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  • Ricoh Caplio GX100

    Ricoh’s newest digital-camera packs a wallop in a teeny package. The GX100 has a 24-to-72mm-equivalent high-powered wide-zoom lens that goes super-duper wide-angle to 19mm with an optional wide conversion lens. That’s not even the best part! The Ricoh can claim a first in the world of digital-camera’s with its removable electronic viewfinder. The viewfinder tilts, so… Read More

  • iPhone Shuffle Announced

    No screen, low cost, and a 50-percent manufacturing savings for Apple. Is it a dream? No! It’s the iPhone Shuffle, an exciting new phone that’s loaded with absolutely no-features and comes with a coupon redeemable for a free sundae at Dairy Queen (aka CrunchGear HQ). It’s due out Q4 and sports some of today’s leading technologies like crushed walnuts and whipped cream. Read More

  • Apple Hacks Our Hacks

    If you’re planning on hacking your Apple TV, if you haven’t already, I wouldn’t bother because Apple is only going to hack your hack. I suppose there is always a downside to the Internet. Apple caught wind of all the hackity hacks going around regarding the Apple TV and they’re taking appropriate steps to rectify the situation. According to IPP over at Tutorial Ninja… Read More

  • Casio Exilim EX-Z75: The Review

    For the past year, I’ve spent time with numerous Casio digital cameras. The Exilim series has proven to be an excellent blend of both value and performance. A fantastic camera at a low price if you will. But camera after camera, Casio didn’t really do much to change the design of each model. At one point, the difference between a 10.1-megapixel camera and a 6-megapixel camera… Read More

  • Complete My Album on iTunes: Finish Partially Downloaded Albums at a Discount

    Apple just added a “groundbreaking” feature to its iTunes store called “Complete My Album” that lets music fans complete partially downloaded albums for a reduced price. Say you’ve already downloaded one song from an album but now want the rest of it without having to repurchase the one song you already have. (Certain longer length songs can only be had when… Read More

  • Nokia 5070 – A No Frills Candybar Phone

    Those who enjoy the simpler things in life will gladly welcome the Nokia 5070. This candybar-style phone has no radical design and is chock full of basic features! You’ll get the ability to SMS and MMS, stunning audio messaging, a built-in camera with a terrible resolution, FM radio to listen to NPR on, a stereo headset, and the choice between a red or blue paint job. Doesn’t get… Read More

  • Video of the iPhone at CTIA: Hilarious Exec Blathers and Blathers Corporate dudes, please don’t try to be funny. It never works and you just end up looking silly. Take this guy at CTIA. He’s going on and on about how much the iPhone will change human history like it’s the wheel. Then he mentions a bunch of no-good punk kids and how they wanted him to “pull… Read More

  • Help Proporta Out, Win Free Stuff

    One of the better accessory/case-makers, Proporta, needs some help picking a design for it’s Alu-Leather cases. There’s pouch-style where a device slides in and is held entirely or side grip-style where a device is held by two plastic nubs. By heading over to this URL, you can read all about it, cast your vote, and possibly win a prize. There’s five Proporta Gadget Bags… Read More

  • Nokia 5700 XpressMusic Officialized

    It didn’t take long for the 5700 XpressMusic rumors to become official. The newest 3G handset from Nokia has many of the traits of the 5300 XpressMusic, but it’s got a nice twist, literally. The rotating bottom isn’t just for show, either: each position serves as a different mode for the phone. The most obvious function for the 5700 is a music player, then a 2-megapixel… Read More

  • Nokia 7088: L'amour Luxury, or Simple Slider?

    The Nokia 7088 just had its bah mitzvah and is now a man… well, is now no longer just a rumor. The cellphone will be part of Nokia’s L’amour (French for “tacky”) collection, the first CDMA phone to be granted this privilege. How Nokia expects to battle other “luxury” cellphones with what looks to be a basic slider is beyond me. There’s no… Read More

  • CrunchGear Boooring Edition: MOTOTRBO 2-Way Radios

    ::Yawn:: Welcome folks. Today we have some, ah, stunning 2-way radios / walkie talkies from Motorola that are dubbed MOTOTRBO. These industrial-grade radios sport both an analog and digital band and have the ability the send text messages to each other. The whole package comes with all the equipment and software you’ll need to communicate within your group and drive up your… Read More

  • Apple Releases Boot Camp 1.2

    Let’s start your Thursday off with something a little action-packed, shall we? No? Ok then. Apple has released Boot Camp 1.2 and with it comes long-awaited support for Windows Vista. Now you can turn your purebred Macbook into a mutt by installing the Vis’ on it while still getting your Mac OS X fix. Other updates that come with Boot Camp 1.2 include updated drivers, support for… Read More

  • The Futurist: Simple Ways To Make Common Gadgets Better

    If your house is anything like the CrunchGear Mansion, it’s filled to the brim with gadgetry and electronica. And with all this newfangled convenience comes an equal dose of frustration. Like when your cell phone clock goes dead the second the A train pops underground. It’s almost enough to make you strap on your old Mickey Mouse wristwatch. So this got us to thinking — what… Read More

  • Sony Nudging Special PS3 Onto Radar?

    Microsoft has garnered a lot of press this week with the announcement of its Xbox 360 Elite. The updated console features HDMI inputs and an expanded 120GB hard drive. Its announcement, while not a surprise to anyone, warrants one obvious question, “What now Sony?” The above FCC filing from earlier this month might hold some indication as to how Sony plans to respond to the 360 Elite. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Bedroom Decor Edition

    Condom Dispenser for Geeks Who Get Some
    Calming Lamp for the Crazy and Cantakerous
    Fish-Cleaning Fish-Fryer
    Mario vs Sonic – Finally
    BlueAnt: SuperToof Read More

  • New Multi-Touchscreen Prototype Could be the Coolest Thing Ever I had eye surgery yesterday, so I guess my attention span is a bit shot. Perhaps that’s why I’ve been engulfed in videos today. Anyway, the Pogue posted this video a bit earlier. It demonstrates a pretty incredible touchscreen that can interpolate multiple points of contact. Take a look and drool… Read More

  • Condom Dispenser for Geeks Who Get Some

    One of the things we hate about having protected sex with a consensual partner is the inevitable fumbling to find a condom. Like any party, a roll in the hay is best if the party favors are in easy reach. Enter the Canoe Condom Dispenser. A German-designed cube that rests with poise and grace upon your bedside table, the Condom Dispenser is a perfect place to stash your prophylactics until… Read More

  • Panasonic Opts for Bus Power in External DVD Burner

    One thing we’re all about is bus power, that’s why we’re stoked on this Panasonic portable DVD player/burner. Plug it into your USB port, and you’re done. No batteries, no wires. What’s more, it’s a DVD multi-burner, meaning no matter which format your DVDs are, you’re covered. And man, it’s pretty, too. No pricing yet, but we’re going… Read More

  • Calming Lamp for the Crazy and Cantakerous

    If you’re old or crazy (or a little of both, like our editors) then you might find yourself looking at a White Noise Lamp. The post-modern stylings are about more than just artistic aesthetics, as the design is thought to induce calm and warm, fuzzy feelings in the elderly and the mentally ill. By lining the halls of your mental hospital or retirement home with these lamps, the… Read More

  • Fish-Cleaning Fish-Fryer

    Wow this one just seems so wrong to me. The video shows a man who invented a deep fryer that is cleaned by way of a fish tank underneath. The fryer gunk drains into the tank and the fishies eat it. It prevents people from having to clean the fryer frequently and from having to feed the fish. It also turns the fish into cannibals which is pretty effed up. I guess though that it’s as… Read More