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  • Daily Crunch: Jump Man Stormtrooper Edition

    Four Versions Of Super Mario Bros. Compared
    Stormtrooper LAN Party
    Crazy MIT Student Whips Up Superbelt
    Plasma Light: Way Cool Tesla Device for a Lamp
    Find Yourself with TeleNav Update Read More

  • Pak-Lite Is Awesome

    I love minimalist products. There is something deliciously refreshing about them. As everything becomes super complicated, it’s nice to have some thing that retains functional simplicity. Take Pak-Lite for example. With two ultra bright white LED bulbs, it simply snaps on top of a nine-volt battery. Probably kicks the crap out of most giant flash lights too. Bet it isn’t too happy… Read More

  • Hell Freezes Over: The Fast and the Furious Wins Something

    game has been awarded the title of best made mobile game at 3GSM. Now, not to knock the game or anything, to it’s credit it might be great, but isn’t there something horribly wrong here? I think The Fast and the Furious being the best of anything could very well rip a whole in the fabric of existence and send us spiraling off into some sort apocalyptic horror. Woe is… Read More

  • SKEE.TV Streams Urban Lifestyle To Your Mobile

    We’ve mentioned mobile video service, a couple times before, but just in case you haven’t checked it out yet, here’s one more reason to: SKEE.TV. DJ SKEE is a West Coast-based DJ with a popular radio show on Sirius Satellite radio. SKEE.TV is a daily mobile urban lifestyle show hosted by SKEE on all aspects of urban culture allowing “users to have VIP access to… Read More

  • OWC Aftermarket SuperDrive

    Other World Computer today announced an affordable aftermarket SuperDrive for use with most recent Macs. The drives are intended to replace old read-only drives. They use quiet SuperDrive technology from Pioneer and can burn double-layer DVDs at 16x. The drives are available now for prices ranging from $29.99 for the OEM and up to $99 for a bundled version. Product Page Read More

  • Horn Tones: Oh, God, Why!?

    This is a really, relly bad idea. I think, anyway. Maybe some of you might have other opinions, but you’d be wrong. As if MP3 ringtones weren’t enough, they were followed up by “caller tunes”, the MP3 that plays to people calling you instead of that ringing sound. The next logical step, of course, is taking MP3s to the car horn. Yes, that’s what we have here… Read More

  • RSS is Fixed

    Our RSS has come back to life. Thanks to the A-Team conducting a special operation in tandem with CrunchGear reader Matt Lacey, the problem was fixed in a timely manner. No animals were harmed during the operation and we only blew up one 1986 El Dorado. Matt Lacey and the A-Team, we salute you. Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Yahoo Ready to Smash Up the Mash Ups

    and is the focus of our IP-Review… Read More

  • Gears Of War PC Edition?

    Rumor round the watercooler is that Gears of War will not stay an Xbox 360 exclusive. Mark Rein of Epic is saying that Gears of War will “eventually come to the PC.” ’Til there’s something else. (chuckles) People ask me, “Are you going to do it [Gears of War] on PC?” Yeah, eventually…I don’t think that’s any great secret that we would like to… Read More

  • Four Versions Of Super Mario Bros. Compared

    Top-left, clockwise: NES, Generation NEX System, FC Twin System, Wii (VC) The guys over at Ars Technica must have some free time. Seems Ben Kuchera took time out of his day to hook up an NES, two NES clones, and a Wii (Virtual Console) and tested the original Super Mario Bros. game for quality. Sure enough, like all good fanboys would, the Wii was chosen as the best looking console. Gee… Read More

  • Stormtrooper LAN Party

    [livevideo id=60D524C8826B472CA4F55ED42B434F81/23555/stormtrooper-lan-party.aspx]
    Stormtrooper LAN Party This is one of the craziest effin’ things I’ve ever seen. Since simply attending a LAN party isn’t nerdy enough, these guys threw it into overdrive and dressed up as characters from the ultimate nerd movies: Star Wars. I’ve been to a lot of LANs in my day, but, for… Read More

