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  • Daily Crunch: I'm Sensitive Edition

    Electrically Sensitive People Reach Out, Tell Us to Cut Back on the Wi-Fi, Cellphones
    DreamAuthentics’ Katana: The Desktop Arcade Machine You Always Wanted
    Tiger R-Zone: Worst Console Ever, or Just Misunderstood?
    Slouchpod Endorses Laziness: We Get Fatter
    Video: flickrblockrs Keep Your Identity Safe Read More

  • MacLockPick Extracts Mac Passwords has developed a device that it claims can extract passwords from OS X 10.3 or later Macs. The unit consists of a single flash drive that is capable of pulling passwords from the Apple Keychain and system settings. It also compiles a database of the system it’s installed on. There is one catch though, to purchase one, you have to be an investigator or a law… Read More

  • Feature: Ten Lamest Fake Movie Gadgets Ever

    One of the staples in any good geek-tastic film is unusual gadgets. How many of us lust after lightsabers? You know you’d love to have a real one, so would I. But not everything that screenwriters, producers and directors come up with for films carry the same cachet. In fact, some fake gadgets are so lame that they become legendary. This list is not complete, far from it. I encourage… Read More

  • CrunchGear HiFi Reader Response Extended

    Because I’ve been traveling and thus out of the loop, I’ve decided that it’s only fair to extend our HiFi contest and features by another week. We’ll be giving away two little devices that many of you are eager to get your greasy paws on: the Sansa Connect from SanDisk. Make the jump for full details: Read More

  • Electrically Sensitive People Reach Out, Tell Us to Cut Back on the Wi-Fi, Cellphones

    The proliferation of cellphones, Wi-Fi networks and other devices that emit electromagnetic radiation is causing some people to become very, very sick. Take this woman, Sarah, who for the last several years has been electrically sensitive (self-diagnosed, mind you). She says all of the radiation generated from the myriad devices out there cause her to be sick, nauseous, lose hair, have high… Read More

  • Vista Not a Flop After All, Actually Doing Better Than XP Did

    Conventional wisdom on the Internet says that, so far, Windows Vista has been a flop. But you know what they say about conventional wisdom. In its recently released quarterly earnings report (which we alluded to earlier), Microsoft says the company division where Vista resides saw a 67 percent increase in sales over the previous year. Of those who bought Vista, a full 71 percent opted for… Read More

  • Video: flickrblockrs Keep Your Identity Safe

    The Web 2.0 monster continues to drive the evolution of the Web, but it’s also setting up neat little cottage industry. Take, for example, flickrblockrs. They’re essentially sunglasses that provide that bar-across-the-eyes effect, making you anonymous. In the day when everybody has a digital camera, it’s the only way to protect yourself. Well, that and flame throwers. As… Read More

  • FastMac Releases Blu-ray on the Cheap

    FastMac really likes Blu-ray and the newest drive was announced today for the Mac Pro and PowerMac G5 platforms. The 5.25-inch, tray loading optical drive has been tested and certified compatible with Adobe Premiere Pro CS3 so no need to worry there, video production folks. The Blu-ray drive facilitates reading, writing and re-writing to single and dual layer BR discs at a whopping 2x speed. Read More

  • Sony Cyber-shot S800 Jacked Up to 6x Optical Zoom

    The Sony Cyber-shot line is getting a punch in the arm next month with the launch of the S800. The S800 has done away with the Carl Zeiss lens and is now equipped with a proprietary 6x optical zoom lens that ensures those in your face shots will reveal every crevice. Other features include anti-blur technology, 8-megapixels with an ISO rating up to 1250 and a 2.5-inch LCD. It also includes… Read More

