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  • Talk to Seth Porges Tomorrow Morning

    I’llOur superninja writer Seth Porges will be on a radio show tomorrow morning called Be Happy, Dammit! on the network. We’re ostensibly going to be talking about cool devices at 8:39AM EDT, but if you’d like to chime in you can call 1866LIME114 to talk to him about any number of topics including but not limited to: how sleepy we all are, what he’s wearing… Read More

  • But I Never Have a Second Cup at Home

    We are geeks, therefore we drink coffee. Lots of coffee. But making a whole pot at home can be wasteful, and since you live alone and have no friends, let alone a lady friend, you need something more efficient and compact. This wouldn’t be a blog post if I didn’t first describe the problem and then give an answser, so behold the WMF1 single-serving portable coffee maker. It is… Read More

  • AT&T Adds Unlimted Messaging Bundles, Finally

    We’re all for things that can be described with the words “heavy” and “duty” put together, and the new messaging plans from AT&T (not Cingular any longer, pal) are just that. $19.99 a month gets you all-you-can-eat texting, picture, and video messaging, as well as instant messaging from enabled phones. This plan isn’t for everyone, but for those of us… Read More

  • Flip Video: Camcorder to YouTube, Automagically

    We’ve seen disposable or limited use camcorders before, but Pure Digital, the workhouse behind the el cheapo plastic video recorders, is promising us something new with its Flip Video cams. While the prices are dropping and the resolutions rising on HD camcorders, these guys are going the other way, rolling out a bare-bones SD cam with TV-out features and software that allows for easy… Read More

  • Adobe Flaws Could Wreak Havoc on Your Rig

    Adobe Photoshop owners should be aware that there are a handful of flaws that could make your PC vulnerable to hackers. One such flaw is known to attack CS2, CS3 and Elements 5.x when users open distorted PNG graphic files. The flaw was discovered in a stack-based buffer overflow bug in a Photoshop Format Plugin involved in handling PNG files and was discovered by white hat hacker Marsu. The… Read More

  • Zune Your Mom Vote Off Reminder

    How can you make one out of 5 Moms happy? Step 1: Read these heart-warming testimonials.
    Step 2: Vote {democracy:12} 9 out of 10 doctors agree: Moms are great! Read More

  • The Flash Drive Round-up

    It is Spring, and a young man’s fancy turns to thoughts of flash drives. What better way to celebrate these miniscule storage devices than by rounding up four flash drives and comparing them in detail. Yeah, that’s what WE said! Wow! Anyway, the folks at HotHardware were kind enough to do this job and discovered that they really liked the Corsair Voyager GT and that most of the… Read More

  • Breaking, Mildly Exciting: Apple TV Now at Costco, Confirmed

    We’ve been seeing rumors all over the Internets today that Costco, the national chain of discount warehouses, might be offering the Apple TV at a price lower than Apple itself sells the set-top box for. Using our superior investigative journalism skills (read: a telephone), CrunchGear can now confirm that Costco is selling the Apple TV for $289.99. That’s $10 less than Apple or… Read More

  • Greetings from SpaceX

    It’s a spaceship!
    So I’m about to fly up to San Jose on some super secret business, but before I do I wanted to send you all a little greeting from the Los Angeles hangar of the Space Exploration Technologies Corporation. We last covered SpaceX back in March when it launched the Falcon 1 from its launch facility in the Marshall Islands. Behind me is the latest rocket being developed… Read More

  • Dell + Linux: Round 2

    Dell 2.0 is in dire need of some good luck and they’re hoping that Ubuntu’s Feisty Fawn will be that lucky rabbit’s foot. This will be Dell’s second go around with Linux installed PCs and we all know how the first run ended. It fizzled out in two years, but the demand for Linux based Dell’s is growing according to the IdeaStorm site, so they’re diversifying… Read More

  • Highway Wind Turbines

    Designed by students at the University of Arizona, these turbines are able to harvest the wind generated by cars passing by. Like the giant windmills that dot the deserts, the highway turbines can turn the air into energy. Estimates say that the turbines can create about 9,600 kWh per year. That would be great for powering traffic signals and other devices around the road. Archinect [via… Read More

  • eBuddy Lets You Access Your IM from Anything

    While there are software apps that will already let you use multiple IM programs, the Dutch have now made it possible to chat from virtually any computer or mobile device. eBuddy provides Web and mobile instant messaging services, enabling you to chat with your MSN, Yahoo and AIM contacts without actually having to download or install any software. Read the rest at MobileCrunch… Read More

  • CrunchGear HiFi Reader Response

    The CrunchGear HiFi Reader Response continues today. In addition to some great audio content, we have a couple of prizes that should interest most of you. What is on the line, you ask? Good question: Read More

  • The Playstation Eye Creation Story As Told By Dr. Richard Marks

    There is no doubt that the Playstation Eye will be a welcome addition to the accessory line for the PS3, but what makes it so special? Why is it so much better than the EyeToy? Newsweek recently interviewed Dr. Richard Marks and this is what he had to say. If you’re not sure who Richard Marks is and you’re salivating over the Eye then I’m not sure you can call yourself a… Read More

  • iTunes Infringes on Someone Else's Patent – Big Deal

    Oh, Apple, when will you learn? The latest lawsuit for the Silicon Valley giant is aimed at their bread and butter, iTunes. A complaint filed by Individual Network LLC claims that the iTunes store is violating a patent that caters to targeted media delivery. Sounds like a lot of BS to me, but I’m no patent attorney. The patent in question delivers a customized list of digital content… Read More

  • Need Linux Support for Your Webcam?

    I’m not a Linux user nor do I need to purchase any webcams, but if I were in this situation I’d be counting my blessings thanks to Michel Xhaard. The 60 year old French physician is single-handedly responsible for writing 235 Linux drivers for cheapo Chinese webcams so you don’t go throwing it out the window when you realize it won’t work on your Linux box. What compels… Read More

  • SUP Fo0d in SF OMG MBLE

    Sorry for cross-posting so much to MC, but this is another cool service. If you’re in the Bay Area, you can get yourself some good eats using your mobile. Anyone who goes out for lunch knows that you’ll spend more time waiting in line than you do actually eating. And while many restaurants let you fax in your order, some businesses have discouraged employees from using the fax… Read More

  • Vista More Secure Than Mac OS: Bollocks?

    Hell has frozen over! Run for the hills! The sky is falling! Vista is declared more secure than Mac OS X says security researcher Dino Dai Zovi (gesundheit). Why do we care what this guy has to say? Well, for starters he was awarded a $10,000 prize for gaining shell access to a Macbook Pro at the CanSecWest security conference just over a week ago. Read More

  • Dude, You're Gonna Get a Dell at a Store

    Would you buy a computer from this man? Direct PC seller Dell is looking into the retail sales model, a move that may spell the end of the great “direct-only” PC sales technique. Facing slow growth and attacks on all sides by bargain basement vendors as well as higher-end brands that have already taken readily to showing up in Best Buy and Circuit City, Michael Dell is… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: US Supreme Court Makes Obvious Patent Ruling

    . The court unanimously ruled that the federal appeals court that handles patent cases had given too much power to developers of trivial technological improvements. “Granting patent protection to advances that would occur in the ordinary course without real innovation retards progress,’’ Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote for the court. Read More