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  • Rumor: Cingular/AT&T Leaks iPhone Price

    I’m taking this with a big old salt link, but it seems a cash register at a Cingular store in Redmond is spitting out coupons for $150 iPhones with a 2-year contract. Feasible? Unfeasible? Bull? I’m voting for #3, but it’s an interesting find. Read More

  • Speak Up Sonny! Grandma Can't Hear You!

    Senior citizens should either decide to go all out with electronics and learn how the VCR clock works or just abandon them altogether. But now, thanks to NTT DoCoMo, seniors won’t have to compromise giving up necessities like a cellphone in exchange for not having to learn. The Raku-Raku Phone is designed for elderly folks with hearing and vision problems. It comes with a “slow… Read More

  • Blink Shot Saves Photos from Chronic Blinkers

    As a guy who takes a lot of photographs — and I mean a lot — I love the idea behind this technology being developed by Canon: Blink Shot. Sounding like the name of a horrible band on MySpace, Blink Shot delays the actual firing of the shutter until the camera is sure that everyone in the frame has their eyes open. The technology is based on something similar to the face… Read More

  • Playstation Home Service Announced

    Sony is looking to compete with both Nintendo’s Mii Channel and Second Life it seems. Phil Harrison today announced the Playstation Home, where you can interact with other PS3 users, buy virtual furniture and clothing, and show off in-game trophies. Sounds a little bit like part Animal Crossing mixed with Second Life rather than a copycat version of Nintendo’s Mii. There’s also… Read More

  • Wii Dock is the New iPod Dock

    While we’re not expecting to see as many iterations of the Wii dock as we do the iPod dock, there’s no denying their similarities. Smart, clean lines and matching white to charge up battery-powered, iconoclastic, industry changing devices. We’ll take two, please. Notice there’s nothing like this for the SIXAXIS yet? If that’s not telling, we’re not sure… Read More

  • Sega Toys' mu-bot Headphones: Tiny Man-generated Music?

    Believe it or not this here contraption is a pair of headphones. They go by the name of mu-bot (Japanese for “what the hell?”) and they’re scheduled to hit Japan late next month. I don’t speak a word of Japanese, but I’ll try to decipher what the product page’s hieroglyphics actually mean. For example, I’m pretty sure that right under… Read More

  • Wu: Apple Going Solid State for All iPods, Portables?

    According to Apple Insider, the HDD-based iPod will soon be a think of the past. After analyzing Apple’s NAND flash-based storage supply chain, Shaw Wu at American Technology Research has concluded that future iterations of Apple’s iPod (standard, not just the Shuffle and Nano) will be flash-RAM based, meaning higher reliability and longer battery life. NAND is more expensive… Read More

  • Tenbuno Mini Me Monitors

    Woojin’s Tenbuno hybrid monitor has been buzzing around and for good reason. The 19-inch LCD has a mini-me 8.4-inch monitor that sits atop the main screen. There aren’t very many specs out, but it does have a black and white gloss finish with a 2-channel stereo. Launches in May, but no word on price. Product Page [via AVING] Read More

  • Phantom Night In NYC

    I was lucky enough to attend the unveiling of the new Gillette Fusion Power Phantom a couple weeks back in NYC and it was hot. Katherine McPhee from American Idol was there and I finally got to play the PS3 (what a letdown). Oh. And they have razors. Five blades and micro-pulses are the only way to shave. Now, wrapped in black. What we won’t do to look at young women with… Read More

  • Bluetooth 2.1: A Faster Way to Look Like Lobot Gear Live did a cute real-time test of Bluetooth 2.1+EDR vs the same old, same old. Apparently it’s quite speedy and gets five times better battery life. But don’t take our word for it — watch as two Bluetooth wonks take pictures and transmit them to photoframes. Gripping, gripping stuff. The Bleeding Edge 161: Bluetooth SIG… Read More

  • Leopard Coming Sooner Than Expected?

