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  • Dell To Make Tablet PCs By Years End

    Dell has gone and done it. They’ve confirmed the rumors that they’ll be delving into the tablet PC market. Now I could go and give you the details, but I think Jeff Clarke will do a better job. Besides his funky colored shirt makes me giggle and I know it’ll make you LOL too. Direct2Dell [via Gizmodo via jkOnTheRun] Read More

  • Samsung Brings Out The Big Guns For SID 2007

    Samsung is looking to make a splash at this year’s Society for Display and a few of the displays they’ve brought with them from Korea are primed to get the job done. What better way to start off the show then to win the SID Gold Award for Display of the Year with an LED backlit 40-inch LCD TV. The award winning set has a 10,000:1 contrast ratio and color saturation that’s 105%… Read More

  • Mario Strikers Charged Trailer The PS3 may be getting a slew of new titles this summer, but I’ll still be playing my Wii because of games like Mario Strikers Charged. I know actual gameplay looks nothing like the trailer, but when the opposition pulls a “Mega Strike” and the ball splits into five separate balls and you’re taking a premature dump… Read More

  • Latest Norton Antivirus Update Causing The Blue Screen of Death

    I’m hoping our readers who use Norton Antivirus on a Windows XP machine haven’t updated their software in the last few days. On May 17, the Norton database was upgraded and by noon millions of users’ PCs were crashing. Norton’s latest update accidentally tagged two essential system files as viruses and cleared them away. Users were met with a blue screen… Read More

  • Starcraft 2 Is Here!!!

    Some exciting news came out of yesterday’s Blizzard Wordwide Invitational in Seoul, South Korea. Wait for it…Starcraft 2 was finally announced. Sure, we dropped a hint that it could be coming out soon and now it’s finally here. The official Starcraft 2 site was officially launched as well with tons of video’s and screenshots. There is no official launch date nor are… Read More

  • Don’t Fence Fido In

    Most newer ‘burbs today lack the homestead look with unsightly chain-link fence, and this makes for an improved view that evokes vast open spaces. This is great unless you have a pet. Poor Rover either has to be tied up, or you’ll have set up an expensive “electronic fence.” RoamEO have devised a system that will let you use a customizable PDA-sized GPS unit to help… Read More

  • Sexual Innuendo And Poker Chips

    I do my best not to post actual commercials on CG, but it’s the weekend and this commercial is very silly. I’ve gotten a chance to use the product, The Original Poker Chip Customizer, a bit since the last time I wrote about it and it’s quite nice. And at $60 for the deluxe set, it’s reasonably priced as far as I can tell. Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Netflix Sued for Anti-Trust by Using Patents

    Dennis Dilbeck, a Netflix subscriber, filed a class action lawsuit claiming that Netflix controlled the online DVD rental market by leveraging fraudulently obtained patents making for an unusual patent-based anti-trust case filed earlier this year (recently made public) which is consistent with Blockbuster’s counter suit against Netflix. Dilbeck presents a case that Netflix withheld… Read More

  • Mobio Gives Us Gas

    We’ve written about Mobio on CG before (specifically here and here), but in case you’re not familiar, it’s a free collection of services and apps for mobile phones and devices for doing everything from reading RSS feeds to making dinner reservations to locating the nearest ATM. To the current collection—which installs from a quick download to you handset—Mobio adds… Read More

  • Apple Will Sell iPhone in 2,000 Stores: Get in Line Now

    When the iPhone debuts next month, consumers lucky enough to wait in line for one can do so at 2,000 fine retail locations. One of those analyst types from Bear Sterns just wrapped up a meeting with Apple and the company said that its iPhone will be available for purchase at its 181 retail stores and AT&T’s 1,840 stores. No other store will sell the phone, don’t you know. In… Read More

  • Polar Bears and the Art of Interface Design

    Try as they might, the animators couldn’t find and delete LazyEye.cpp from the render farm servers. Bill Higgins brings up quite a few interesting points in his article, “the Uncanny Valley of user interface design.” Read it before you read this. Essentially he’s saying that there is a “sweet spot” that user interfaces — be they desktop programs or… Read More

  • Game Content Under the Microscope: What Do You Think?

    We’ll be keeping this story high on the front page for a bit simply because it contains such an excellent set of thought-provoking questions. – JB Today concludes our week-long look at video game violence and content. Originally we hoped to include comments from other voices, and efforts were made to hear from Florida Attorney Jack Thompson and Senator Joseph Lieberman. But… Read More

  • Age of Empires III: Big in Japan?

    Age of Empires III is going to Asia, with a new expansion to be released this fall. Age of Empires III: The Asian Dynasties is the popular real-time strategy game’s second expansion pack (and this is actually the first time an Age of Empires game has gotten a second expansion). This add-on also marks another first, namely the first time another developer beside Ensemble Studios is working… Read More

  • XM Tricks Subscribers, Says It Canceled Service When It Really Didn't

    XM Satellite Radio might have some ‘splaining to do. Reports suggest that angry fans who thought they had canceled the service in response to Opie & Anthony’s suspension are just getting their accounts suspended. Fans hang up thinking they’ve canceled XM only to find out later on that XM didn’t honor their request, instead putting their account on hold for so… Read More

  • OrgPlus Live: Organizational Charts For The Masses

    I know this is neither “gear” nor “gadget,” but I like telling you, the reader, about good software when I come across it. Software vendor Human Concepts makes OrgPlus, the go-to app for creating organizational charts. OrgPlus Live is the new Web-based version of said software. Don’t think you need org charts? Well, maybe it’s just that you don’t know… Read More

  • The DNS Disaster (with Contest!)

    I’ve been a Bellsouth DSL subscriber for about 10 years now. It has at times been a tumultuous relationship. In the beginning I gamed quite a bit and there were issues, but after a year of complaining everything balanced out. It’s been great since then. Over the years I’ve upgraded consistently to the highest package available. I currently subscribe to the DSL Xtreme 6.0… Read More

  • Brother Printer Lets You Create RFID Tags

    Let’s make some mischief on this amnesty Friday, shall we? All we need is this Brother RL-700S printer that prints out passive RFID tags and we’re golden. Well, more accurately, it uses rolls of tape that contain the proper IC chips, complete with working antenna, which can be programmed with the corresponding data. I’m sure the black hats out there can figure out how to get… Read More

  • Samsung Launches 19-inch Bordeaux LCD TV

    Samsung has launched a new 19-inch Bordeaux LCD TV, LN19R71B, in Japan and it has a speaker “which is not visible”. The hidden speaker works because of DACS (Dual Acoustic Chamber System). Picture resolution is set at 1440×900 with a contrast ratio of 300:1 and DNIe does all the digital picture processing. It also includes one HDMI port, S-Image and Analog RGB. The latest… Read More

  • Maxell Developing 200GB Blu-ray Disc

    Not much information here, but it looks like TDK isn’t going to be leading the Blu-ray optical market for much longer. Word is that Maxell is also working on a 200GB-capacity Blu-ray disc. Each disc will carry eight layers of tasty data on each side. Expect to see these available in stores by, ahhhh, 2010. Don’t hold your breath. Maxell also develops 200GB Blu-ray Disc [I4U] Read More

  • Nokia Introduces 3109 Classic

    Those of you in Europe should pay attention to the 3109 Classic from Nokia. This offering includes Bluetooth and microSD with a built-in music player, but lacks a camera. Perfect if you want to leave your iPod at home or if you can’t use a camera-phone in your work environment. Aside from Bluetooth and music playback, the phone is pretty much a no-frills device. It has an e-mail client… Read More