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Fintech is transforming the world’s oldest asset class: Farmland

While farmland is among the oldest investment classes around, the average investor hasn’t had access to farmland the way that billionaires and institutional investors have. That's changing.

Meet retail’s new sustainability strategy: Personalization

Reducing waste is key to meeting environmental milestones, and some retail firms have narrowed in on a unique approach to minimize what their customers throw away: personalization.

To commercialize, voice tech must first solve its ‘cocktail party problem’

Our voice technologies have not been engineered to confront the messiness of the real world or the cacophony of our actual lives.

Tracking startup focus in the latest Y Combinator cohort

First, some housekeeping: Thanks to our new corporate parents, TechCrunch has the day off tomorrow, so consider this the last chapter of The Exchange for this week. (The newsletter will go out Saturda

Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 21 Demo Day, Part 2

From beaming actors into the class room to plucking things out of space, the second day of Y Combinator’s S21 Demo Day was a fresh snapshot of what nearly 200 startup teams believe is the future of

What Amplitude’s choice to direct list says about its products, growth and value

The recent round followed by a quick direct listing means that we'll be able to mock Sequoia if Amplitude winds up worth more than $4.15 billion when it floats.

Our favorite startups from YC’s Summer 21 Demo Day, Part 1

These startups made us do a double take, be it due to the size of the market opportunity, the ambition exhibited by the founding team or an idea that was just too clever to pass up.

Inside Freshworks’ IPO filing

Let's dig into the company's historical growth, track Freshworks' changing profitability profile and check to see if its revenue quality is improving over time.

Lessons from COVID: Flexible funding is a must for alternative lenders

Alternative lending is any lending that occurs outside of a conventional financial institution. These lenders offer different types of loans such as lines of credit, microloans and equipment financing

5 takeaways from Toast’s S-1 filing

Startup founders, take a minute to track Toast's revenue growth per category over time. Sometimes diversified offense is functional defense, it turns out.

Corporate venture capital follows the same trend as other VC markets: Up

We’ve seen non-venture funds flow into the later stages of startup land, pushing VCs toward earlier-stage and more venture-y deals. Why would CVCs be immune to the same trend?

Forbes jumps into hot media liquidity summer with a SPAC combo

Is it the most exciting debut? No. But it does highlight that with enough gumption, one can take a magazine business into the digital age and keep aggregate revenue growing. That's worth something.

Israel’s maturing fintech ecosystem may soon create global disruptors

What is it about Israeli-founded fintech startups that stand out from their scaling neighbors across the pond?

Europe’s quick-commerce startups are overhyped: Lessons from China

More than 10 companies currently compete across Europe with an instant grocery delivery business model. Half of them were established in 2020, the year of the pandemic.

D2C specs purveyor Warby Parker files to go public

Warby Parker has two main sales channels, largely attractive economics, falling losses and rising adjusted profitability. You could even argue it handled the pandemic well. So what's it worth? 

OpenSea UX teardown: 3 key takeaways

NFT marketplace OpenSea hit a $1.5 billion valuation this year, raising from Andreessen Horowitz, Kevin Durant and Ashton Kutcher. But is the experience of creating and selling an NFT on OpenSea any g

Ramp and Brex draw diverging market plans with M&A strategies

From a high level, all of the recent deal-making in corporate cards and spend management shows that it’s not enough to just help companies track what employees are expensing these days.

Back to the suture: The future of healthcare is in the home

In-home care is nothing new. In the 1930s, over 40% of physician-patient encounters took place in the home, but by the 1980s, that figure dropped to under 1%.

Future tech exits have a lot to live up to

Investors appear to be betting that the future IPO market will accelerate at attractive prices. Otherwise, none of what we are seeing regarding the rising price of startups makes sense.

Zūm CEO Ritu Narayan explains why equity and accessibility works for mobility services

Getting children to school safely is a challenge nearly as old as public education. But rarely have entrepreneurs tackled the problem of updating and optimizing one of our largest transit systems.
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