  • The AudioFile: Ultimate Pocket-Size Hi-Fi Rig

    As part of HiFi week here at the ol’ Crunch, I’m detailing my favorite mobile high-end audio rig. I’ve spent a lot of time finding the right balance among portability, sound quality, and budget — which means don’t go freaking out about how your home setup is so awesome and can be taken with you as long as you have a portable generator and a power conditioner, not… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Rock Your Body Headphones, Now with Surround Sound

    uncovered a Sony application on using your body to transit a signal. Well, Sony has even more out of the box thinking for body transmitting wireless headphones by even more signals rocking through your body. Read More

  • Move Over E3, E.I.E.I.O. is on the Way

    Getting into the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) this year is being compared to getting the golden ticket in “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory,” and not just for the attendees but also for the exhibitors. The number of companies that will be at the show has shrunk from more than 400 to just 32 companies. So what are the smaller guys to do? One option is for them to wait until… Read More

  • Digital Cameras Biz Said to be Peaking ('Cause Everyone Has One)

    The digital camera craze will soon come to an end, not because consumers are losing interest in them, but because damn near everybody has one by now. Think about it: you probably already have at least one point and shoot, maybe even an SLR if you’re a little more serious about your photography. (Never mind that cellphones have had digital cameras built-in for several years now.) In… Read More

  • Adult Swim+Zune=Another CG Invite Lost in the Mail

    I really don’t know what’s going on with the local Post Office, but they’ve been misplacing our invitations left and right. The CrunchGear crew missed out on last night’s Cartoon Network party at the Chelsea Museum. I, personally, cried myself to sleep. The special edition Zune, limited to 500, would have been sweet and we totally would have given it away to one of… Read More

  • Tiger R-Zone: Worst Console Ever, or Just Misunderstood?

    Yet another video game story for you today. Crazy! Remember the Tiger R-Zone handheld video console? Was it not the worst system you ever laid eyes on? TechEBlog seems to think so, and has a short little retrospective on the device. Maybe the reason why it stunk so much was the way Tiger advertised it, making it look like it had arcade-quality graphics when it was really just a red 3D thing… Read More

  • Slouchpod Endorses Laziness: We Get Fatter

    OK, in no way does the SlouchPod Interactive XT actually endorse laziness because that’s what the gaming console manufacturers are for. What the SlouchPod does endorse is some good ol’ fashioned convergence. It’s a multi-media fun chair with 2x5W speakers and 1x10W subwoofer. A 12V connection runs the show then you can plug your gaming console, MP3 player, DVD player or… Read More

  • DreamAuthentics' Katana: The Desktop Arcade Machine You Always Wanted

    DreamAuthentics’ Katana brings the excitement of video game arcade culture of yore to your desktop. Built around a Windows-based PC, the Katana is filled with more than 200 games, very possibly leading to all-night, Mountain Dew-fueled gaming sessions. Its 17-inch screen does the job and its many buttons should make playing games an enjoyable, if not entirely accurate experience. Whether… Read More

  • Griffin Journi and Amplifi iPod Sound Systems: One's Portable, One's Made of Wood. What's Not to Like?

    Griffin just came out with two new iPod speaker systems, the Journi and the Amplifi. The $150 Journi, whose name evokes the shrill voice of Steve Perry, is a portable system that’s supposed to be rugged and all that jazz. It does look fairly attractive and if it sounds as good as Griffin says it does—your music won’t sound like it was run “through a meat… Read More

  • iNewsCaster Audioizes CrunchGear For Your Pleasure

    Magnetic Time has announced the latest version of their uber cool RSS feed audiozer, iNewscaster, and it sort of freaks me out. The service is cool because it extracts the text from your RSS feeds and then ‘audiozes’ them into MP3 files so you can listen to them anywhere you want. The part that freaks me out is the voice delivering the news. It’s really creepy and it makes… Read More

  • Nintendo Will Finally Increase Wii Production to Meet Demand

    Nintendo’s president acknowledged that it didn’t accurately predict the demand for the Wii and is now prepared to ramp up production. Starting next month, Nintendo will increase production of the Wii, though the company didn’t say exactly how many more units per month it will produce. Fair enough, since any increase at all is good news for lots of you out there, my family… Read More