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  • Stitch Customizable Glasses: Sew Your Very Own Catchphrase Into Your Frames

    I really do love these product designs that’ll never see the light of day. Today is no different, with Stitch customizable eyewear—glasses to you and me. They were created to give people an opportunity to wear glasses that truly match their personality. It seems many of these designers love to rag on big business and large manufacturers for creating derivative, uninspired junk all… Read More

  • Pink Seal Pendant Really A Tazer

    The next time your girl has to walk home from your apartment by herself (jerk), make sure she’s equipped with this seemingly innocent pink seal pendant. Though it’s an extremely beautiful piece of jewelry, the real secret lies within the seal’s gut. See this pink pendant actually has a built-in tazer-like device to thwart attackers and muggers. 195V of electricity will be… Read More

  • Get A Wii For $50, Possibly Free

    Over at, they’re apparently giving subscribers a free year of Gamefly or a free Nintendo Wii if you manage to get five of your pals to sign up and pay for the service. Over at The Last Boss, reader Mark wrote in to mention an easy way to get your hands on a Wii for $50. He went and told each of his friends about the deal and gave them $10 each to sign up for the service. They… Read More

  • Sony Vaio N30 Announced

    Over in the land of frog legs, cigarettes, and Sarkozy, Sony announced the Vaio N30 series. Though it’s not a UMPC, it’s still a pretty compact little machine that packs decent power. You can get it configured however you like, but as far as standard stuff goes, you’ll find an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU, up to 2GB of RAM, a 120GB hard drive, and Windows Vista. Plus, select models… Read More

  • Blackberry 8120 To Replace The Pearl

    Check out the Technicolor rainbow above. What you see could very well be the successor to the popular Blackberry Pearl. BGR received a reliable tip that the 8120 is to replace the Pearl this summer as an updated version. New features include color choices of black, red, titanium, and gold, a 2-megapixel camera (very nice), GPS, and WiFi. Yeah, WiFi. That means you can use IM+ to make free… Read More

  • Apple Store Is Down

    As of 7:54am, the Apple Store has been down. The classic Post-It note with the text “We’ll be back soon.” is up, which means a new product is being introduced to the store. What will it be? It could be a Santa-Rosa-equipped Macbook, an ultra-portable notebook, or maybe even an early release of the iPhone. Not. Either way, we’ll keep up the refreshing and will let you… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: High Seas Edition

    Help Key: The Essential Guide to Piracy
    Color A4 E-Paper: Porn Just Got Even Portable-er
    The Bill of Lights: Maunfacturers Need to Stop Putting Useless Lights Everywhere
    Oregon Scientific Four Piece Weather Module Station: For Those Who Just Need to Know The Dew Point Right Now
    Gears of War Golf Coming Soon Read More

  • No Pre-Sales For iPhone

    Well, well, well. The BGR has once again gotten the scoop and this time it’s about the iPhone. According to an internal document, the iPhone will be sold on a first come, first served basis. If you think your name being on a list will ensure you’ll have one on launch date then think again. I can see it now…thousands of crazy people camping out in front of AT&T stores. These… Read More

  • Halo 3 Zune Unboxed

    Gearlive has an exclusive first look at the Halo 3 Zune and it looks pretty dope. I’m a fan of the Halo series so this is pretty cool regardless of the fact that I don’t like Zunes. Microsoft sure is dumping a lot of money for the upcoming launch of Halo 3. The special edition Zune will feature Halo themed software and obviously hardware. I’m jealous and I’m not going… Read More

  • Palm Treo 755p: The Review

    Palm’s Treo 755p arrives today by way of Sprint. The device is cut from the same mold as the 680 and 750 found on AT&T. Unlike its 700, however, the 755p utilizes Palm OS 5.4.9. The 680 and 750 both received generally positive reviews, but they each took a degree of flak for the implementation of Windows Mobile. I’m generally pretty ambivalent to WinMo devices, but they do… Read More

