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  • Bluetooth Heaven: Aliph Jawbone

    Allow me to introduce you to the fanciest Bluetooth headset currently available, the Jawbone from Aliph. I’ve been hearing about the device for some months, but it wasn’t until CES that I actually encountered one. So is it everything it’s been cracked up to be? Read More

  • NES RetroPort Shakes Off The Dust

    Let’s face it our hands and brain are stuck in the past when it comes to playing Mario and Tetris, the Wii-motes just don’t cut it. The spacing of the buttons is all off and it’s just plain awkward. Muscle memory can be a bitch but if you have NES controllers lying around, I know the Nintendo Fanboys do, well you’re in luck. The RetroPort lets you plug-and-play… Read More

  • Verizon Ready for Battle

    Michael McKeehan, Verizon director of Internet and technology, declared today at FTTH that Verizon’s FiOS is ready for whatever bandwidths its competitors ramp up to. “If they offer 6Mbps, we go a bit better. We don’t see the need to ramp up the speeds just yet,” said McKeehan. The problem that I see, is an availability that comparatively is more limited than other… Read More

  • We Go Fast

    Time is an inevitable casualty of technology. No matter how much time it promises to save, it seems that technological advances always end up consuming more time. The issue is responsibility. A bit of technology might be convenient, but it adds another responsibility to your life. One more thing that you have to learn and use; one more thing to divert your attention from your other… Read More

  • Small Gamepad, Big Features

    The MaxFire Pandora Pro is a tiny, foldable, vibrating USB gamepad. It features four action buttons, four side buttons, a turbo button and a retractable USB cable. Weighing in at only one ounce, the pad is perfect for laptops — and Smurfs. The gamepad also comes with a small case that can hold miniSD cards. MaxFire Pandora Pro [EverythingUSB] Read More

  • SD to Mini-SD, Diatec Gets It Right

    Diatec is releasing an SD to mini-SD converter that is pretty simple in design, yet no one has bothered to release one until now. Cram your SD card into the cradle and voila, you’re ready to transfer all your goodies. The converter drops at the end of March in Japan and is priced around $30. SD To Mini-Sd [Gearfuse] Read More

  • Samsung Bordeaux Is Hot And Steamy

    Samsung aims to please with its newest line of Bordeaux LCD TVs. The Bordeaux line is so much more refined than previous models that it just screams sophistication. The curved transparent base is a simple yet refined addition. Contrast ratio is 10,000:1 a significant jump from 5,000:1 and it can be seen anywhere within a 178 degree angle. The 32 and 40-inch models don’t come cheap… Read More

  • Lifetimer Clock Reminds Me To Pick Up Vince's Mom

    Did you forget your girlfriend’s birthday this year, again? Or how about that important meeting you had with a big client? Maybe you just want to know how long it is until you leave for that tropical vacation. The Lifetimer Clock does all that and whatever else your busy or boring schedule calls for, with 12 different event slots with individual timers you’ll always be in the know. Read More

  • Phone and Remote Get Hitched

    The days of losing your cell phone or TV remote are now over. Now you can lose them both at once. Dave White at Mobile Magazine posts about a soon-to-be-released phone in Korea that supports wireless and SMS — and also doubles as a TV, DVD or PVR remote. No word yet on price or availability. White laments that it’s kind of pointless, because it only will be available in Korea, and… Read More

  • Apple vs. The World: Playing Dress-Up With Your Apple

    Windows users always pull out the old “there are no peripherals for Mac” chestnut whenever they’re backed into a corner by rabid Apple addicts. While it’s true there aren’t as many extras for Mac as there are for Windows, there are still plenty of peripherals to go around. To prove our point, we rounded up a bunch of our favorites. There are of course tons more… Read More

  • Norway Responds to Job's Open DRM

    in the form of an open letter. Titled “Thoughts on Music,” Jobs outlined the state of DRM and where he thought the practice could wind up, famously stating that if the major studios would allow the disbanding of DRM, Apple would embrace it heartbeat. It was a bold move even for the iTunes giant Apple. Unsurprisingly, the proclamation is beginning to get responses. Torgeir… Read More

  • BGR Does The Blackberry 8800

    Though the Blackberry 8800 from RIM doesn’t look much different than the 8700, it’s what’s inside that counts. Boy Genius got his grubby mitts on a brand spankin’ new 8800, which features WiFi, improved screen and faster hardware. Plus check out the curves on this beauty! The improved design looks more streamlined and professional when compared to the toyish 8700. Hit… Read More

  • The T-1000 of Notebook Coolers

    Thermaltake has launched a fanless laptop cooling pad called the iXoft that can be folded and rolled up for easy transport. Made of sodium sulfate decahydrate, or Na2SO4.10H2O for chemistry nerds (that’s right, I have no clue what I’m talking about), the pad uses Thermaltake’s Heat Shift technology, which consists of inner material that exhibits cold and solid properties when… Read More

  • Boeing 747 Simulator

    Seeking the ability to fly more frequently, a Sydney-based amateur pilot put his money where his hobby is. The man shelled out a staggering $230,000 to create the most authentic 747-flying experience outside of a cockpit. Read More

  • Mobile Phone Does a Head Stand

    A new patent for a cell phone with a screen on the bottom and keys on top is set to revolutionize the world. Well, not quite, but at least it will be ergonomically correct. The design is so obvious that I wonder why more phones aren’t designed this way. Upside Down Phone Patent (PDF) [Independent Online via Slashdot] Read More

  • Nokia N77 Set To Launch At 3GSM

    Noticing the lack of affordable TV phones on the market Nokia is set to debut the N77 at 3GSM next week. It will be mid-priced so Nokia can infiltrate the masses. “Immediately when the phone prices reach the 200 ($250)-300 ($400) euro price point, mobile television goes mass market,” the source said. The N77 uses DVB-H technology to pickup TV signals. No other details or launch… Read More

  • Fishy Power

    Evan Ackerman at OhGizmo! posts about this wacky fish-skeleton Maywadenki extension cord. At $30, the tail of this 4-feet cord plugs into any wall socket while the head serves as an AC port. The eyes of the skeleton also glow when plugged in. The cord can be found at J-List. Na Cord Fish Bone Extention Cord [TokyoMango via OhGizmo!] Read More

  • FishCam Finds Nemo

    Caroline McCarthy over at CNET’s Crave posts about the Fishcam, a $362 Korean product that can beam back images of fish moving up to bait—allowing fishers to move their line toward them. The device uses a tiny camera attached to a special float and also can store the images on DVD. The British newspaper The Sun has some interesting comments about whether this kills or enhances… Read More

  • Want Some Free Joost?

    Om Malik and his blog New Tee Vee are giving away 100 invites to Joost for Mac users. Those of you rockin’ an Intel-based Mac can register for Joost and download the alpha version of the program. All you have to do is just give a little feedback and you’re golden. The contest started yesterday but there’s still time left to make it in! UPDATE – No more Joost, kids. Read More

  • Mario Theme On Exotic Instruments

    While Communism may be a relegated to the dustbin of history, as this video shows, Eastern Europeans with little to do still walk among us. Click through to see the full collection of crazy Mario theme songs replayed on odd instruments. Super Mario Brothers Theme Song – Homemade Versions [FanTent via BoingBoing] Read More