Despite flat growth, ride-hailing colossus Didi’s US IPO could reach $70B

Didi filed to go public in the United States last night, providing a look into how the Chinese ride-hailing company's business weathered the pandemic.

Insurtech is hot on both sides of the Atlantic

We spoke with a number of VCs from Europe to hear their perspectives on what’s happening on the ground, including folks from Accel, and Insurtech Gateway.

This SPAC is betting that a British healthcare company can shake up the US market

You have questions. I have questions. We'll get to some answers.

Xometry is taking its excess manufacturing capacity business public

Let's take a closer look at the S-1 filed by Xometry, a Maryland-based service that connects companies with manufacturers with excess production capacity around the world.

3 lessons we learned after raising $6.3M from 50 investors

There isn’t one right way to raise capital, and authenticity above all is what will make your round a successful one.

Confluent’s IPO brings a high-growth, high-burn SaaS model to the public markets

Confluent became the latest company to announce its intent to take the IPO route, officially filing its S-1 paperwork with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission this week. The company, which has

Opting for a debt round can take you from Series A startup to Series B unicorn

For many early startups, debt financing is not an option. If companies want to preserve equity, however, debt can be an advantageous choice.

Doximity’s S-1 may explain why healthcare exits are heating up

By generating lots of cash and profit, Doximity hasn't raised a round since 2014.

Dismantling the myths around raising your first check

While VC is the flashy gold medal sometimes, the rapid growth of emerging fund managers means that your first check can be piecemealed together from a variety of different sources.

Acorns’ SPAC listing depicts a consumer fintech business with a SaaSy revenue mix

Acorns feels like a company going public a year or two early, which is a bit of the point of SPACs, frankly.

Flywire’s flotation suggests the IPO slowdown is behind us

The Flywire IPO is neat from a financial perspective and notable in that it's a Boston exit as opposed to yet another New York or San Francisco-based flotation.

Dogs of Lordstown

Lordstown is not the only SPAC that is going to see some daylight between its pitch and its performance. But it's a pretty stark reminder that SPAC decks are sales pitches, not promises.

When to walk away from a VC who wants to invest in your startup

I’ve experienced enough of the funding game to know that if you fail to spot the warning signs, you’ll live to regret it.

Zeta Global’s IPO filing uncovers modest growth, strong adjusted profitability

With a rising adjusted EBITDA result and improving adjusted EBITDA margins, Zeta has a profit story to tell investors along with possibly accelerating revenue growth.

As Zynga impresses, rival mobile-gaming shop Jam City looks to list via SPAC

This morning, we're looking at the Jam City deal to merge with DPCM Capital. Jam City is a bit like Zynga, but unless you are a mobile-gaming aficionado, you might not have heard of it.

Investors help Procore build a decacorn valuation in public debut

Procore is thus being valued like a high-growth, high-margin software company, but it is not one that anticipates a rapid ramp to profitability.

Robinhood’s epic Q1 growth explains its fundraising boom

Each month in Robinhood's Q1 2021 produced more PFOF revenues than its entire year-ago quarter in aggregate.

5 innovative fundraising methods for emerging VCs and PEs

Approaching institutions to raise capital for your venture capital or private equity fund is relatively transparent, but what if you’re targeting family offices and high-net-worth individuals?

Inside Marqeta’s fascinating fintech IPO

Marqeta has long been a fintech darling, but it's less well-known than other companies in its sector due to its infrastructure nature.

Fast growth pushes an unprofitable no-code startup into the public markets: Inside’s IPO filing

The countdown to this IPO filing has been ticking for several quarters, so seeing the document drop on a Monday morning was just good fun.
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