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  • Nice Looking iPod, But A Lil' Pricey and Girly

    If you love the regular iPod but hate the color selection, then perhaps you should consider Colorware’s latest iPod release. A limited edition pink 30GB iPod will come in four different designs, which include a rose, hearts, cherries, and a butterfly. The earbuds will even match. But limited edition stuff, as always, never comes cheap. $350 is how much this beauty will set you back when… Read More

  • Microsoft Launching Games For Windows Live, Halo 2 May 8th

    Though Vista is great and all and quite the improvement over XP, it still has a lot of issues with certain programs and hardware. Hence why Microsoft is taking awhile to roll out its Games For Windows Live service. Luckily, the time is almost upon us. Microsoft will be releasing Games For Windows Live for Vista owners come May 8th. The service will allow gamers to easily play against each other… Read More

  • Thanko Vonia Makes You Look Toolish

    Thanko’s Vonia headband has really good intentions, but, seriously, you’ve got to be kidding me. The iPod Shuffle is no bigger than a book of matches, apparently, that’s too big for some people. If you’re one of those then the Vonia is just right for you, if of course, you enjoy looking like a douche. Your Shuffle tucks in the back of the headband and plugs into some… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson W660: A Music Phone That Doesn't Look Like a Toy

    The Sony Ericsson W660 represents the latest fusion between a digital audio player and a cellphone, which seems to be all the rage nowadays. The 3G candybar has a 2-megapixel camera, FM radio support, Java 2.0 (hello, third-party apps!) and a battery life that’s rated to last 25 hours while listening to music. It also has a music identification feature, which attempts to identify a… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: TMNS Edition

    TMNT on XBox Live
    MP3 Player Vest: Eliminate Those Pesky Wires While On-The-Go
    Columino Almost Floaty Speakers
    World’s Most Expensive Shift Knob Read More

  • SXSW 2007: Will Wright Keynote Livebloggin'

    This Just In: Will Wright breaks arm in horrible Sims accident.
    Will Wright is about to take the stage for the final keynote of the SXSW Interactive summit. The Hilton ballroom is more packed than I’ve seen it for any of the other keynotes. Hordes of SXSWers of all shapes and sizes. I see everything from fanboys to, well, people who are slightly less fanboyish. Nevertheless, this looks… Read More

  • Columino Almost Floaty Speakers

    Wow, you thought yesterday’s speakers dazzled, check these out. They’re from Audio-Technica and look like they’re floating in mid-air! (But they’re really just held by a string. Boo.) “Columino,” available in both black and white, also feature a built-in blue LED on the base, giving the speakers so much more personality. The speakers only output 1.7 watts… Read More

  • TrekStor 3-1 HD Setup

    TrekStor might be better known for their outrageously expensive MP3 player, but they will attempt to change this façade at CeBIT with a 3-1 HD setup. The 3.5-inch hard disk has a dual USB 2.0 hub and has a memory card reader that is capable of deciphering nine different formats. It’s an ideal media hub because of the 250GB ($160) and 400GB ($230) options. You can easily swap data from… Read More

  • ELP Laser Turntable Price Drops, Still Expensive

    While we’re on the subject of expensive audio equipment, we figured we should mention a companion piece of equipment for the Hovland Stratos: ELP Corp.’s Laser Turntable. In case you’re not familiar, the Laser Turntable uses, um, a laser to play vinyl instead of a needle. The laser not only doesn’t physically damage records from repeated playing, but picks up audio… Read More

  • NewsGator Go!: Now for Java and Blackberry

    NewsGator Go!, previously only available for Windows Mobile, is now available for Blackberries and Java-capable phones including models from Nokia, Motorola, and Samsung. This version synchronizes with your online NewsGator account and caches articles for later, offline consumption. You can also send stories via email through the program’s interface. Read the rest at MobileCrunch… Read More

  • Fakers Fake Fake 2nd Gen Shuffles

    You know that one friend of yours? The one who was always pissed off because while he asked for Transformers toys he ended up with Go-Bots? It’s most likely because his grandma shopped at DealXtreme, where you can get this totally convincing 1GB red iPod Shuffle clone for less than $20. Another $5 gets you the required cradle. While it’s not an exact replica, the storage and… Read More

  • World's Most Expensive Shift Knob

    Got Tons Of Money Around And A Bentley? You’re in luck. Clearly a well-known company, Iced Out EMZ is offering a $150,00 shift knob that’s being touted at the most expensive shift knob in the world. It features 10 ounces of 18-karat white gold combined with 30 karats of flawless diamonds. Oh, and of course there’s a huge ass Bentley logo on the top. Pick one up if… Read More

  • Putting Your TV On Guard

    Protecting your expensive high-end consumer electronics from spikes and other jumps in power is easy enough; just use a quality surge protector and you’re good to go. However, while many even feature pass-throughs for phone, RJ-45 and coaxial cables too, these actually don’t do much to improve the signal quality, and some can actually cause a noticeable degradation. Richard… Read More

  • Intel's Quad-Core CPUs, Now With 60 Percet Less Power Consumption

    Intel’s imagineers have developed two quad core CPUs that consume 35 to 60 percent less power than the quad-cores that are already on the market. The quad core CPUs that Intel previously released consume some 80 and 120 watts of power while the new guys consume just 50 watts. Yes, it’s technical mumbo jumbo, but it could eventually mean a lot for consumers. Right now, these quad… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Skullcandy Patents LINK between Cell Phone and iPod

    Skullcandy has been creating some interesting products such as their headphones, MP3 watches and backpacks. They were just issued their first patent on a personal portable integrator for a music player and mobile phone (US Patent 7,187,948). It’s a smart device that links your cellphone and music player with the ability to override music when you have a call – aptly named… Read More

  • Viacom to Sue Google and YouTube for $1 Billion for Copyright Infringement

    Viacom, owner of fine media outlets like MTV and Comedy Central, will sue Google and YouTube for $1 billion for failing to prevent “massive intentional copyright infringement.” (Can Google counter-sue Viacom for producing base drivel?) Viacom isn’t happy that Google hasn’t taken “proactive” steps to prevent the unauthorized use of its content. Never mind that… Read More

  • Hovland Stratos: Wealthy Audiophile Edition

    Let me state that $50,250 for an amp is outrageous. I don’t care how great it is even if it poops out gold bricks. Anywho, the Hovland Stratos is an uber-high-end mono block power amp. The Stratos promises “power, poise and precision based on 20 years of research” (whatever). This claim is apparently the reason for the astronomical price tag. The internals of the Stratos… Read More

  • Help Me Hit $2000+ By the 15th

    I promised I wouldn’t bother you all very much, but I’m coming up to a deadline in my fund-raising and thought I’d depend on the kindness of strangers. I’m running a marathon in June to help the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society and need to raise $4,000 to support the cause and pay for logistics. If you’ve already donated, thank you. If you haven’t, anything… Read More

  • Hide Your Nano, Make it Bigger

    There is one thought that stings the back of the mind of every iPod owner: what if my MP3 friend gets ripped off? The brains at iDisguise think they have a solution: camouflage, in the form of fake Altoid-like tins. You put your Nano into the tin, as no would-be thief cares about mints… or so the theory goes. But wouldn’t any crook worth his salt just look for anything with… Read More

  • i.Sound MovieTime Has Identity Crisis

    If you happen to own a PSP, iPod, Zune and SanDisk player then chances are you’ve got one speaker system that only docks one player, which is a real bummer. MacWay feels that pain and has released the i.Sound MovieTime Universal (lamest name ever) dock for all the aforementioned players. It also plays nice with your other media players through the 3.5mm jack. It runs on four AA batteries… Read More