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  • Study: 2007 to Bring Broadband to 50% of All US Homes

    You probably have broadband Internet access at home, and as it turns out, you’re not alone. In fact, according to a Consultancy Park study, half of all American households have broadband, explaining the popularity of YouTube and other bandwidth-heavy Internet content. It’s a small wonder that the likes of dial-up will soon be nothing but memories. While it’s great that you… Read More

  • The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge

    Tomorrow is Mardi Gras and I’m preparing to drink myself into sweet oblivion. Before I go, however, I must take a moment to tell you about our exciting new contest, The Steelcase Worst Workspace Challenge. It’s a contest of epic proportions. Read More

  • Helio's New Samsung Brings the Sexy

    , right down to hidden touch-sensitive keys on the front. The phone is minimalist and aimed at the fashion conscious, and features a 1.3-Megapixel cam and EV-DO to take advantage of that hot unlimited data action you get with Helio. Chances are it’ll get a fancy name, like the Ghost or Stuart or something, and will probably be in the $150 price range when it hits later this… Read More

  • Samsung u620 Sees Light Of Day

    Verizon’s Testman webpage has given us a glimpse of the forthcoming Samsung SCH-u620. Verizon’s Mobile TV will finally be set free, and the u620 will be the first device to showcase it. All other features are pretty ho-hum, nothing to get excited about. But it will have V Cast Music, a 1.3-megapixel camera, Bluetooth, microSD slot and EVDO. Pricing is set at $149.99 with a two… Read More

  • Laser Comb: FDA-Approved. Snake Oil?

    I am 30 years old, and I am losing my hair. It’s an uncomfortable fact, but one that nearly half of American men, and Britney, face at some point. Science has yet been unable to stop the slow retreat of our follicles, but that doesn’t mean it can’t slow it down. Or at least try. The laser comb is a $545 battery-powered device that zaps your scalp with a Flash Gordon-style… Read More

  • Breaking: XM And Sirius Merge

    ABC News is reporting that XM and Sirius are merging and are almost complete. The actual merge is expected today with a press conference expected later in the afternoon. Earlier, there were some rumors that XM and Sirius wanted to merge but wouldn’t be able to due to the FCC. Though the FCC will be giving both companies a hassle, they should be able to work it out in one way or… Read More

  • Freeloader Steals Energy From The Sun

    Saying that the Freeloader is a “pocket-sized” device is a bit of an overstatement, but it could certainly fit in a purse or backpack quite nicely. Freeloader basically leeches energy from the sun and converts it into juice for your iPod, cellphone, or electronic gadget of your choice. It comes with multiple hookups for all of your devices and can charge via USB should you be out on… Read More

  • Delete Erase, Low Tech—Way Cool

    For as much as I use computers, I still vastly prefer writing in print. Sure my handwriting barely rivals that of a third grader, but there is something immensely satisfying about saying my words splayed out on a page. Given my sloppy writing, it should be no surprise that I’m a pencil guy, because in addition to poor writing, I also tend to drag my hand when I write, which smears… Read More

  • HiDefSpex

    HiDefSpex manufactures high performance high definition sporting optics. Its glasses are promised to be some of the most high quality and high tech eye wear available. Used by champion marksmen and all sorts of other top athletes, it’s hard to argue with the expert proliferation. The videos on the site paint a pretty convincing picture of the increased clarity of the… Read More

  • Kronoforms Robot Watch

    Wow! I had one of these when I was a kid! Amazing! And check out the battle station! via Watchismo Read More

  • This Toaster Is So Metal, It Has A Skull AND Crossbones

    When I first saw this device, I was utterly convinced that blood and drop D tuning must pour out of it on an “as-needed” basis. Then I realized that it was just a toaster and proceeded to procure some bread. See, this just isn’t any toaster – this is a toaster that puts a skull and crossbones on every slice of bread you toast. It’s funky, niche, and oozes… Read More

  • Find Yourself with TeleNav Finds Its Winner

    There were some great stories submitted for our Find Yourself with TeleNav contest. We’re now closing the votes. The winner, I’ll remind you, will receive a TeleNav GPS Receiver with three months of service, graciously donated by TeleNav. The contest was narrowed down to a pool of three contestants. They were Trent Baur with his tale of the blind leading the blind, Martin D. Read More

  • So Four SD Cards Walk Into a Drive…

    Here’s a gadget that seems pretty useful but you won’t find at the local CompUSA. Century’s SDB25S is a terribly named enclosure that you plug into an IDE cable. Inside the enclosure, you can insert up to four SD cards (2GB each max) to create one single drive using your SD cards. Too bad it costs $260, has a cap of 8GB because SDHC isn’t supported, and has issues… Read More

  • The MPAA Is A Code Thief!

    You would think that with the MPAA suing people left and right for copyright infringement and with movies like Ghost Rider climbing to the Number 1 spot you’d think it’d have $50 to throw a blogger for his software. “Think again!” cries Patrick Robin, designer of the Forest Blog publishing platform. Robin recently discovered that the MPAA’s blog (currently down)… Read More

  • Google Engineers Go Geek on Hard Drives

    After using hundreds of thousands of hard drives in their quest for world domination, Google knows a thing or two about spinning platters. All of their hard work has been distilled into one academic paper describing correlations between hard drive age, manufacturer, and data density. The most interesting finding? SMART, the system used to test hard drives for imminent failure, is all but… Read More

  • Sirius and XM Merging Today?

    The NY Post is running some rumors that XM and Sirius are merging today, creating a satellite radio juggernaut that will be nigh unstoppable. The deal would meld XM and Sirius into one 12 million subscriber network and get Sirius out of a major hole. Both of the companies, while offering excellent content, are now learning what old media learned only a few years ago: if you build it… Read More

  • Cellular Plant Communicator

    Well this is clever if not aged, but I hadn’t seen it yet, so here we go. This is a plant that tells you how thirsty it is. Essentially it’s a sensor that measures soil moisture and relays it through an open source phone system which allows it to “tell” you if its thirsty over the phone. What good does that do when you’re next to the plant? Who knows, but at least… Read More

  • Buy Your Own Voting Machine for $82

    Princeton Computer Science Professor Andrew Appel and his students bought five Sequoia voting machines over the Internet for $82 each and are now reverse engineering the monsters to figure out how horribly our democracy is dying. The professor bought them from election officials in North Carolina during a government auction. Sequoia is well-known for their claims that opening up their… Read More

  • Microsoft's Ballmer Blames Poor Vista Sales On Piracy

    Must suck to be Steve Ballmer right now. The Microsoft CEO has again gone on an insane tirade saying that slowing Vista sales are due to rampant piracy. With Vista sales forecasts overreached and plenty of issues plaguing the OS, Ballmer went on the offensive saying: “Piracy reduction can be a source of Windows revenue growth, and I think we’ll make some piracy improvements… Read More

  • Blackberry 8820 – WiFi-tastic

    Though the rumors have been swirling like a pot of choco fondue, the upcoming Blackberry 8820 is most likely real and debuting around or by Q2. The big features? WiFi built into the device and an improved battery along with some treats we won’t know about until the release. Don’t expect anything mind-blowing aside from the WiFi though, as the 8820 is supposed to be more of a… Read More