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  • NBC Universal And MobiTV Announce Mobile TV On Demand Service

    NBC Universal has announced they will be providing on-demand mobile TV content in conjunction with MobiTV for the US market. Primetime NBC shows like The Office and Heroes will soon be available on your mobile phone. A slew of other NBCU channels, including USA, Bravo, SCI FI, Telemundo and mun2, will offer ad-supported programming. MobiTV will also have several ad-supported on demand shows… Read More

  • CEBIT Preview: Laptops with Extending Displays

    I remember seeing a concept model from Hitachi back in the ’90s (remember those?) that featured this type of craning display, but it took a decade for ECS to bring it to market. The Smart Neck laptops will be debuted at CEBIT, will run Windows XP or Vista, and include four different series, from desktop replacements to UMPCs. While this design scheme isn’t surprising, it’s… Read More

  • Blingplayer Lets You Show Off Your Inner Crunk

    Oh boy. It was only a matter of time before every gadget on earth got blingified. The latest casualty is MediaReady’s new Blingplayer (normally spelled with all caps), a “fashion” music player that comes with a 1.8-inch display, video playback, MP3 and WAV playback, voice recording capabilities, and an FM tuner. But what about the bling? I’m glad you asked. Each… Read More

  • XM/Sirius Merger Irrelevant?

    According to Wayde at Gizmo Cafe it is and I’m inclined to agree at this point. Had the merger produced a more unified service, it would have been something of note, but since they’ve decided to still play it separate, the combination has no real effect at all. Anyway, you should check Gizmo Cafe for a pretty amusing video about the situation. Wayde wisecracks through his… Read More

  • Samsung Coming Out With Robot Gun To Protect Its South Korean Homeland

    Samsung now makes guns and butter. The company will produce sentry robot guns that will be stationed along the Korean Demilitarized Zone. The SGR-A1, which was funded by the South Korean government, will make its debut along the most exciting border in the world sometime this year. The sentry gun uses a system of cameras and special software to differentiate between actual, evil North Koreans… Read More

  • Newertech Nupower Video+ iPod Battery Jacks Your 'Pod Up!

    Fresh off the wire is the announcement of Newertech’s Nupower Video+ iPod battery pack. At the ridiculously low price of $49.99, it’s one of the cheapest iPod battery packs on the market today. But just because it’s cheap doesn’t mean it sucks. The Nupower Video+ can provide up to 80 frickin’ hours of extra music listening or an additional 16 hours of video… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson Snap-On Speakers For W660i

    The W660i has a new friend and I think it blows, big time. If you think your playlist is poppin’ or you just want to listen to Enya over the radio then slap the MPS-75 on the bottom of your phone and rock out. There’s also a hidden FM antenna to enhance, what I’m sure is great reception to begin with, the W660i’s internal FM radio. No need for batteries because the… Read More

  • MobileCrunch Gets a New Lead Writer

    link on the site. Russell Shaw is a Portland, Oregon-based author, journalist and blogger. Former author of the BBHub BlackBerry blog on AOL, his work also appears on ZDNet, TMCNet, and the Huffington Post. Russ is also author of seven books, on topics ranging from streaming media to wireless networking. His website is at Read More

  • NTT DoCoMo Releases 3G Big Brother Mobile

    Watch out Japan, your healthy unhealthy addiction to porn is being curbed by NTT DoCoMo’s 3G FOMA F903iBSC(wtf) “business-use” mobile phone. The mobile is being launched in response to information leaks and non-work related use of corporate issued devices. NTT is really putting the squeeze on this one because the camera, external camera, USB/IR ports and e-wallet services… Read More

  • Id's CEO Says Piracy Killing PC Gaming Industry

    The CEO of Id Software says that rampant piracy threatens to kill the PC gaming industry. Todd Hollenshead, speaking at the Game Developers Conference, said that more and more PC game developers are turning to home consoles for additional revenue and to offset the losses that piracy creates for them. He even gave a few frightening statistics to back up his claims: in the U.S., up to 50 percent… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson K850i in the Wild: 5-Megapixels of 3G Awesomeness