  • The Bill of Lights: Maunfacturers Need to Stop Putting Useless Lights Everywhere

    It was the blinking of the hideous lights! Computerworld’s Mike Elgan is angry at gadget manufacturers who put silly, useless lights all over today’s gadgets. Computer monitors have lights to tell you they’re on; routers and modems blink incessantly whenever they’re plugged in; BlackBerrys and other cellphone blink seemingly whenever they feel like it. Enough! In… Read More

  • Sony Ericsson P1 On Video

    Mobility site recently got together with Jens Greve, Sony Ericsson’s Acquisition Manager, and the result is a pretty in-depth look at the P1. Jack from MS says: I was particularly interested in the keypad and what it would be like to use. Less than 5 minutes got me up to speed entering text probably faster than I can enter it on my Treo. I was impressed with this device and expect it… Read More

  • Amazon Scoops Up dpreview

    Every photographer’s favorite digital camera review site has been acquired by Amazon and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. DPReview is known for its uncompromising reviews of the latest digital cameras. What does this mean for dpreview and should we be expecting a major overhaul? I sure hope there aren’t any changes, but dpreview founder Phil Askey hopes this will… Read More

  • US Troops To Be Left Without MySpace, YouTube, Fun

    In an effort to “save bandwith”, the Department of Defense is blocking access to pipe-hogs like YouTube and MySpace on official computers. Lots of employers put up such filters, but this is different: Troops and families living on U.S. bases will still be able to view the sites through private Internet networks, but the move leaves service members in Iraq and Afghanistan who use… Read More

  • Patent Monkey: Timing Right for Vonage Asset Sale?

    Vonage is fighting possible bankruptcy, need for a new CEO and investor frustration. While the potential for it to escape Verizon’s litigation grip has some hope, a more radical step by an aggressive buyer could just be the trick. Vonage has appealed its loss to Verizon on patent infringement. The Supreme Court’s ruling on patent obviousness has begun to change the patent… Read More

  • iTunes Video Downloads Have No Future, Free Online Streaming FTW

    Don’t get too used to download videos from iTunes, friends, because new data suggests both content providers and consumers are poised to gravitate toward free, advertisement-based streaming video in the near future. Paid video downloads are set to peak this year, raking in an estimated $279 million, according to Forrester Research. The same report calls iTunes’ video download service… Read More

  • iPhone's On eBay = Vaporware

    I’m not quite sure what disgusts me more than the idiots bidding over $10,000 on eBay for an iPhone or the fact that people are this hyped over a phone that will fail and fall short on everything it promises to deliver. Are people so inept and uneducated that they’re willing to pay someone on the interwebs x amount of dollars for a pre-sale that is technically illegal? Pull your… Read More

  • Buffalo Pumps Out 3TB Of Storage Excitement

    Need more storage? Buy a larger hard drive. Need A LOT more storage? Pick up the new 3TB TeraStation Live (HS-DH3.0TGL/R5) or the 3TB TeraStation Pro II (TS-H3.0TGL/R5) from Buffalo Technology. The network attached storage drives were announced and released today, stamped with a company claim of being the “industry’s fastest single NAS devices in its class on the market today… Read More

  • Game Content Under the Microscope: ESRB Ratings

    This week we’re examining the issues of video game violence and content in a multi-part series of interviews with industry insiders. And this is a tricky subject, because what might offend one individual won’t cause another to even blink. Content that might be fine for one gamer may truly disturb another. This is where the ratings were suppose to clear things up. Today, all major… Read More

  • Color A4 E-Paper: Porn Just Got Even Portable-er

    LG and Philips just announced that they’ve created the first A4-sized sheet of color e-paper, a massive step forward in the future of portable reading matter and/or pornography. Trust me — the first color e-paper device will not be used to deliver an illustrated version of As I Lay Dying to the masses. The sheet is completely flexible and uses power only to redraw the screen during… Read More