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  • Leopard Coming Out in June, More Advanced Than Previously Expected

    The professional rumor mongers over at Think Secret now say that Leopard, the next version of Mac OS X, will be released in June, right around the time of the Worldwide Developers Conference. Leopard was originally scheduled to ship by the end of March, but it turns out that the new OS is a little more advanced that Apple first anticipated. Whether or not this means we’ll see that… Read More

  • CrunchGear Week in Review: Goodbye Snow Road Edition

    Swiss Bikeboard For Those That Like Going Down Fast
    Schuberth J1 Super Helmet
    Battletest: Vyper exo by Booq
    Calming Lamp for the Crazy and Cantakerous
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  • EMI Selling DRM-Free Music

    Wow. Mere hours after April Fool’s Day — sorry, fanboys, for our attacks on your sacred cows yesterday — and we get work that Steve is hitting London-town to announce that EMI will start selling DRM-free music. In a major reversal of the music industry’s longstanding antipiracy strategy, EMI Group PLC is set to announce Monday that it plans to sell significant… Read More

  • Apple Drops FairPlay DRM

    independent artists and consumers to offer unprotected music files over the Internet. Even more of a shocker is that the Beatles’ entire catalog will be the first DRM-free offerings when the new policy starts tomorrow. Read More

  • Apple Unveils iPirate – Next-gen Bit Torrent Client

    Arrr matey! If it be torrents ye want, look no further than Apple! Jobs & Co. are now supposedly working on an OS X-only Bit Torrent client called iPirate. Still in alpha testing, we obtained this screenshot from an internal Apple employee and we like what we see. Some of the rumored features include built-in private tracker search, Pirate Bay and Mininova RSS feeds, bandwidth limiting… Read More

  • Leak: Next Version of Windows Mobile to be Linux-Based?

    A job listing found today at Volt is raising eyebrows in both the Redmond area and the open-source Linux world. Volt is a major recruitment resource for Microsoft, with the vast majority of jobs in the Seattle area being for that company. That’s why when a Redmond-based employer looking to hire software developers for “the next version of a popular Operating System for Mobile… Read More

  • Nintendo to Buy SEGA

    This week it sure seemed strange to hear that Nintendo’s Mario and SEGA’s Sonic would be appearing in a video game together, but this was no doubt just to test the waters for a possible merger of the two former rivals. SEGA exited the hardware arena in 2000 after lackluster sales of the Dreamcast video game system, which had been released in September of 1999. For a while last year… Read More

  • Motorola CHPACBRA

    Motorola has just announced its latest handset, the MotoCHPACBRA, 3G biologically-based system that can transmit messages via the distended carcasses of ravaged goats. The CHPACBRA uses an internal battery and play music, although all it sings is a scratchy, screaming rendition of some Los Tigres del Norte classics. Unfortunately, it’s still in FCC testing and has killed the housepets of… Read More

  • LG Changes Name Back To Lucky-Goldstar

    This is a shocker from Seoul–apparantly LG has gone all throw-back on us and reverted their name back to Lucky-Goldstar. A bewildering statement issued by the company states: “We have evaluated current marketplace trends and our focus groups tell us that ‘retro’ is the only way we can survive in the ever-crowded consumer electronics marketplace.” More news to… Read More

  • iRobot Intros iWoman Personal Housekeeper

    iRobot, makers of all things Roomba, has pulled the curtain back on its newest house-cleaning tool: the iWoman Depending on which model you get, the iWoman ranges in size from about 4’11” to 5’11”, and cleans all messes around the house. The best part: You don’t need to plug it in, meaning you save on your electric bill. Instead, it runs on food, water, and oxygen. Read More

  • Sony Concedes that Wii is Better

    Sony conceded today that Nintendo’s Wii is indeed a better system than its struggling PlayStation 3 platform. In a press conference earlier this morning Sony execs admitted to their many follies in the release of its PS3 console. “Seriously guys, wtf were we thinking?” asked Ken Kutaragi. “The thing is bigger than my body.” “I wish I was J. Allard… Read More

  • Shure's Direct Injection Headphones

    Just in time for Easter, Shure just dropped a bombshell on headphone lovers everywhere by introducing the industry’s first direct-injection headphones. They promise to beat the hell out of regular old canalphones, thanks to a tiny tube sticking out from the end of the earphone that actually rests directly against your eardrum. But don’t worry, it’s only 70 percent as dangerous… Read More

  • E3 to Return to LA Convention Center, Require Models to Wear Facemasks and Robes

    It seems that the ESA (Electronic Software Association) just can’t make up their minds. First they pulled the plug on the large scale Electronic Entertainment Expo in favor of the E3 Business Summit to be held this July in Santa Monica, but now citing a lack of positive response from the major game publishers, the trade association for the video game industry has announced that for 2008… Read More

  • Samsung Announces New Spokesperson

    Gob Bluth has been named the new spokesperson of Samsung. As a former semi-professional magician, Gob knows that it’s important to create the illusion that Samsung makes decent products. Already, the board members have been extremely pleased with his work, pointing out that you must take a loss to receive a gain (or something like that). In the coming months, Gob will perform a series… Read More

  • RIAA To Drop All Lawsuits, Find Jesus

    The Recording Industry Association of America, or RIAA, announced Sunday that it is dropping all lawsuits directed against illegal file sharers. “We’ve come to our senses and realized that it’s time to create a business model that embraces technology,” said RIAA chief executive Mitch Bainwol. “These lawsuits have created a public-relations disaster for the RIAA… Read More

  • Apple Announces Unlimited iTunes Subscription Service

    In a move that will likely trounce its “Complete My Album” feature, iTunes will launch an all-you-can-eat subscription service in June, according to sources at Apple Inc. The service, which will cost around $100 a month, will offer unlimited downloads of videos and music tracks from iTunes’ extensive catalog. Purchased songs, TV shows and videos still will contain the usual… Read More

  • Spring Cleaning: Dyson D18 Slim

    It’s spring, which means many of you will be begrudgingly scrubbing your homes from top-to-bottom as part of your yearly spring cleaning ritual. As gearheads, many of you will also be searching for the surest ways to maximize your cleaning efforts — the search will undoubtedly lead many of you to the same destination: Dyson. The DC18 is the newest product to emerge from the labs… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: You're Soaking In It Edition

    Swiss Bikeboard For Those That Like Going Down Fast
    Belkin Makes Those Desk Grommet Holes Useful
    JVC’s Bathtub Floating AW33 DAP Relaxes You While You Bathe
    Daylight Savings Aftermath Could Continue
    Apple TV’s USB Port Now Hacked and (Almost) Fully Functional Read More

  • First Open-Source Car Unveiled

    The world’s first open-source car was unveiled this week at the AutoRAI show in Amsterdam. The c,mm,n (or “common”) was developed by three Dutch technical universities: Delft, Eindhoven and Enschede. The current model features a zero emission hydrogen-powered motor and it seats four (little people by the looks of it). All of the vehicle’s technical data and blueprints… Read More

  • Daylight Savings Aftermath Could Continue

    When I was at SXSW a few weeks back, the new daylight savings time took place. My Blackjack failed to recognize new switch and I was stuck with the wrong time for the entire week. It was a pain in the ass, but I finally got it fixed when I returned home and patched Windows Mobile. Well according to some speculation, many older devices could spring forward this Sunday when we reach the old… Read More