Justification Letter

You’ve made a great choice by deciding to attend TC Sessions: Enterprise on September 5 in San Francisco. But upper management, well, they might need some convincing. Fortunately, we make that part easy.

Below, we’ve provided a Business Justification Letter template. It’s a breakdown of the Conference’s key selling points and other details we think will show your boss how beneficial the Conference is to you and your organization. Simply copy and paste this letter into an email, and you’ll be one step closer to your front row seat.

You can also download a fillable PDF of the letter right here.

Subject: Request To Attend TechCrunch Sessions: Enterprise 2019



I am pleased to have the opportunity to ask for approval to attend TC Sessions: Enterprise in partnership with SAP on September 5 in San Francisco, CA. I would like to attend the 1-day conference to gain insight into the current top enterprise news, companies, trends and technology demos that the day will hold.

The Session is a full day of interviews with enterprise software leaders, rising founders, and VCs that are ahead of the game as well as breakout sessions, exhibiting startups, and networking opportunities.

Speakers Include:

Aaron Levie, Co-Founder & CEO (Box)

Aparna Sinha, Director, Product Management for Kubernetes & Anthos (Google).

George Brady, CTO (Capital One)
Jim Clarke, Director of Quantum Hardware (Intel)
Scott Farquhar, Co-founder & Co-CEO (Atlassian)

Attending this event will offer choices between different breakout sessions during the day and main stage programming. I will also be presented with access to key sponsors, startups, and attendees at this event through TechCrunch’s networking app at the event.

Here is an approximate breakdown of the cost of just my own attendance

Registration Fee:

* dependent on the ticket purchase date


I believe the insights gained at this event will greatly benefit us for both information gained and contacts made. I am willing to compile a report of the conference to share with colleagues or schedule a meeting to cover speaker presentations, workshop notes, new product information, and contacts of key personnel from the event as well as ideas and proposals for implementation that I may develop at TC Sessions: Enterprise. 

Thank you for considering this request.