Building a better mobility fintech startup with Rachel Holt (Construct Capital) + Kevin Bennett


Kevin Bennett started his auto financing company in 2016. It started as MotoRefi, and rebranded in early 2022 to Caribou. But the mission remains: Transforming consumers’ financial relationship with their cars. Since the founding, Bennett has raised $74 million for the company, including early angel funding from Rachel Holt. At the time, she was a rising executive in Uber — a post she left in 2020 when she co-founded Construct Capital. Hear how Bennett pitched early investors, and what investors like Holt can provide to mobility companies.


Raise capital from non-traditional investors with Frederic Kerrest (Okta) + Mathilde Collin (Front)

Front’s cap table reads like an honor role of investors. CEO and co-founder Mathilde Collin raised funds from numerous Silicon Valley firms and individual investors.One of those VCs is also speaking on the episode. Frederic Kerrest led Front’s $59 million Series C. He’s also the co-founder and COO of Okta, and a senior adviser to Blackstone’s growth fund.

Hear how Deel raised $629M without a pitch deck

Alex Bouaziz co-founded Deel after running into major hurdles hiring remote workers for another venture. Since its founding in 2018, the company has raised $629 million. We hope you’ll tune into the April 20 episode of TechCrunch Live to hear from Alex and Anish Acharya, general partner at a16z and the lead investor on Deel’s Series A. We’re excited to hear how Deel pitched itself to a16z and what lessons Bouaziz and Acharya learned along the way.