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  • A Sad, Sad Day In Science

    I awoke this morning refreshed, ready to work and take on the day. As I sat down and browsed the news, my heart began to sink. I discovered that Mr. Wizard had died. Yes, my beloved Mr. Wizard, whose show was on at 5am every weekday, has passed away at the age of 89 and is now in better place. I feel like a part of my childhood will always be missing now. Also known as Don Herbert, the Wiz had… Read More

  • PatentMonkey: USB Integrated Antenna on Cell Phone

    Smart, simple and marketable. Samsung’s male adapter USB antenna for a cell phone is all of these things, yet, it is a feature not easily found. No losing a cord to charge my cell phone on the road, just a friendly USB connection to suck power from anything else in my bag with a port, and, well, power. This kind of universal access would be a major convenience. More description and why… Read More

  • CrunchGear Explains Your New AIM Friends

    At some point in the late morning, I woke up. I do that sometimes. I try to at least once a day. And, as I normally do when I wake, I opened my laptop to get to work. I’m a Mac user, so I use iChat for much of my online communications. The program auto-logs-me-on when the machine wakes up, and I noticed I had friends online I’d never seen before. Who was Spleak? Who was Prof Gilzot? Read More

  • CrunchArcade: Pedal to the Metal

    A sad yet simple fact of life is that most of us won’t ever own, let alone drive, a Ferrari or Porsche. That doesn’t keep us from feeling the need for speed, and wanting to floor it while behind the wheel of a high performance auto. Racing games are almost better than shooters in pushing the limits of video game design. These racing simulations really show off the fast moving… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Etched Edition

    Lebron Becomes Etch-A-Sketch Art
    Viral Marketing How-To-Not: Sony
    Need Laughs? Mega64 DVD Out In July
    Teen Stabs PS3 Burglar With Samurai Sword
    WiFi Equipped SD Cards Read More

  • Happy Birthday, TechCrunch

    Our godfather site, TechCrunch, is two years old and we here at CG want to thank Don Arringtono for making this one of the best ALMOST years — we’re one in August — of our lives. We may not always show it, but his hard work and trust in this little team makes us all feel great and it’s an honor to work under such a respected overseer. Thanks, Mike. Happy Second… Read More

  • Active Crystals: Philips and Swarovski Mashup

    We briefly take you away from your gadget-obsessed world to show you something new: these are called girls. You should find them outside your mom’s basement. Now back to your Xbox. Oh and they’re flossing the latest Active Crystal gear from Philips and Swarovski. Read More

  • Reef Babes On All Your Gadgets

    Reef is an innovative company in the world of flip-flops and now they’re getting into the Skins business. Yeah, I know, it’s 2007, but people are always looking for the hottest skins out there and these are it. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t want Miss Reef May on your Macbook because I’d have to call you a dirty liar and then slap you. Skins are available for a wide… Read More

  • Samsung Shipping 1TB HDD

    The Samsung we’ve all grown to love is making a strong push to put a foothold into the HDD market with a 1TB drive that is far more superior then anything else available. Poppycock, you say? Not at all. The SpinPoint F1 is the first to use three platters as opposed to the four platters that Hitachi and Seagate use in their 1TB drives. Three 334GB platters are driven by 7,200RPM motors… Read More

  • Apple To Support HD DVD in Leopard?

    Could Apple be throwing its support behind both Blu-ray and HD DVD? We already know that Apple is a member of the Blu-ray Disc Association, but according to a WWDC attendee’s post on the Mac Rumors forum, Leopard’s DVD player now has HD DVD settings in the preferences menu. Could someone please leak the new Leopard beta already? Pretty please? WWDC: Leopard Details [Mac Rumors via… Read More

  • Lebron Becomes Etch-A-Sketch Art

    Excited that the NBA Finals are finally here? I’m not, but that’s ok. It’s always a blast to watch LeBron pull off sweet moves. To celebrate Cleveland making it to the finals, the team contracted Etch-A-Sketch expert George Viosich to draw Number 23 (no, not Jordan) in all his basketball glory. The time-lapse video shows the five-hour period it took for Viosich to complete… Read More

  • Viral Marketing How-To-Not: Sony

    SCENE: Two Sony marketing folks in a conference room. One is languidly stroking a PS3. “Hey, Frank. We need to make some viral video. You know, to support Blu-Ray.”
    “I hear the director for our new commercials got really drunk and kept the cameras rolling. Most of the footage is garbage.”
    “That sounds great. Kids love crappy video.”
    “Ok, but the… Read More

  • Need Laughs? Mega64 DVD Out In July

    Anyone who plays video games must check out the team over at Mega64. These guys have been making hilarious video game skits for years with an incredible sense of humor. Now, instead of browsing their website for hours at a time to get your laugh on, you’ll be able to pop a DVD into your home theater system. The boys are releasing a Greatest Hits DVD and it looks to be a good one. The… Read More

  • SureFire Titan Flashlight

    The SureFire Titan is an LED flashlight that packs a blinding wallop. This tiny device features a variable-output LED that allows you to select light inputs between one and 30 lumens. To top that off, it is housed within a fine looking titanium canister. At least I think it’s fine looking. Maybe I’m distracted. Available now for the low, low price of $500. Product Page [via Uncrate] Read More

  • Unlocked iPhones Being Prepped

    Pure Mobile — don’t bother, the site is down — is claiming that they’ll have unlocked iPhone’s for sale, but I call complete BS on this. If the reports are true and only four million units are shipped, which equates to something like three iPhone’s per AT&T and Apple store, then Pure Mobile is doing some real heavy wheelin’ and dealin’… Read More

  • Wibree Joins The Bluetooth Family

    Bluetooth expands its realm of awesomeness with the inclusion of Nokia’s Wibree. The Wibree technology will now become the ultra low power Bluetooth spec. This in turn will boost Bluetooth’s Personal Area Networking for smaller devices to be used wirelessly. It’s been a long time coming as Wibree was first started in 2001. The first products to showcase Wibree’s… Read More

  • Video of Steve Jobs' WWDC 2007 Keynote Now Available

    If you spent your time yesterday under a rock (lol1) you would have missed Steve Jobs’ keynote. (Good thing, too, because it stunk.) But, for your viewing pleasure, Apple just posted the whole dog and pony show on its Web site. Relive great moments like, uh, when the EA guy comes out in his pajamas and describes Need For Speed: Carbon as a “car game” and when some… Read More

  • Safari's Porn Mode

    TUAW just dug up “private mode” in the new Safari 3 beta, a feature that deletes downloaded files, keeps no cookies, and doesn’t hold onto passwords or personal info. As someone who enjoys certain types of sites now and again — OK, every 15 minutes — it’s nice to know this is out there. It will definitely save on lawyer bills during the divorce… Read More

  • "Worst. Keynote. Ever!" T-Shirt: Take That, Steve Jobs

    Because Jobs’ keynote stunk to high heaven yesterday, this dude is going to cash in. A simple black t-shirt with the incredibly apt phrase “Worst. Keynote. Ever!” scrawled across the front. Just under $20 will land you a convenient, if not entirely played out, method of registering your disgust with WWDC 2007. Product Page [] Read More

  • CrunchDeal: Nyko iBoost Rechargeable Battery Pack for iPod

    We don’t normally tip you off on Woot deals, but this one was too good to pass up. iPods die at the most inopportune times and it really burns my biscuits because it’s happened to me too many times. Anyways, it’s Two for Tuesdays and up for grabs is a pair of Nyko iBoost Rechargeable Battery Packs for $19.99. As Borat would say: “That is quite a good deal and I think… Read More