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  • Samsung L74 Wide

    Samsung’s camera division has been busy lately. Yesterday we saw the NV11 and the i7, today we’ve got the L74 Wide. This 7-megapixel camera is equipped with a 3.6x optical zoom on its 28mm wide-angle lens. It features a 3-inch touchscreen LCD through which most device functions are controlled. Like other new Samsung cameras, it features face recognition AF and AE. It also has… Read More

  • Apple Finally Releases 802.11n Enabler

    A while back, we reported that Apple would be releasing an 802.11n enabler as a software download for $1.99. Sure enough, look what has showed up on Apple’s website. The download allows for you to unlock 802.11n wireless capabilities in the following Macs: • MacBook Pro with Intel Core 2 Duo
    • MacBook with Intel Core 2 Duo
    • Mac Pro with AirPort Extreme option
    • iMac with… Read More

  • Bill Gates on The Daily Show Humping for Vista You don’t need any silly blogger to convince you that Vista is by and far the best Windows operating system yet. No, you need Microsoft’s chairman Bill Gates, who sat down last night with the Daily Show’s John Stewart for quite awhile and discussed the OS, as well as password protection and that pesky… Read More

  • The Mac Basement Collection

    Well this is about the darndest thing I’ve ever seen. In our scouring, we uncovered a Flickr photoset of a person who has seemingly every Apple Macintosh device ever made in an elaborate basement setup. You name it and this person seems to have it. I think the real question is, who has the money to do something like this? People with more money than me, clearly. Flickr Photo Set Read More

  • Meet D.A.V.E., Our Friend From Seagate While D.A.V.E. isn’t the most clever acronym in town (it stands for Digital Audio-Video Experience), it looks to be a promising gadget thanks to its slim design and features. Seagate’s D.A.V.E. is basically a small, 20GB hard disk with Bluetooth and WiFi built right into the device. You can transfer files to and fro… Read More

  • Raise Hell With A GPS/GSM Jammer From DetectNu

    Aside from a traffic light changer/MIRT, a GSM/GPS jammer is second on my list of devices I should own, but don’t because I’m trying my hardest not to be a jerk. However, if I ever do feel like being a bit of a devious bastard, I can order this GSM/GPS Jammer from DetectNu, maker of radical spy gear. The device plugs right into your vehicle’s cigarette lighter for mobile… Read More

  • Apple Poops Out Multicolored iPod Shuffles

    Damn you Apple. You sure do like to tease us, eh? You take down your entire online store to get us all wound up then drop a big pile of colored iPod Shuffles on us while you laugh and call us girly names. You can now scoop up a Shuffle in pink, orange, lime, blue, and silver – similar to the original iMac colors and all are available to buy right now. But why no previous announcement… Read More

  • Free, Steamy T-Mobile HotSpot Access

    I’m sure a handful of you hooligans have been inside a Borders or Starbucks and have seen that “T-Mobile” wireless network lying low. Truth be told, the T-Mobile HotSpots around the country are great ways to connect to the Internet, but they’re also a little pricey for the casual user. So this brings us to Microsoft Vista. Vista users who connect to a T-Mobile HotSpot… Read More


    I must say I was born in the wrong decade and I thought the 80s rocked my socks off. If I only I had the gadgets and gizmos these young whippersnappers had these days, I’m not even sure where I’d be right now. Maybe I’m earning 7 to 9 figures a year, driving a wicked fast car, living on my own surfer’s paradise and having wild uninhibited nights with super models but… Read More

  • Winos Rejoice! Alcohol From Your Rice Cooker!

    As one of CrunchGear’s many resident alcoholics, I feel it is my duty to present to you the following DIY contraption. It seems some lovely gentleman was able to rig a rice cooker and a plastic garbage bag together so that he could produce a rice-based cooking wine. The article explains in great detail what you’ll have to do to in order to get a speakeasy up and running in your domain. Read More

  • Omg! The Apple Store Is Down!

    Whoa! The Apple store is down all of a sudden and no one has a clue why. Could it be a Mac tablet? Maybe the iPhone is getting a shipping date? Perhaps there’s just SQL trouble? What do you think Apple is up to? Read More

  • Wii To Come In Red, Black—PS3 Still The Best

    Perhaps you’ve heard of this Nintendo Wii every person and their uncle keeps talking about. Well the word over at GameDrift is that they’ve confirmed Nintendo is going to be releasing the Wii in multiple colors. For now, red and black are confirmed, but don’t be suprised to see
    the trend continue until you can spell out ROYGBIV with the colors Wii. No dates, times, locations… Read More

  • Wedding Thriller: Caught On Tape

    <div align="right" class="center" There’s a scene in the film Thirteen Going On Thirty where, at a boring party, all the party-goers break out into an ad hoc recital of the dance moves to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. While I firmly believe the rest of the movie sucked, this scene was good, and it’s has become a staple in teen flicks; apparently… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Blockhead Edition

    BBC Tetris Documentary: Amazing
    Get Your Game Boy Fix
    Blackberry Pearl + TeleNav GPS = Hearts
    Move Over Hello Kitty, Mashimaro Is In Town
    The Help Key: An Airport Tech Survival Guide Read More

  • The E65 Returns: Black 'N Tan Edition

    Sick of seeing that bloody red Nokia E65? We thought so. Check out the E65 in a refreshing black/brown/metal combo that really makes it look stunning – especially with the leather palm rest. If you want to see it in every possible angle and inspect every last detail, hit the link for a plethora of pics. As for us, we’ll be keeping an eye out for this one during 3GSM for sure. Read More

  • Ecto 1 Up For Sale; Only Costs $149,998, Dignity

    I never, ever thought I’d say that $150k was a bargain for anything, but then I found the Ecto 1 for sale on Hemmings. This is the real deal, the actual Ecto 1 used in the Ghostbusters films, refitted to its original form. This modified ’59 caddy comes with everything you remember from the film, including the unique and god-awful siren. Next to the proton pack (you’ll have… Read More

  • CycloWiz Dismembers The Ninja Team

    Well The Ninja Team may have all the hype right now with their Wiinja mod chip but the boys over at Maxconsole have their hands on the CycloWiz mod chip that’s expected to start shipping by weeks end. Seems to be a quicksolder job and the ability to play Wii backups, Gamecube backups/homebrew/Imports, built in Audiofix, DVD+-R support and a few other goodies. We’ll see how legit… Read More

  • Asia Gets First 4G Network as Shanghai Leapfrogs Past 3G

    you’ve also got the world’s first active 4G mobile network. Thanks! Yah, we know that your handsets on the Chinese network in Shanghai can now get up to 100MB/s (!?) for streaming video in HD. We know that video calling is part of the package, too. We heard you when you said that phone-based email servers might even be possible, among other things. You don’t need to… Read More

  • SkipDR AutoMax Rescues Doomed Discs

    Devices like these have been around for some time, but this one is fully automated. Measuring in at about the size of a computer speaker, the SkipDR AutoMax can automatically buff scratched discs into submission. Just spray the disc with the resurfacing fluid and load it into the slot. The device then spins a motorized radial wheel for a minute to remove a microscopic layer of plastic from… Read More

  • Pioneer FH-P510MD

    The Pioneer FH-P510MD Multi-Media DSP Receiver is all sorts of crazy. In addition to the obvious AM/FM tuner, it supports CD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3 and WMA. This $400 main unitr also has a mini-disc player than can play both MD and MDLP. And as an added bonus it has a 50×4 MOSFET amp and an OEL screen. Have I mentioned that I love Uncrate? It always points me toward the most excessive gear. Read More