Call for Content

February 27 – April 21 – Call for Content Open

April 27 – Finalists Notified

May 1 – May 12 – Audience Choice Voting

May 15 – Winners Notified

If you’re selected as a finalist, you will move on to participate in the Audience Choice selection process. During Audience Choice, TechCrunch readers will vote on the sessions they most want to see at Disrupt. Only the top most voted sessions will make the final cut to present at Disrupt.

Can I start, stop, and then come back to complete my application?

All applications need to be completed in one sitting. Please look at the application for the questions and collect your responses ahead of time before submitting.

Do I need to submit a session title/session description with my application?

Yes, all applicants will need to supply a proposed session title and session description with their speaker application. This helps the TechCrunch team identify what you want to talk about and if you’d be a good fit for the show.

What are the session title/session description character limits?

Your session title should be no more than the size of a tweet – 125 characters (including spaces) – and gives a succinct and catchy title of what attendees can expect at the session. Your session description should be in no more than 150 words (so make sure it’s concise with clear value proposition and what the audience would take away). For descriptions, DO NOT focus on speaker bio info/credentials.

I am having trouble coming up with topic ideas, any suggestions?

Breakouts/roundtables are specifically designed to provide clear and actionable takeaways for attendees. Focus on the unique value/insights that you can provide to attendees that they can apply to their business immediately. Check out last year’s Disrupt agenda to see what’s previously been featured.

Our audience is all about startups – we suggest you keep away from large enterprise-team topics. We also have 6 vertical tracks built into Disrupt.

What’s the difference between a Roundtable and a Breakout?

Breakout – A 30 minute presentation followed by 20 minutes of Q&A from an audience of up to 100 attendees. You’ll present one breakout during Disrupt.

Roundtable – A 30 minute interactive conversation for an audience of up to 25 attendees. There is no presentation, this is where you can lead an engaging conversation with like-minded attendees. Roundtable leaders will repeat their roundtable two times during Disrupt.

Can I have other people co-present/moderate with me?

For breakouts, you can identify up to 1 additional person to lead the session with you. You’ll submit the information for this person during your application.

For roundtables, since it’s there is no additional co-presenter. It’s for one roundtable leader only.

If my additional breakout session co-presenter/moderator drops, can I replace them?

Yes, we understand that things can shift quickly. However, any new/replacement co-presenters would need to be approved by TechCrunch.

Can I apply for both a roundtable and a breakout?

No, you’ll need to apply for one or the other. Your session content should be built with the format of each session in mind.

What’s Audience Choice?

If TechCrunch selects your session as a finalist, you’ll become part of the Audience Choice program. During Audience Choice, TechCrunch readers will vote on the sessions they most want to see at Disrupt from the finalist list. Only the top most voted sessions will be selected to actually present at Disrupt. TechCrunch will provide finalists with a marketing packet so you can encourage your followers to participate.

Can I make any changes to my application once submitted?

No, once your application has been submitted we cannot make additional changes.

Are these recorded and/or broadcast?

No, these roundtables and breakouts are not recorded nor are they broadcast.

What tech is provided?

For breakouts, you will be able to display a presentation and have limited AV capabilities

For roundtables, there is NO tech/AV provided (screens, projections, etc.). This is all about conversation.

I am a PR rep/marketing person and am nominating several speakers from my company/firm, do I need to fill out the form multiple times?

Yes, you’ll need to complete the application form for each speaker nominee.

My speaker application was rejected, can you tell me why?

Due to the number of applications, we cannot supply individualized feedback on rejected applications.

Who reviews the speaker applications?

TechCrunch’s programming committee reviews all speaker applications.

I have other questions, who should I ask?

Email with any questions you have.