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  • Laptop Batteries Made Just For You, Not From Babies

    is a one-stop online shop offering built-to-order laptop batteries for models both new and old. And though on first viewing of the company’s homepage I thought it made the batteries from babies, the picture is apparently a reference to the “Born On” date that appears on each battery ensuring freshness. Finding the right battery using the site’s multiple search tools… Read More

  • Practical Robotics: Beer Launching Fridge! Sometimes we see a prototype that gets our mouths watering. The iPhone from Apple is a great example. Another is the beer launching fridge. When this thing hits the Home Depot, we are so getting one, as we’re for the advancement of beer-drinking technology. Homemade DIY gadgets are the best, you own them, you… Read More

  • Make Your iPod Mini Flash-ilized

    page and pop in your new drive. Easy peasy. Now your Mini has no moving parts, more space, and you gain a feeling of power over your own things. Great for everyone. I actually did a similar thing by replacing my 40GB iPod Photo’s hard drive with a 60GB, again thanks to iFixIt. I can’t encourage you to hack your gear enough. It’s our right and it empowers us as geeks. Turn… Read More

  • iRiver Clix 2 Reviewed, So Great They Made the Review Into a Big JPEG

    The iRiver Clix 2 is a 2.2″ media player with a Flash UI and standard audio and video playback. It’s fairly cool and has a high-resolution screen and a bit less power consumption thanks to a new AMOLED screen and 2- or 4-gigabyte models available in the US along with an 8GB landing in April. What angers me, however, is the writer’s decision to make the entire review one… Read More

  • The WiiPhone: iPhone Interface on PocketPC

    Looks like those 5 million patents Steve was talking about didn’t stop one clever wag from creating a fully function iPhone shell for Windows Pocket PC. This guy has done everything — except make Windows look like less of a piece of crap after you get past the sexy initial UI. It’s like walking into a brand new home and finding oily rags and offal piled up in every… Read More

  • Review: HeadRoom Desktop Amp

    If you happen to have some pricey headphones, a good headphone amp can really make the difference between merely impressive sound and truly ass-kickin’ audiophile glory. Enter the HeadRoom Desktop Amp ($599), a relatively compact headphone amp with a bevy of input and output options and some hot internal components. I recently had a chance to check it out with a set of Sennheiser HD650s… Read More

  • Corsair's Premium Flash Voyager GT USB Drives Go Really Fast

    Corsair announced an update today to its Flash Voyager line of USB drives by adding a “GT” to the end of the name and changing the color from blue to red. Oh, and the company hand picks the NAND flash for each one and is using a new flash controller with enhanced dual channel and interleave memory technologies. What’s all this mean my friends? Put simply: Speed. As the sizes… Read More

  • Sony's New PictureStation Photo Printers

    Sony dropped a load of new photo printers today — the PictureStation DPP-FP90 (pictured above) and the PictureStation DPP-FP70 (pictured after the jump). Both print “lab-quality 4×6-inch prints” in 45 seconds (remember when you had to wait at CVS for an hour?), and the company seems especially proud of the built-in editing features that let you fix up your exposure… Read More

  • Sony Shows Off Energy Link Portable USB Gadget Charger

    It’s pretty much bona fide that USB is the new charging standard. Rather than trying to force a new way of charging on everybody (which wouldn’t be too out of character), Sony is playing nice and showing off a useful new portable USB charger. Just pop in batteries and this thing sends juice to your gadget of choice — far easier than loading up your laptop, I’d say. It… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Back to Vegas Edition

    Jesus on a Cell Tower: Believers Sign-Up for Service, Have Faith They’ll Get Reception
    Excalibur Delivers Line of “Joke Man” Products: Inner Clown Dies
    USBCell Rechargeable Batteries Hands-On
    Live From Vegas: Sony 2007 Products Showcase
    Sony Bluetooth Headphones: Surpisingly Attractive Read More

