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  • Barablu: Free VoIP on WiFi Phones

    Today is the day of weird little companies, apparently. Barablu is a downloadable desktop and mobile product that allows you to send and receive VoIP calls, chat, and create conferences of up to 49 people. It’s available for Pocket PC and a number of smartphones and works in concert with a desktop application that basically does the same thing. It’s different than Skype in that… Read More

  • Nokia Video Center Hands On

    So this is what YouTube on a Nokia looks like. It’s more of a video RSS feed, but it’s still pretty cool. There are only Reuters and YouTube up there right now, it seems, but it allows you to add channels and browse video thumbnails. Coolness. Read More

  • Motorola Ming Hands On

    Here’s a quick look at the Moto Ming. It’s not very exciting, just a tiny little Linux phone, but it’s got an odd UI and looks nothing like anything else at their booth. Read More

  • CryptoGraf: SMS in Secret

    CryptoGraf is a tiny company that is basically selling RSA/ARS encrypting SMS software. You can try a free trial at and it works with Symbian Series 60 phones but it doesn’t work with any of Nokia’s N-Series phones. Why am I telling you this? Well, maybe you have to send secrets to your mom or something. The website is gimp-tastic but it looks like a useful… Read More

  • Meizu M8 Enters The Witness Protection Program

    I realize that we’re all sick of ‘iPhone clones’ and I swear this is the last I’ll post until launch. To be perfectly honest, this is the ONLY iPhone clone in the works. The LG Prada and Samsung F700 are NOT iPhone clones. I may have said they were before, but clones they are not. The Meizu M8 is now the miniOne and is set to launch Q4. The previously leaked pics… Read More

  • The State of Mobile Content

    Just came in from Hall 7 where 3GSM is hosting mobile content providers. I’m not quite sure what they are thinking over there — or even if they are thinking at all — but that was one sorry bunch of companies. Let me offer a window into the mind of a mobile content provider. Everything is either porn or puppies, as this image shows. In fact, some companies are selling porn… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Home Office Edition

    Milk Desk
    Golla Laptop Bags: GOOOOOLLLLAAAAA
    Coilgunosapien: Destroy All Humans
    The Best Of 3GSM
    Find Yourself with TeleNav Update Read More

  • USBCell For All Your Gadgets

    The makers of the ever popular USBCell batteries have taken the next step by infiltrating the mobile device market. I’m a big fan of having extra batteries on hand because, like most geeks, my mobile phone (a Sidekick3), helps keep me connected when I’m on the go. I can deal with my SK3 crapping out because I usually have my Blackberry, but don’t even get me started on… Read More

  • Time Warner Cable Goes Public

    Time Warner today announced that Time Warner Cable is becoming a public company. It expects shares to be traded as a Class A common stock on the New York Stock Exchange with the “TWC” symbol. Shares could begin trading as early as March 1. The move comes as a result of Time Warner Cable purchasing assets from Adelphia when it filed Chapter 11. In exchange for the assets, TWC coughed… Read More

  • HTC Debuts Three Windows Mobile Smartphones, Expands Range

    HTC keeps cranking out smartphones faster than we can write about them, and today is no different, as there are three new Windows Mobile 5-powered devices on their way from HTC this quarter. The three devices are all quite different, as the OEM differentiates its product matrix. To the left of the photograph above is the S710, a relative of the TyTN, with not just a slide-out QWERTY keypad… Read More

  • BMW Getting iPhone Integration?

    AutoSpies has learned, by way of “reliable sources,” that the next BMW 7-Series will feature in-dash iPhone integration. As you can see in this supposed shot, the iPhone will cradle in the dash and presumably be controlled by buttons on the steering wheel and/or voice. While this rumor doesn’t seem too far-fetched, I’d suggest proceeding on the side of caution with… Read More

  • Verizon Lights Up More EV-DO Rev. A, Covers Much of Metro USA

    , Verizon has issued eleven press releases saying that today it has done just that. If you’re a VZN customer in the North East or South East or Mid West, and you’re in a metropolitan area, then you’re probably covered by the patchy-but-new network. With a compatible device and service plan, you’ll have DSL speeds anywhere in the area, wirelessly. Verizon plans on having… Read More

  • USB RoboDog Cam

    This might have been cool if it were wireless and could, you know, walk around. Instead, this dog-shaped webcam connects via USB, giving your video the ability to sit, crouch, lay down and stand. Why, you ask? Well don’t look at me for answers—I’m asking the same thing. At any rate, it features a 350K pixels VGA cam capable of 24-bit true color and 30-fps. The USB RoboDog Cam… Read More

  • Yahoo! Music To Be DRM-Free For Xmas?

    Yahoo!’s Dave Goldman has predicted that Yahoo!’s music store will be selling DRM-free MP3s by Christmas 2007, acknowledging the burgeoning movement amongst the digital download world to abandon rights protection on music sold on the Internet. “The labels understand that DRM has to go,” Goldman said to USA Today, “It’s nothing but a tax on digital consumers. Read More

  • AT&T Taps MediaFLO for Mobile Live Streaming TV

    AT&T’s wireless division (AT&T Wireless + Cingular – simple name) has chosed MediaFLO to roll out its mobile TV service. MediaFLO is a subsidiary of QUALCOMM, the all-caps wireless infrastructure and chip manufacturer. The deal means that the Q can put its TV transceivers on AT&T’s wireless access towers, sending live TV to compatible handsets on the AT&T… Read More

  • The Best Of 3GSM

    We present to you some of the best posts from the 3GSM 2007 conference. Click for our full conference coverage. Motorola Z8 Hands On On the Road with the Nokia 6110 Nokia: Now With YouTube!
    Windows Mobile 6 In Excruciating Detail
    Hands On With All the Samsung Ultras: Can You Say Ultra Purdy? Nokia E-Series: E90, E65, E61i Read More

  • T-Mobile, Samsung Win Most Boring New Phone Contest

    We do not understand the new Stripe from T-Mobile. The myFaves-compatible clamshell from Samsung is curvy, sure, but bulky when compared to the manufacturer’s other offerings for T-Mo, and more expensive to boot. Features-wise, it’s inferior as well, with GPRS (no EDGE support), a standard VGA camera (no megapixels here), and a monochrome outer display. We love Samsung and T-Mobile… Read More

  • Milk Desk

    Oh man, this thing is all kinds of hotness. Featuring every amenity one could possibly hope for on a computer desk, the Milk is one of those rare blends of fashion and efficiency. It has a pneumatic lift, cable exits, organizer boxes and a file slot. It sort of reminds me of the Steelcase Airtouch with less pneumatics and more slots. No idea what this beast costs, but that probably… Read More

  • The Lapinator: An End to Roasted Nuts

    If you use a laptop, listen up. This will be of interest to you. Unless there is something wrong with the nerves in your lap, or you’re in possession of some magic laptop that doesn’t produce heat, you’ve no doubt been in a situation where your laptop becomes uncomfortable to hold effectively. I’ve tried many products aimed at alleviating the heat concerns emitted from… Read More

  • Beatles Catalog Not iTunes Exclusive

    Poor Jobs. He must be so distraught now that his precious iTunes Music Store isn’t getting exclusive rights to the Beatles’ catalog, that he needs a little help from my friends. Apple Corps head Neil Aspinall says that iTunes will be getting plenty of Beatles tracks, but so will other online music retailers. This means you’ll be able to go on a magical mystery tour of… Read More