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  • Patent Monkey: Tivo Locks, Takes Key to Your HD

    , TiVo describes use of an encryption key technique that has so many possible combinations that the ability to crack it could take billions of years of number crunching. TiVo has developed technology to create a link between a host and a local hard drive using an encryption key to lock down any access by you, the user, unless the code can be correctly identified. This concept builds upon… Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Mmm Food Edition

    NYC Taxis To Go High-Tech
    Pacemaker Pocket DJ Better Be Real ‘Cause I Needs to Mix
    Fabricate Tasty Objects Out Of Sugar
    Stupid Roomba Tricks
    Simpsonsizing The Xbox 360
    Details On The Simpsons Video Game Read More

  • Helio Ocean Now Available

    Just a quick heads-up: The Helio Ocean became available for purchase as of midnight EST. Those wishing to purchase the new device right this instant, visit or call 1-888-88-HELIO. If, however, you can wait until later in the day, it’ll be available through Helio retail stores. And next week it’ll spread to GameStop and EB Games locations. Read More

  • iPods Hate Old People

    Electronics put off electromagnetic radiation. I know, I know. It’s a shocker, who knew? Actually I guess anyone with an EMF Meter and some electronics. Hell you could use the EMF Meter to measure the flux density OF the EMF Meter. What is perhaps slightly disturbing is that these electromagnetic frequencies can interact with their surroundings — although even human beings radiate… Read More

  • AT&T Adds Multimedia Updates for the 8525

    AT&T thinks your smartphone needs more functionality, so it’s published an update to the popular 8525 that grants many multimedia features for free. Users now have access to XM Satellite Radio Mobile, push to talk, and Sex and the City. Truly an important download. All new 8525’s will have the update pre-loaded. What’s more, a free Windows Mobile 6 upgrade will be… Read More

  • Transformers in Hi-Rez: Megatron Still Looks Like Ass

    We’re all kinds of geared up for Transformers. Yah, we know, this isn’t a movie blog, but technically speaking, Transformers are gadgets, the giant robots or the action figures. They were the gateway toys for many of us, so we know you wanna know all about them. Ain’t It Cool clued me to some radness Michael Bay posted to his news blog: eight hi-rez images of my favorite… Read More

  • Brando Adds Bluetooth, Hub to USB Card Reader

    We talk about cellphones and smartphones and iPods and Zunes all the time, and sadly some gadgets that are really quite clever get shorted. That is why I’m bringing your blog-reading attention to the 55-in-1 Bluetooth-enabled Card Reader. It’s similar to most other USB card readers, except that it includes a USB 2.0 hub and grants your PC or Mac Bluetooth capabilities. Read More

  • MYST Goes Episodic With GameTap

    Long before there was that strange island on LOST, there was the strange island in the game MYST. Now after several sequels, a few more mysteries might just be solved as Myst Online: Uru Live transitions to an episodic model. Beginning May 19th all of the future episodes’ content and story – including objects, new Ages and even story revelations – will be released within… Read More

  • Giving Up on Microsoft

    In another charming tale, we learn that developers are pretty upset with .NET 3.0 and they’re even jumping ship, taking their mad skillz with them to Linux and other platforms. Fair enough. Ahem… I’ve spent the bulk of the last fifteen years developing some amount of reputation and expertise in the Microsoft universe, having published dozens of books and hundreds of… Read More

  • Sharp's EM-One is So Sexy it Hurts

    If you’ve not yet seen the EM-One from Sharp, take a minute out of your busy day to watch this brief video. Made for the Japanese market, this is the one Windows Mobile phone I’d go for. The 4-inch touchscreen aside, you’ve got a dual-sliding QWERTY keypad with media controls, HSDPA, a 1.3-Megapixel camera with flash, half a GB on-board memory, a 520-MHz processor and the… Read More

  • Nokia Offers A Little Green Fairy That Tells You To Unplug Your Phone

    Ok, maybe it’s not a little green fairy, but it is a notification that tells you to unplug your phone when its charged. They’re basically saying that this little notification will save save “enough electricity to power 85,000 homes a year.” It will appear in the 1200, 1208, and 1650 and is targeting India, China, and Latin America. Us Americans can suck up all the energy… Read More

  • Shot Guard Keeps Your Privates Private

    I might not realize the importance of Cramer’s latest product, the Shot Guard, but maybe it’s because I walk around my apartment naked. Regardless, the emergence of IR photography has led certain freaks and pedophiles to take unwanted pictures of female athletes and school children to see what their Momma gave them. Cramer has come to the rescue with IR blocking underwear so… Read More

  • Helio Ocean: The Review

    The Helio Ocean marks a sea change in the evolution of MVNOs. Previously allotted for a limited demographic, the Ocean signals a significant market expansion for the cellco youngster Helio. Aimed directly at the Sidekick crowd, the Ocean could be poised to erode some of T-Mobile’s bountiful cache of hip youngsters with cash to liquidate for cool technologies. Since it announced the… Read More

  • Life Without Google

    James Thomas decided he didn’t like what Google was doing to him — keeping track of his browsing habits, controlling his documents, threatening his family, peeing in his alley — so he decided to dump the company completely. The result? He discovered that Google is so amazingly ubiquitous — and resource unfriendly — that his productivity increase slightly but… Read More

  • Coconut 2.0 Video Review

    Awwww… Nicholas made me a beautiful birthday present! Read More

  • Zen Stone Video Review

    What do you get when you cross a Zen Stone with some Kenny G beats? Heck if I know, but this is what we have here. via GenerationMP3 Read More

  • Stupid Roomba Tricks

    Like Roombas? Want to see them singing and dancing? Hate your job and want to spend a few minutes watching videos? Yeah, thought you did. Feature: Top 5 Roomba Hacks [TechEBlog] Read More

  • Simpsonsizing The Xbox 360

    Just as we got done telling you about the new Simpsons game due out this year, Microsoft goes and spills the beans on a new limited-edition 360 due out this summer. This banana-yellow Simpsons 360 is the coolest looking console to date. Not only does it go along with the Simpsons’ movie release, but it has minor touches that really show the detail put into the console. Like… Read More

  • BuyMyBrokeniPod: Magically Transform Broken iPods Into Beer Money

    Gadget fiends like yourself probably have at least one broken iPod, so why not make a few pennies off it? BuyMyBrokeniPod promises to give you “top dollar” for your broken iPod, no matter what condition it’s in. Whether the battery is shot or you damaged the screen by putting it in a microwave trying to defraud Best Buy out of a new iPod (long story), the company will give… Read More

  • Helio Ocean Quick Look

    I’m not feeling very well today but I wanted to slap together this video of the Ocean as compared to other smartphones I had around the house. Take a gander. Read More