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  • Sonos Introduces Hot New Bundles, Gets Pandora

    Sonos today announced the availability of the $999 Bundle 130 (BU130). The bundle includes one Sonos ZonePlayer 80 (ZP80), one ZonePlayer 100 (ZP100) and one Controller 100 (CR100). The package will allow users to wirelessly stream music to two rooms and control it remotely using the awesome controller. Users can also opt to include a Loudspeaker 100, bringing the package total to $1,149. Read More

  • Yahoo! Go 2.0 Walkthrough

    I got the chance to play with the Symbian version of Yahoo Go, Yahoo’s standalone networked application that offers news, weather, traffic, and Yahoo! search from a handset. It’s fairly full-featured and even supports Yahoo mail. Read More

  • PS3 Gets 1.80 Firmwared

    Sony announced today details of it’s forthcoming 1.80 firmware for the PlayStation 3. The update will include: 1080p upscaling for DVDs, PS2 and PS1 games PSP remote Internet play DLNA media center connectivity Epson photo printing It is expected to be available around May 24. Firmware 1.80 [PS3 Fanboy] Read More

  • GPS + GSM = TXT MSG Fear

    While it’s called the “Freedom”, this GPS unit has the ability to curtail just that. By combining a standard GPS tracking unit with a tri-band GSM radio, the Freedom can send text messages to a specified phone number at the touch of a button. Or, theoretically, when a certain area is left. Stalkertastic! It’s still new and is being marketed as a lifesaving device, but… Read More

  • The Wii Eats It: The Truth Can Finally Be Told

    I’m trying to like the Wii. I tried my hardest to love Super Paper Mario. But this image essentially sums up my opinion of the game, the platform, and the other games available, including Zelda. Please, Nintendo. Please. Stop it. Treat me like I have a brain. I’m so tired of “whimsical” being equated to “mythic” and “classic characters” becoming… Read More

  • Crumpler Beer for Bags 2007

    The video shows last year’s B4B event. Look at all that beer! I love Crumpler almost as much as I love beer. So imagine for a moment, the complete unfettered excitement I feel as the 2nd annual Crumpler Beer for Bags event approaches. The concept is simple (and beautiful): you bring Crumpler beer and it’ll give you one of its fine ass bags. According to the hypnotist snail one case… Read More

  • Gadget Holster: Bring Out Your Inner "Nerdy Harry"

    While I agree that pocket bloat is a problem that needs a solution, the gadget holster is not it. In short, it’s a belt that has a bag attached with pockets for your iPod, cellphone, memory stick, pride, virginity, etc. Not to sound all erudite, but didn’t we used to call these fanny packs? For serious, this is worse than wearing your phone on your belt. And yes, wearing your phone… Read More

  • SD Zabady Waterproof DAP: Shower Time Fun, Some Kind of Pun

    I guess summertime in the North brings about an influx of waterproof gadgets. Japan’s latest is the SD Zabady from Twin Bird, a waterproof digital audio player that sticks to the basics in order to bring you, the customer, a pleasurable waterproof experience. Its built-in 128MB of storage is offset by the inclusion of an SD card slot, bringing its total capacity up to a more mainstream… Read More

  • Roll Shades: You Know You Want Them (If You're 10)

    The Roll Shades aren’t just convenient, they’re badass. Collapsable sunglasses have been around since the ’80s, which is when these were apparently designed. Unlike most collapsable sunglasses, these Durkl Roll Shades don’t require a fancy faux-leather bag to be retained. Instead they become a wristband when not on your noggin. Uh, ok. Besides being a dork for… Read More

  • Chestnut Hill George Review

    The George by Chestnut Hill Sound is one of the more ambitious entries into the iPod accessory field. With the iPod dock on top of the unit, the George is similar in size to the I-Sonic or Bose Wave but it is especially for iPods. The white audio system weighs 10 pounds and has four internal speakers and a subwoofer. It features a faceplate that comes off and becomes the remote control. Read More

