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  • Daily Crunch: Washer Edition

    LG Patents MP3-playing Washing Machine
    WiFi Slurpr: The Ultimate WiFi Tool
    QiGO Internet Content Keys
    Top Ten Cool Potential Surface Gadgets
    Google Maps Intros Street View Read More

  • From the Vaults of Excess: Kohler WaterHaven

    What’s cooler than lolcats? That’s actually a trick question since nothing is cooler than lolcats. But this will, at least, get you wetter than lolcats (presumably). The Kohler WaterHaven is a $3,300 showering monstrosity. It features seven water outlets. Yes, seven holes from which it can blow its watery load all over you. The WaterHaven holds two shower heads, four body sprays… Read More

  • iPhone Drought Imminent

    Due to iPhone shortages, one unit will be shared amongst three users in rotating weekly blocks
    According to a survey conducted by WR Hambrecht & Co, many AT&T stores have no firm idea as to when the retardedly anticipated iPhone will arrive in stores. Some locations place it on June 15, others on June 22 and many haven’t the foggiest notion. In addition to the vague release… Read More

  • Google Gears Discovered

    This evening, I came home and loaded up Drudge Report. I found an interesting article on Google and how they’re about to challenge Microsoft even farther with offline web applications. Upon discovering the name Google Gears, I promptly typed “” into Firefox. Sure enough, a Mac OS X beta of Google Gears is available and of course, I downloaded it. So what is… Read More

  • Hackers: 3,764, Microsoft:1

    Try as they might, Microsoft, just can’t beat the hackers. They pulled ahead for about a week, but we are a persistent bunch. A lot like 3-year olds when you tell them they can’t (fill in the blank) and then they throw a temper tantrum. The latest firmware hack only applies to units with the TS-H943 DVD drive and claims to repel current and some future Xbox Live… Read More

  • Samsung i620 Slider Smartphone

    Frankly, I’m getting sick of all the new phone designs that are constantly being announced. I can’t handle it. I want all of them, but I don’t have the money or means to get my hands on the one’s that won’t ever show up on our shores. Samsung’s latest slider just might persuade me, but chances are it runs on WinMo and I just won’t go there. Read More

  • QiGO Internet Content Keys

    Today QiGO announced a new marketing tool that could revolutionize the way companies market their new products. OK, that could be a load of crock, but it could happen. The ultra unique USB devices will automatically launch any internet content the marketers want you to see. On top of that, the key grips can be morphed into any logo. The possibilities are endless, you just need to use your… Read More

  • YouTube on Apple TV Officialized

    Apple has announced that YouTube content will begin streaming to your Apple TV’s via a free software update in mid June. I just wet myself. LonelyGirl15 on my widescreen?! The Apple TV was also upgraded to a 160GB version for $399 that goes on sale tomorrow. I guess I’ll have to get an Apple TV now. Press Release Read More

  • Apple's iPhone To Support 3rd Party Apps After All

    Back in the day, His Steveness mentioned that the iPhone wouldn’t have support for third-party apps. He said it was an issue of security and usability, but since the apps aped OS X’s built-in Widgets, which actively encourages third-party development, it seems like BS. At the D Conference earlier today, Steve changed his tune, saying later in the year Apple would probably open up… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: Microsoft Surface Not Just a Touch Screen

    With the news of Microsoft Surface announced, we found detail behind how the technology might work. During the Popular Mechanics interview, Microsoft noted that the display uses a series of IR sensors to detect objects on the surface providing controls of objects. A recently published Microsoft patent application provides further insight (and images) on how these sensors work. Read More

  • The Futurist: The 9 New Rules Of The Technology Industry

    With the launch of every new search engine or cell phone, there is inevitably a torrent of exclamation mark-filled press releases and boasts proclaiming the new release to be REVOLUTIONARY!!! and LIFE-CHANGING!!! The truth, of course, is that they almost never are. Still, such pleas might have been at least a tad bit convincing only a few years ago, when certain aspects of the technology world… Read More

  • The Dirty Little Secret of iTunes DRM-Free

    OK, OK, this isn’t really a big shocker, but it’s worth a mention for those of you have not yet considered it. Although iTunes is now offering DRM-free music, that doesn’t mean you can go distributing it willy-nilly. You see, like previous iTunes tracks, the m4a file is embedded with your account information. TUAW’s Erica Sadun did writes: Try this yourself. 1. Read More

  • Liveblogging Palm's Foleo Webcast

    We’re learning a few new things about the Foleo as we watch the webcast, and we’re relaying them here live. Read More

  • Google Maps Lets You Peep Into Homes

    Over at BoingBoing, a concerned reader wrote it to let them know what Google Maps is spying into his living room. Recall that Street View feature I talked about earlier today? Great service, but it turns out you can zoom all the way into someone’s living room window. In this case, enough to make out this chick’s cat. So the big question becomes: where do you draw the line… Read More

  • Meet Palm's Foleo

    Palm’s taking the wraps off its Foleo, and we’ve got some pics. The “smartphone companion” is actually fairly dope, featuring not just Bluetooth but also WiFi. It’s not meant to fully replace a laptop, but if you’re like me, you find lugging your Powerbook around all the time to be burdensome. If I’m just going to be checking email and browsing porn… Read More

  • Sennheiser HD650: My Favorite Headphones

    In the iPod age, headphones have become a fundamental part of lives of practically everyone. While many individuals are complacent living in lo-fi, unaware of the depths their music holds, some intuitive listeners yearn for something better. For those select few, it is often necessary to own two sets of headphones: a pair of earbuds and a pair of muffs, such as the HD650s. Released in 2004… Read More

  • Sony Needs to Drop PS3 Price By $200 or It's Finished: Bank of America

    Sony’s going to have to drop the PS3‘s price by $200 this summer if it wants to be a player in this generation. That’s what a Bank of America analyst says, and who am I to argue with BoA? I like how the analyst calls a $50 price drop “meaningless.” Even the rumored $100 price drop wouldn’t do the trick. The main culprit for Sony’s troubles? A gold star… Read More

  • iLoad Review

    In the simplest terms the iLoad by Wingspan transfers your CDs onto your iPod without using a computer. No computer, no iTunes, nada, zippo, nothing. Potentially it’s a useful product that addresses a need of those who want an iPod and don’t want to use or aren’t comfortable using a computer. When you think of it, who won’t want to load their CDs directly onto their… Read More

  • BlackBerry Curve Debuts on AT&T May 31

    The long, oh-so-long wait for the BlackBerry Curve is almost over, with RIM announcing that it launches tomorrow, May 31, on AT&T. (Guess that June 13 rumor didn’t pan out… the earlier the better, I suppose.) Most of the reviews on the Net have been positive: Laptop gave it a four stars (out of five) and CNET gave it an 8.0. Now VZW users aren’t the only ones with a shiny… Read More

  • AT&T Stores Getting Less Than 40 iPhones For Launch

    Oh noes! Have you been mowing lawns relentlessly, saving up for that $499 iPhone that’s about to come out? Well you better get your camping gear ready if you really want one, ’cause word on the (Wall) street is that AT&T stores will be receiving less than 40 iPhones each. Talk about a shortage. WR Hambrecht & Co. surveyed a ton of AT&T stores and found that iPhones… Read More