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  • Really Hot New DS Lite Colors: Metallic Rose and Glossy Silver

    Nintendo of Japan will release Metallic Rose and Glossy Silver DS Lites on June 23. That makes seven colors that you can find the DS Lite in over there. I was a dope and bought the white one when it first launched here, but I had my eye on this one before it went out of stock. Read More

  • Google Maps Intros Street View

    Just as Microsoft gets done releasing those 3D, photo renditions of major cities on its Live Search Maps, in comes Google to shake the competition up a bit. This new street view Google is offering is only available in parts of NYC, San Francisco, Denver, Las Vegas, and Miami. Of course in time, most major cities and eventually all of the world will be available at street level. The interface… Read More

  • Samsung Introduces 4GB Memory Chip

    (Sung to the tune of Emerson, Lake & Palmer’s “Karn Evil 9 – 1st Impression (Part 2)“) Welcome back my friends
    To the show that never ends
    We’re so glad you could attend
    Come inside, come inside Read More

  • Venzero Slickr PMP: It's All Screen

    From Venzero, the company you’ve never heard of, comes the Slickr (the Slickr?), a flash-based portable media player where the main attraction is its diminutive 2.83-inch widescreen display. It’s able to display 1.6 million colors, more than enough for the AVI videos you can load onto it. The rest is fairly basic: MP3/WMA/WAV compatible, JPEG picture viewing, voice recorder, etc. Read More

  • Breaking: CBS Buys

    Some breaking news just in from the wire. CBS has purchased for $280 million in cash. With more than 15 million active users, myself included, is well worth the money with all the rich features it offers. CBS has said it plans on turning the site from a content-based site to an audience-based one. What that exactly means is beyond me, so I suppose in time we’ll see… Read More

  • LG Patents MP3-playing Washing Machine

    The next time you go shopping for a new washer, you may care to inquire about LG’s upcoming washing machine that can play MP3s. LG has just patented the world’s first MP3-playing washing machine and I’m sure anyone who, you know, washes their clothing is jumping for joy. Why such a big deal? Go do some laundry and listen to the machine for a few minutes. That droning… Read More

  • iTunes 7.2 Out Now

    The start of a DRM-free music revolution has arrived. Well, maybe not a revolution, but at least a new version of iTunes. Version 7.2 brings a new feature called “iTunes Plus” to the table. Purchasing a song with iTunes Plus enabled allows you to purchase DRM-free, 256Kbps AAC tracks from the iTMS. You can set it on or off in your iTunes preferences. Excited? Ease up, Tiger. Read More

  • Daily Crunch: Pole Position Edition

    It Hurts So Good: Homemade Microwave Guns
    Malaysian Theaters Go Stealth
    Linux Indy Car Just Plain Sucks
    When CD Players and Phonographs Collide
    Locate and Control Your Whip From Anywhere Read More

  • Microsoft Mystery Solved: It's 'Surface'

    As of 12:01 EST, we know the identity of Microsoft’s mystery guest. It seems that Redmond is launching Surface — an interactive “desk” that can sense styli and objects and interact with other devices using RFID and other wireless protocols. Told ya so. It will be available in Harrahs and Starwood Casinos as well as in select T-Mobile stores. That’s right &mdash… Read More

  • Teh.Be$T.Kommenter.Evar

    Good evening, folks. From here on out we’ll be posting the top three comments from the day for your enjoyment. My personal favorite came from Anton in regards to VV’s Longhorn Lives! post this morning. Keep on truckin’ because there are two more! I think I got about 142 Kb downloaded before I realized “Wait a minute. I don’t want this.” Then I stopped… Read More

  • Microsoft's Mystery Product: Game Table? Yah, Probably

    Gizmodo’s got word that Microsoft will be releasing “something totally new coming out of the Entertainment and Devices division, and it’s going to change the way people interact with technology.” At first we thought it might be the watermelon Zune Phone, but then we started asking around. Three different internal MS worker bees mentioned it’s likely a game… Read More

  • Nokia 8600 Hands-On

    T3, still apparently the worlds No. 1 gadget mag, has posted a video review of the Nokia 8600 Luna. It features a 2-megapixel camera, 1GB of internal storage and an OLED display. All of which is tucked sexily into a sliding body and it has… oh, what the hell, just watch the bloody video. First video: Nokia 8600 Luna hands on [T3 via Gizmodo] Read More

  • When CD Players and Phonographs Collide

    Here’s an exotic prototype CD player in the shape of a phonograph. (This was actually created and not merely a render.) The designer, Yong Jieyu, dissembled a CD player and put the necessary components back together in the shape of a phonograph. Complete and utter madness, I know. The laser pickup is where the needle would be on a standard phono. Generally this is OK, but the oddball… Read More

  • Locate and Control Your Whip From Anywhere

    Before the glitz and glamour of the smartphones (I secretly hate) and other cool stuff (crap) I’ve embraced from the gadget/gear world I used to fuss around with cars. Say what you will about the Fast and The Furious hoopla from yesteryear, but modding Civic’s, Jetta’s, Golf’s and old 3-series Beemer’s was a lot of fun. Sure, I wasted a few thousand dollars on… Read More

  • Denon and Boston Announce MakeShifters Contest

    Boston Acoustics and Denon Electronics today announced a collaborative contest that will give one extremely lucky person an extreme home theater makeover featuring electronics, furniture and installation worth more than $17,000. The criteria of the contest are thus: Read More

  • European Project Attempts to Put a Man-made Cerebellum in a Robot

    While robots aren’t my “thing,” I do appreciate the never-ending march of science. (Well, not really, but it’s irrelevant in any case.) In Europe they’ve got a little robot project thing set up called Sensopac, where one of the goals is to implant a man-made cerebellum into a robot. (The cerebellum controls movement.) The point of implanting a cerebellum into a… Read More

  • Wii Controller Hacked for 360

    One diligent gamer with a surplus of time on his hands has modded a Wii controller to work on an Xbox 360. Don’t get to excited though, at present only the directional pad and buttons work, so no clumsy accelerometer action for your and your 360. sir crx hacks wii controller for 360 [technabob] Read More

  • Linux Indy Car Just Plain Sucks

    While Linux may not suck, its official Indy car definitely does. A group of hopeful, brash Linux users got together for the Tux 500 campaign to raise enough money to slap a Tux sticker on the front of an Indy car. Sure enough, the dorks succeeded and managed to get car #77 to put the sticker on the front. Shortly after the Indianapolis 500 began on Sunday, the car crashed and took an… Read More

  • Nintendo Says It May Buck the 5-6 Year Console Cycle With Wii

    Nintendo knows it’s got a winner on its hands with the Wii and now it looks like the company is starting to project some hubris. George Harrison, the head of marketing for Nintendo of America, says Sony screwed up by releasing a PlayStation 3 that’s simply too expensive for what it does. Hence, as Harrison points out, Sony is still selling a large number of PS2s. Read More

  • Apple Says Don't Buy From iTMS, World In Shock

    Call my title a tad-bit deceiving, but it is true. Apple is telling iPod owners not to buy audiobooks from the iTunes Music Store. The reason? A glitch in audiobooks being sold on iTMS is not letting files playback on an iPod. They work fine in iTunes, but throw them on your iPod and no dice. Apple is currently refunding anyone who purchased an audiobook and is telling customers to relax while… Read More