    . Jesse is an analyst for Prudential and something of a Mac fanboy, or so it seems, as he’s always upgraded Apple’s valuation and is contact with many nebulous “inside sources” that even we corrupt bloggers can’t get our vodka-scented hands onto. So it comes as no surprise that he’s a source of many of the fun Apple rumors we find and relay, deliberately or not. Read More

  • Lensbabies 3G Medium Format

    Not a hugely exciting bit of news, but Lensbabies just launched a medium format version of their Lensbaby 3G product. The new model is for Mamiya 645 and Pentax 67 cameras and costs $390. For those not in the know, Lensbabies are odd, selective focus lenses that bring one point on a picture into focus and leave the rest blurry. The effect is similar to that the Miniature Model Effect but it… Read More

  • A CrunchGear Investigation: The Trouble With Tasers – What The Manufacturer Doesn't Want You To Know

    To the more than 10,000 law enforcement agencies who use them, Taser-style stun guns probably seem like a godsend — a quick jolt of electricity and even the brawniest and most berserk criminal can be brought to the ground. No guns, no deaths and no permanent damage. Or so Taser International, the weapon’s manufacturer, would have you believe. However, a CrunchGear investigation… Read More

  • Let Out The Voices In Your Head With Scramby

    could more accurately represent your on-screen persona? Well with just $17.90, Scramby can make that wish come true. (I know, pretty cheap for wish fulfillment like this, right?) Scramby is a Vocoder add-on for VoIP (Voice-over-IP) services like Skype, Yahoo! Messenger and Google Talk, but works with MMOG or MMORPG games as well, letting you distort your voice with a variety of effects. Want… Read More

  • Nokia Phone Updater Released: Bring on the Bricks!

    Nokia’s been working on a program for about a year that lets consumers update their own cellphones without having to visit the local authorized Nokia store. It’s now finally ready to download. The Windows-based program (beat it, Mac users) works only on certain Nokia cellphones, but if yours is on the list, the process seems to be painless. Just plug a USB cable into the phone and… Read More

  • Amazon Unbox Now Live on TiVo

    Amazon’s Unbox downloadable video service now works on TiVo. The video library leaves a lot to be desired right now. (The Illusionist and Prison Break? Yeah, no thanks.) You’ll get no deal on the prices, either: $9.99 to buy a movie and $1.99 per one-month rental, though you should expect to pay more for “hits.” For example, that feel-good dark comedy Little Miss… Read More

  • Seven Ways To Fight Back at Cingular

    The Consumerist, that 21st century version of The Jungle, has come up with seven ways to stick it to Cingular. Many of them are benign (“make the brick and mortar store compete against the Web site in order to get a better deal”), but one tip looks to be fairly pretty substantial: buying a $20 mediaMAX data plan will get you unlimited Internet access, regardless of what type of… Read More

  • Reebok: Voltron Edition

    I initially thought these were Reebok’s answer to the Nike Tranformers, but sadly I was mistaken. I thought it inappropriate to post these since they have nothing to do with technology or gadgetry, but I know our readers remember and love Voltron. Regardless, just take a moment and imagine what it would be like to have these fly kicks come together and form Voltron Force?! The five… Read More

  • Vulcan FlipStart In The Wild

    James Kendrick from jkOnTheRun gives a thorough review of the soon to be launched FlipStart. The unit James had was equipped with a Pentium M 1.1 GHz processor with 512 MB of RAM, a 30 GB hard drive, Windows XP SP2, integrated EV-DO, and a web cam. The FlipStart, for those not in the know, is essentially a mini PC that costs $2,000 and will be launched next month. The FlipStart is definitely not… Read More

  • Blackberry Daytona Caught On Tape

    I present to you dear readers, the Blackberry Daytona, live and in your face! Watch closely because it says “8800 Series” and previous reports slated it as an 8300. Daytona [via New Launches] Read More