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The Cross Chain Coalition Web3 Demo Day

January 11, 2023

The Cross Chain Coalition Kicks Off Inaugural Web3 Demo Day

Despite the current bear market in the Web3 space, hundreds of companies and thousands of individuals are still hard at work building something meaningful. To showcase these individuals, The Cross Chain Coalition Demo Day will highlight more than 12 projects working across infrastructure, defi, NFT, and gaming. Want to join the discussion with some of the finest up and coming Web3 founders? Grab a ticket and tune in on January 11th to see what’s up-and-coming in the fastest growing industry ever. Registration is free!


Infrastructure is key to enabling developers with the tools they need to the build future of web3. Whether it’s onramp solutions or price feeds, each infra dApp is just as critical as the next.


DeFi is eating the financial world right now. From solving traditional capital inefficiencies to empowering a whole new class of investors, DeFi is a core pillar of the future financial markets.


NFTs have come a long way from BAYC and people are paying millions to own a part of the new internet. Whether art, music, digital land, or tradable planets — NFTs are becoming the zeitgeist of the future


They say the best way to learn something is make it fun – and that’s what gaming is doing for web3. Gaming applications could be the key to onboard the next billion web3 users.


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