  • Casio G'zOne Type-S Sounds Like A Pasta Dish

    Those of you who are rugged lumberjacks out there will be happy to know that Verizon will be releasing an updated version of Casio’s rugged phone, the G’zOne. Dubbed the G’zOne Type-S, this phone not only is tough and sounds like a bad italian dish, it also features a round, rubber antenna to pick up chicks with. For a rugged phone though, the Type-S has a pretty nice design. Read More

  • Google Wants to Give Advice Based on Its Database of You

    “Should I take Company A’s job offer or Company B’s? Man, Company C’s offer is nice, too. Google, help me! Make important life decisions for me!” That’s the type of scenario that one of Google’s co-founders dreams of. One day, he wants Google to have enough of your personal information so that the search engine will, essentially, be able to give… Read More

  • XM Offering Credit For Downtime

    You may have heard that XM was down for almost a whole day and then it came back online. When a service you shell out money for on a monthly basis goes down, you’d obviously expect a credit of some sort to occur so that subscribers don’t go canceling their subscriptions. Luckily, XM is smart enough to know this and is offering two-days of credit to subscribers. If you want to get… Read More

  • Guitar Hero 3 Details Announced

    The upcoming Guitar Hero 3 is sure to be another hit in the franchise with all sorts of new features, ‘face-melting’ tracks, and controllers. The first time I played Guitar Hero I embarrassed myself and almost ran out of Best Buy crying. Anyways, the latest and greatest will be released on all major platforms with the addition of some downloadable content. A few of the key new… Read More

  • New Macbook Pro And/Or iMac At WWDC

    Another week, another big Apple rumor. This one stems from the upcoming WWDC, which starts next month. Analysts say that Steve Jobs will debut a new version of the iMac and a new Macbook Pro during the conference. Though the Macbook Pro I don’t see being updated for a little longer, the iMac is definitely in need of an overhaul. Rumor has it that the new design will be thinner and… Read More

  • Memorex To Public: Quit Huffing Our Products

    I know kids will ingest a lot of dumb stuff, but I didn’t know cans of air duster were on the list. It is an aerosol-based product though, and Memorex, makers of the Air Duster line of compressed-gas cleaner wants to help keep the kids off the drugs, so it’s adding bitterant to the products to “discourage potential abusers from “huffing” by making the contents… Read More

  • Monster Cable iFreePlay Headphones For iPod Shuffle: No Cordszomg!1

    Monster Cable, the company that charges insane amounts of money for copper wires, actually came up with a fine idea for its iFreePlay headphones, silly name notwithstanding. The ‘phones are designed for the second generation iPod shuffle and connect directly to the diminutive portable audio player. That means there’s no cords to deal with, something that joggers will no doubt… Read More

  • Second Life! Fox News! Sex! Stalking! Terrorism!

    British and Belgian police are closing in on a terrorist organization called Second Life where innocent women — and, potentially, men — could be stalked by people who are interested in sexually assaulting them and your teenagers. Murdoch’s hard hitting paper, the Times of London, has the full story. Read More

  • Pandora Shows Off Streaming Prototype, Someone Better Tell Sansa!

    Looks like Sansa’s Connect is essentially an OEM product out of Taiwan because Pandora is showing off a rebadged device to showcase its wireless streaming products. No real information on this thing, but TechCrunch got some screenshots and pictures. I wouldn’t expect Pandora to actually launch this device — it’s a proof of concept, kind of like the Music Gremlin… Read More

  • Sony Says Maybe To 80GB PS3 For U.S.

    So what, Sony will sell an 80GB PS3 in South Korea starting next month. Big deal. What about those of us in the United States of America? Well, Sony just hinted that it’s considering selling the 80GB model here and elsewhere. Apparently Sony will decide whether or not to introduce the big boy in different markets on a market-by-market basis. Hence, we still see the 20GB PS3 on sale in… Read More