    What if I told you Sony-Ericsson was poised to drop a dope 5-Megapixel Cybershot cameraphone in the next few months? You’d be all, “No way!” and I’d be all, “Yes, way!” And I’d be right, so STFU. The forthcoming (and here leaked) K850i is more camera than phone, with a red-eye reducing flash and anti-shake features, both things that will make this… Read More

  • Laptop Horror Stories Contest

    Hello, kiddies… welcome to the Crypt of Laptop Horror Stories (TM). You have until next Monday, 12pm EST, to send me your worst laptop horror stories — how your laptop fell into a toilet, how your Gateway exploded on your granny’s lap — and you could win one of three beautiful prizes. Koss Cobalt Bluetooth Headphones One of two RhinoSkin 13″ MacBook Cases in Black… Read More

  • Dude Over At Crave UK Thinks The PS3 Is The Most Unwanted Console Ever

    So over at CNET’s UK version of Crave, a dude named Chris Stevens is declaring the PS3 the “great unwanted console”. That’s fantastic that he thinks he’s a mix of Jude Law and Paul McCartney, but guess what: he’s still wrong about the PS3. Chris goes on to spit out useless figures and data like a 1977 UNIX-command, saying that no one is lining up, the console… Read More

  • BenQ Q-fi EF71: Pretty In Pink

    BenQ-Siemens is releasing a special edition pink Q-fi EF71. If you’re unfamiliar with Q-fi, it’s BenQ-Siemens line of music-focused devices. The EF71 clamshell has a 2.2-inch display, 2-megapixel camera with video recording with night mode. The pink wonder works as a webcam when connected to your PC/Mac via USB. This particular edition is only available in Taiwan and has a limited… Read More

  • TIE Fighter Speakers: Out Geeking Our Geeks

    Gentle reader, I must now admit something that you might know already, but it is my duty as a journalist to shine light on the truth, even at the expense of my own reputation. Friend, know that I am a Nerd American. As such, I’m keen to many things that have to do with the Nerd lifestyle, including gadgets, video games, and Star Wars. Most especially Star Wars. Thus, when a creation… Read More

  • Sony XDV-100 Portable TV, AM/FM Radio: Limited Use Outside of Japan

    Sony’s XDV-100 portable TV might only interest those of you in Japan because it uses the 1Seg TV standard, something that’s only available over there. Shame, because the 2.8-inch QVGA screen looks pretty decent. (Then again, Sony’s no straggler when it comes to producing fine screens.) It does support AM/FM radio, but how many of you actually listen to the radio anymore… Read More

  • eBaum's World Snags Mobile Deal, Steals Danish Stealer of all content and video archive eBaum’s World has scored a deal with a “major cellular network company”, which is most likely Sprint. eBaum’s World will offer a mobile channel full of funny and outlandish videos submitted by users whilst Eric Bauman profits like no other. There’s also supposed to be… Read More

  • Golden Tee: Home Version with Trackball!

    I hate the plug n’ play Wal*Mart style “video games”. But I really love the arcade game Golden Tee. It’s a little pricey, sure, but you get a lot of gameplay, and the way it approximates real golf is fairly true to the sport. (Yes, it’s a sport. Yes, I sweat while playing it. No, I’m not ashamed of that.) Because of my love for this game, I was thrilled… Read More

  • The Nitty Gritty On the Slacker Music Service

    Wired recently sat down with Broadband Instruments to talk about its new Slacker music service. In a nutshell, it sounds like a music-lover’s dream. Slacker is comprised of both a service and hardware device. The service will use either WiFi or satellite bandwidth to serve up music channels to owners of the Slacker player. Tons of music, lots to choose from, all that great stuff… Read More

  • Nice Looking iPod, But A Lil' Pricey and Girly

    If you love the regular iPod but hate the color selection, then perhaps you should consider Colorware’s latest iPod release. A limited edition pink 30GB iPod will come in four different designs, which include a rose, hearts, cherries, and a butterfly. The earbuds will even match. But limited edition stuff, as always, never comes cheap. $350 is how much this beauty will set you back when… Read More