want

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11 Really Awesome Gifts That Your Dad Will Actually Want

Your dad probably doesn’t want any more socks, ties, or wallets.

We asked a bunch of dads (from those on staff to our own dads to randoms on the street) what they’d want this Christmas, then found the best stuff we could dig up in the most popular categories. Use your judgement, of course — but pretty much anything off this list is guaranteed to make his day.

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Because He Wants To Read More…

If dad is a reader, set him up with an Amazon Kindle Voyage. The battery lasts for weeks, it’s comfortable to read for hours on end, simple to use, and the Kindle library is MASSIVE. If you set both of your parents up with one, make sure to teach them how to use the lending feature to send books back and forth.

Price: $199 On Amazon


Because We Love These Things…

The Chromecast is going to make it onto just about every one of our gift guides, but that’s because it’s just a wonderful little thing. $35 gets you a magical little dongle that turns any TV into a REALLY, REALLY good Smart TV, controlled by your parent’s iOS/Android phone.

Price: $35 through Google


But If He Doesn't Always Have His Smartphone…

If Dad isn’t an always connected smartphone junkie, consider an Amazon Fire TV Stick instead of the Chromecast. Like the Chromecast, it turns any TV into a great Smart TV — but it’s a lot less dependent on having a smartphone or tablet handy. It’s a few bucks more, but it comes with a standalone remote.

Price: $40 through Amazon 


Because He'll Never Have Every Tool He Wants…

Unless Dad has a full woodshop, there are probably some power tools he wishes he had access to. TechShop has them. You pay them a monthly fee for the membership, then get access to everything from wood working tools to metal shop gear to laser cutters and 3D printers. It’s not cheap ($120 a month, or so), but it’s a tinkerer’s dream.  Don’t want to commit pops to a membership? Get him some class passes, instead. They’re about $70 a pop, and he can buy a much cheaper day pass whenever he wants to go.

Though TechShop has a few locations around the US, this one is best for the Bay Area dads.

“Here Dad, go spend a few hours learning to cut things with a laser” = best Christmas ever.



Because beer. Go find something fancy on BeerAdvocate’s top list that your local stores stock. If you don’t live near your Dad, bring your local favorites to him.

Photo credit: Lauren Toper on Flickr 


Unless He'd Rather Do It Himself

Or if Dad has been wanting to get into homebrewing, get him set up with a starter kit. You can find kits for around $50, but they’re… just okay, and most of the gear will need to be replaced if your Dad actually ends up digging it. For about $120, though, you can get a basic Monster Brew kit with gear that should last a while.

Photo Credit: Annen Stuckert on Flickr 


Because Everyone Said So…

I asked all the Dads at TechCrunch what they wanted this year. All of them said “A nice whisky”. Whisky Bible recently named Crown Royal’s Northern Harvest Rye as the Whisky Of The Year — a decision that was, as any proclamation about alcohol tends to be — super controversial.


Because It Can Save His Life But Is Also Just Fun…

Every Dad (and Mom) should have a good multi-tool. If yours doesn’t, make things right. Don’t buy cheap. Leatherman’s $30 Wingman is sufficient for most day-to-day tasks (screwing/cutting/plying), but the $70 Skeletool is the one I’d want with me in the apocalypse.


If He's Still Renting His…

A gift that keeps giving: most people rent their broadband modems, and that costs $5-10 each month. That’s dumb. Do a bit of research on what modem works with their ISP, buy it, spend 10 minutes setting it up for them, and it’ll pay for itself in a year. The only downside: if their Internet goes down, some ISPs (cough: Comcast) will try to blame the modem and charge for service appointments. So avoid this if your parent’s Internet isn’t particularly solid.

Price: $50-$150

Photo credit: Paul Boxley on Flickr


Because His Phone Is Always Dead…

Really — this one can go on any gift guide, because literally everyone you know would want one of these. All of our smartphones die too early. A good USB battery can literally save your life in an emergency, and they’ve gotten really good at affordable prices in the last year or so. Most TechCrunch writers use batteries made Anker or Aukey, both relatively new but surprisingly good for the price. Make sure to buy USB as opposed to one built for a specific model — it’ll keep it useful for longer.

Price: $10-$50, depending on capacity.

Photo Credit: Tony Webster on Flickr 


Because Sous Vides Are Freakin' Awesome And It Feels Like Science…

Just years ago, sous vides were super expensive, complicated gadgets used exclusively by culinary geeks. Now they’re under $200 and can be turned on from across the house with your smartphone.

If your dad is convinced that grilling is the only “right” way to make a steak/chicken/etc, introduce him to the world of Sous Vide. Put a steak in a vacuum sealed bag and dunk it in a pot of water that the Sous Video regulates to 1/10th of a degree for a few hours. When you’re ready to eat, pop the meat out and sear it. Expert-level, perfectly tender meat, every time. Expect resistance here if he’s a traditionalist – but if he’s willing to give it a try, it might just blow his mind.

Price: $179 through Anova

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