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  • Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Winner #1

    I know it’s well into the evening, but I was preoccupied getting the below comparison done. Please forgive me my darlings! Well I know you will since I have the first winner for our Crumpler Geek Travel contest. Read More

  • Thunderdome Showdown: HSDPA Vs. EV-DO

    The battle of the year! Cingular’s newcomer HSDPA squares off with Sprint’s crowd-favorite EV-DO. Speculation has been splattered from one side of the Internet to the other about which technology fairs better and I’m here to set the record straight. Using both a Novatel Merlin XU870 HSDPA ExpressCard and a Merlin EX720 EV-DO, during my travels to various points across the… Read More

  • OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator Does What Your Noggin Wants

    Here’s an interesting product from OCZ that seemed to be overlooked at CeBIT and I’m extremely surprised to say the least. For one thing the eye candy alone should have had extensive coverage. It sounds to be a lot like Emotiv’s Epoc project regarding sensory gaming. In a nutshell, the OCZ Neural Impulse Actuator carries out specific commands that your noggin wants to do… Read More

  • Wii Goes Chrome

    To the diehard fans the Nintendo Wii is the gold standard for console gaming, and soon they’ll have a chance to show their system at least in chrome if not actual gold. A new outer shell, the I-Case, will be available at the end of the month from XCM for $37.99, giving the console that extra high-tech look. And if the shiny cyber-look isn’t your thing, alternate colors include… Read More

  • 5 Reasons Why The AppleTV Rules And Sucks

    The AppleTV is finally shipping after a month of nail-biting anticipation and most people are excited while others are attempting to justify some reason to order it. I’m still on the fence about shelling out $300, but Gadget Lab’s “5 Reasons Why AppleTV Rules, 5 Reasons Why it Sucks” tells it like it is and backs up some of the reasoning why I think it will change… Read More

  • Laptops Set to Overthrow Desktops in 2011

    Some British analysts have hypothesized that the laptop market will trump desktop sales by 2011. The group has issued a report predicting that laptop sales will expand by 16.1 percent each year while desktop sales increase by just 3.8 percent. The group cites that 82 million portable computers and about 140 million desktops were sold in 2006. These numbers equate to a 26.3-percent growth… Read More

  • Seven Minutes in Apple TV Heaven Clearly someone just learned to turn on the video camera over at Mossberg central. Now if only they could figure out how to turn it off. This 7-minute paean to the Apple TV is thorough but Kate and Walt should have thrown up some jazz hands or something because I was asleep half way through. I guess I’m not the… Read More

  • M-Audio Studiophile AV40 Monitors Hands On

    Recording and engineering music is a difficult process. For years I’ve dabbled in producing my own songs and music. Nothing too serious, but enough to warrant the purchase of some equipment and software. However, one key component of my recording setup that I have been missing for years is a decent pair of studio monitors. When I was at CES 2007, I was shown a pair of AV40… Read More

  • Understanding Games Teaches Us How Games Work

    I’ve never really understood the inner-workings of how video games work. I have a general grasp, but not enough to explain it to someone who wants to know everything about it. I’m not sure a lot of people can really explain it in a way that a child could understand either, but Understanding Games does a bang-up job of covering the main points via an interactive-video. There are… Read More

  • Wii Sales Destroying The PS3's

    Since it’s release, the rampant buying spree that has consumed the Nintendo Wii is starting to really make a mark on the video game industry. The Wii is now almost 2-to-1 in terms of sales compared to the PS3. Like I mentioned the other day, the PS3 only sold 127k units during February as opposed to the 335k Nintendo Wiis that were sold. This kind of dominance in a market is what… Read More

  • Why Hasn't Cellphone Gaming Taken Off?

    Mobile gaming needs a “killer app” before it can really ever take off, but with a predicted $7 billion at stake, it’s just a matter of time until someone figures it out. The BBC bothered a bunch of mobile and gaming industry leaders to try to figure out why nobody has figured out how to successfully marry cellphones and video games, since previous predictions indicated that… Read More

  • How Not To Get Your Laptop Stolen (And How To Protect Yourself If It Does)

    Millions of laptops are stolen from travelers each year. (OK, I made that up, but it does happen a lot.) Or at least that’s what the notebook security companies want you to believe! (Actually, no, notebooks do get stolen quite often from people traveling.) People are going to swipe laptops no matter what, but there are a handful of steps you can take (and products you can buy!) to… Read More

  • NiGHTS Sequel Planned For Nintendo Wii

    That’s it. Consider me sold. If you want to hit a really soft, puppyesque spot in my heart, go for the Sega Saturn. Word is that one of the best platformers of all time will be getting a sequel for the Nintendo Wii. Sonic Team has confirmed with Nintendo and SEGA that they are working on a new NiGHTS game that will feature the Wiimote for controls and everyone’s favorite… Read More

  • Gears of War Movie Confirmed, New Line at The Helm

    Add “Gears of War” to the long list of video game to movie adaptations brought to you by New Line Cinema. The producer of the upcoming film — Wyck Godfrey, responsible for such works of art as “Alien vs. Predator” and “Daddy Day Care” — is “not a gamer,” so you can bet that the film will just be terrific. Tentatively scheduled for… Read More

  • New LG Shine Models Get T-DMB

    LG continues its South Korean dominance with the addition of two new Shine models that both support the T-DMB multimedia broadcasting standard. The clamshell Shine is the one I told you about earlier but there were no specs available at the time. A few key features have been added to both models from the previous Shine. Both will include fantabulous retractable antennas. The clamshell has… Read More

  • Crumpler Geek Travel Contest Update

    Contest day two! We’ll be announcing the first winner later on today. I’m happy with the comments so far and I know they’re just going to keep getting better. For those of you just tuning in, I’m sure you’d like to know what the hell I’m talking about: Read More

  • T-Mobile to Unveil the Sidekick ID: Slimmed Down SK3

    Over the past few months, rumors of a “Sidekick 2.5” were flying about. I took notice and after a few weeks, checked with some of my sources to confirm. Sure enough, a “Sidekick 2.5” was in the works as a trimmed-down alternative to the Sidekick 3. Today I was leaked a picture of the device, which you see above in a color pattern known as “ugly”. Though… Read More

  • Rumor: Cingular to Launch Router and WiFi Switching Cell Phone Service

    I have found the wifi + cell phone momentum quite interesting and covered two early patents leading the trend. So I’m on a flight and a guy behind me, sitting next to someone worthy of being impressed, talks about what any guy would want to talk about to chat it up, his new cell phone that his company, Cingular, is launching.. Goes like this… Read More

  • The Touchscreen You Don't Need To Touch

    Lucky day, a company has developed a touchscreen where users don’t even have to touch the screen in order to use it; simply waving your hand in front of the TochKo screen (as far as six inches away) does the trick. Apparently it was originally designed for medical use, but let’s not forget that the Internet was originally a military invention. I doubt DARPA thought it’d be… Read More

  • Ditch T-Mobile Without The Fees

    We’re not sure if you noticed or not, but recently it seems every carrier is raising SMS prices. Now T-Mobile has joined its rivals by increasing rates for SMS, yet decreasing MMS prices. And when a provider changes it’s service, you know what that means kids… That’s right! It means you can cut and run with T-Mobile without forking over a $200 cancellation fee. Boy… Read More