Startup Exhibitors

Astrum Drive Technologies
At Astrum Drive Technologies we merge science and technology.

Innovations Health Systems, LLC
Our approach is critical to long-term human health & fitness in MGE

JELLYSPACE removes the entry barriers into the space industry by allowing companies, Startups and organizations to share and access Intellectual Property in safe and secure manner.

Morpheus Space
Morpheus Space is redefining satellite propulsion, serving as the support for those innovators chasing the exciting dream of space exploration.

Nooroot Inc.
Nooroot is a deep-tech company which offers unique data analysis and visualization capabilities inspired by theoretical physics and pure mathematic principles such as the Superstring theory. Our platform technology enables us to unify, analyze, and visualize streaming aeronautical data as well as terrestrial data from any source/sensor in real-time transparently and sustainably.

Plasmos Inc
Reusable last mile delivery for satellites with a unique propulsion system

TRL11, Inc
We make space become more than just mature (TRL9), we make it become mainstream, (TRL11).

Vermeer builds vision based Mixed Reality & AI Enabled Visualization and Command and Control navigation systems for GPS denied and degraded environments. Our solution works on ground vehicles, mobile devices, aircraft, and sUAS.