  • Acer's Low-Cost, Vista-Equipped TravelMate Laptop

    Vista may cost a lot for what it is, but Acer’s TravelMate 2480-2779 laptop is quite the bargain. For around $540, you’ll nab a 14-inch widescreen display along with Vista Home Basic and specs like a 1.6GHz Celeron M CPU, 512MB of RAM, an 80GB hard drive, a DVD/CD-RW combo drive and a 5-in-1 card reader. Wait, you get all that and Vista for under $550? Now that’s a deal. Read More

  • CyberLock: Uncomprimising Security

    The lock is the primary safeguard to the conduit of your home. So you better be sure it’s secure enough to deflect would-be intruders from your valuables, whatever it/they may be. CyberLock promises to protect that conduit a little bit more. Using specialized electronic cylinders, it can convert existing locks into high-tech, high-security home guardians. The electronic cylinder contains… Read More

  • Crazy MIT Student Whips Up Superbelt

    MIT just keeps crankin’ out cool products. Post-ceding Clocky and the Disco Dance Floor is a battery-powered rope ascender called ATLAS. The genius of one Nathan Ball, this 25-pound belt lifts people weighing up to 250-pounds off the ground up to 50 feet in the air for a few seconds. Ball has since gone on to form Atlas LLC to manufacture and sell the product, which is targeted at… Read More

  • OpenMoko's Open-Source Mobile Platform

    Sean Moss-Pultz is trying to change the mobile phone/device industry this year. He wants consumers to care about what operating system is on their phone as much as they care about what’s on their desktop or laptop computers. OpenMoko and FIC’s Neo1973 smartphone is where that change starts. The Linux-based mobile platform is completely open source. And unlike Symbian, Microsoft… Read More

  • Find Yourself with TeleNav Update

    Our Find Yourself with TeleNav contest is drawing to a close. Just one day left. There have been some great entries so far, and I know there are a bunch more out there, so keep them coming. To enter, send an email to contest at crunchgear dot com explaining your best stories of directional retardation (use the subject: “getting lost”). The contest run from today until Friday at… Read More

  • The Futurist: Making Products Better or… CrunchGear Original Concept Designs

    We live in an ergonomically-challenged world. It really is amazing how much our appliances and gadgets rely on archaic designs that are almost senselessly stress-inducing So we got to thinking—what are some simple ways we could improve the appliances around us to be more people-friendly? So I called up the best product design expert I know: human factors design consultant Eric Porges… Read More

  • Get Your Paws On A Kingston 1GB microSD Card For $5.95!

    If you’ve been wanting a microSD card for your cellphone, now is your chance to get one on the cheap. is selling the Kingston 1GB microSD card for $15.95 with a $10 mail-in-rebate. That brings the total price down to $5.95! A winner is you! Better hurry though, because as of this writing, only 42 were left in stock. Product Page [via BGR] Read More

  • HTC Hints at Merger with Sony-Ericsson; We Call BS

    While our Swedish is quite rusty, we live in the future, which means web-based translators are readily available. From what we can tell, Peter Chou, CEO of faves HTC, said in an interview that he thinks a merger between HTC and Sony-Ericsson would be a good fit. Also, he says OJ killed Anna Nicole, but that could just be a metaphor. Why? The benefits are obvious: HTC does a very good job… Read More

  • Is a 15.4-Inch MacBook Model Forthcoming?

    : they’re well put-together, slender, get-the-job-done machines. But there is a gap in the product matrix between the 13.3-inch black MacBook at the 15.4-inch prosumer MacBoo Pro. But according to circulating rumors, as well as DigiTimes from Taiwan, Apple has a 15.4-inch MacBook in the works. The non-Pro laptop is likely replace the black high-end MacBook, bridging the two product families. Read More