  • First ZunePhone Ad Surfaces, Featuring Steve Ballmer

    We’ve been dragging the ponds and dive bars of greater Seattle looking for more rumors and tips about the forthcoming ZunePhone, but things are quiet. We don’t like quiet. Here, then, is the first commercial for the ZunePhone, probably in response to the iPhone ad we saw at the Oscars. Enjoy! Read More

  • Live From Vegas: Sony Gets A Bluetooth Boombox

    Sony’s new ZS-BT1 ghettoblaster is anything but — sporting Bluetooth for easy access to the seven songs you have on your Walkman phone. It’ll be about 150 bucks when it hits around August, and should keep your grandpa happy with its FM radio and front-loading CD. It also helps that it’s got an audio-in channel for the input of your choice. Read More

  • Live From Vegas: New Sony Cyber-shot Camera Line Detects Faces

    Sony pulled the curtain back from a gaggle of digital cameras today. The big feature is the new face-detection tech: Which they claim automatically focuses in on up to eight (count’em: EIGHT) faces. Plus, if they move or you move, the focus follows (which is good, because getting eight people to stand still ain’t easy, as anybody in a ska band can tell you.) Also of note: All… Read More

  • Live From Las Vegas: Sony Announces New "Budget" Blu-Ray Player

    Sony made the BDP-S300 official today. Which, for about $600, makes it the cheapest non-PS3 way to watch Little Man in high-def. It also upscales your regular-ol’ DVDs to 1080p, features component video output to 480i, 480p, 720p, and 1080i, and pumps out 8 channels of uncompressed audio. It’ll hit in the Summer, and won’t make a lick of sense as a purchase, since PS3s… Read More

  • Vaja Balance Wraps Your Blackjack In Leather

    David Ciccone at Mobility Today got his grubby paws on the new Vaja Balance fitted case for the Samsung Blackjack. Vaja is known for their customizable cases so you can pretty much get them in any color you want. I’m not a big fan of cases for phones, but this one doesn’t seem to be too bad. If I had a Blackjack I might be tempted to get one. Prices start out at $65. Product Page… Read More

  • Sony's Complete Spring/Summer TV Line

    Sony showed off a bunch of new TVs today. The big feature is the across-the-board inclusion of Bravia Internet Video Link–which lets you tune into all those Web-bound videos of people getting hit in the head that crave so much. And, as I said before, the name Bravia is no longer just for LCDs–micro-displays and front-projectors now get to share the honor. Click the jump for the… Read More

  • Live From Vegas: Sony 2007 Products Showcase

    I’m reporting live here from the Paris Hotel in beautiful Las Vegas, where Sony is showing off to dealers and the media a crapload of new announcements. It’s sort of like CES 1983 here — all Sony, all the time. Our Tokyo friends announced and showed off a whopping 33 new products today–in virtually every category. Over the course of the next couple of posts… Read More

  • Hammacher Schlemmer iPod Speakers Go Swimming

    Just in time for summer and pool weather, Hammacher Schlemmer has released wireless water-resistant iPod speakers. While you can’t really take them swimming, you can keep them poolside and not stress about splashing water on them. The iPod and dock can be kept away from the pool to ensure your tiny investment won’t go under. In fact, you can keep them 150 feet away and… Read More

  • CG Secret Agent Edition: GSM Table Lamps

    These harmless looking table lamps will make any secret agent think their room is safe enough to divulge secret plans. They’re sadly mistaken. GSM room monitors are crammed into the lamps and the microphones have a range of about 20 meters. All you would need to do is simply dial in and you listen to everything everyone is saying in the room. You’ll need a secret agent’s… Read More

  • Excalibur Delivers Line of “Joke Man” Products: Inner Clown Dies

    Humor is subjective. One man’s comic genius is another man’s lame a-hole. But even the most hardcore fan of Jackie “The Joke Man” Martling might be hard pressed to find the laughter in the new line of products from Excalibur Electronic. These talking devices are the sorts of thing only a product whore like Krusty the Klown might produce. We’re talking items… Read More