Startup Battlefield

Startup Battlefield brings the world’s top early-stage startups together on one stage to compete for equity-free prize money and the attention of media and investors worldwide. The judges include TechCrunch editors as well as top VCs and entrepreneurs, and past winners include names like Vurb, Dropbox, Mint, Yammer, and many more. Participation is entirely free and open. Startup Battlefield winners receive $100,000 at TechCrunch Disrupt 2021.


Adventr is an API-first, no-code, smart media platform which enables creators to easily design and share interactive video experiences across existing social channels, embeds and enterprise players. Creators see engagement up to 13X that of basic video in their existing distribution channels by using Adventr’s patented touch and voice-powered video technology along with a robust suite of user engagement analytics.
Carbix transforms CO2 emissions into raw materials for building products. Our proprietary technology is a modular ,fast batch photolytic reactor that utilizes point source and direct air capture CO2 emissions along with mineral feedstock to synthesize materials for cement/concrete products, as well other industrial products. Our process is net zero and net negative emissions, allowing us to generate salable carbon credits.
Cellino is on a mission to make personalized, autologous cell therapies accessible for patients. Stem cell-derived regenerative medicines will cure some of the toughest diseases within this decade, including Parkinson’s, diabetes, and heart disease. Patient-specific cells provide the safest, most effective cures. Cellino’s platform uses AI-guided lasers to make personalized regenerative medicines at scale for the first time. Cellino was a Wild Card selected participant.
Enlight amplifies student voices and showcases their uniqueness – enabling educators to understand, teach, and impact their students in new deep and quantifiable ways.
EyeGage increases the speed and accuracy of drug detection with computer vision analysis of the eye. EyeGage uses machine learning techniques based on pupil size, sclera color, involuntary twitching, and pupil reaction time to 1) detect substances, 2) measure substance concentration, and 3) assess substance-induced impairment. EyeGage allows communities to stay ahead of accidents with confidence, which saves time, money, and lives.
FLITE appliees patented laser techniques to sculpt microscopic textures on any product. Without changing the fundamental properties of metal, glass, plastic, and other materials, our technique creates a surface that cleans and protects itself without a coating. FLITE’s technique promises to extend the life of products dramatically, slash costs, and avoid using billions of gallons of toxic chemicals for protection and cleaning.
Happaning lets you watch an event from any perspective, at any time, and from anywhere in one immersive navigable experience. Happaning was a Wild Card selected participant.
HerVest is a women-focused, inclusive fintech platform enabling women to participate in key financial services; savings, fund transfers, impact investment and credit specifically credit for small-holder female farmers.
Knight by Keep Technologies is a smart device platform for car security & safety. Deters car theft and break-ins, controls who can access the car and when, and tracks where the car goes and for how long. Easily monitor drivers to determine if they are driving unsafely or if they are in an accident or collision.
Koa is building a Digital Bank that provides Financial Services that are transparent, accessible, and flexible. Across Africa, 800 million people lack access to Financial Services, and $80 billion dollars are currently being saved under the mattress, and with informal saving groups – Koa addresses this market. Kia tackles the savings space first, allowing customers to deposit, save and earn interest on their money.
Luos is an open-source project working on “how to bring modularity and flexibility to embedded systems”. Luos is a real-time orchestrator and toolchain for distributed architectures to easily design, test and deploy embedded applications, like SpaceX, Tesla, or Dyson do.
Nth Cycle is a metal processing technology company, that works with battery recyclers and miners to recover production-grade critical minerals from end-of-life batteries and mining waste. Our electro-extraction technology—an alternative to the environmentally un-friendly status quo—enables low-cost, clean recovery of the critical minerals needed for new lithium-ion batteries to power our clean energy future. Learn more at
Prenome is transforming women’s health with personalized diagnostics and digital health tools. Our tests combine genetics and social determinants of health to help users evaluate their risk for women’s health conditions. The myPrenome platform decodes results to provide customized data-driven actions to change risk outcomes.
Scalable, complete Cultured Meat production systems to tackle global sustainability challenges
RoboDeck is developing an autonomous robotic solution for wooden deck maintenance. The robot carries out the grunt work of cleaning and staining the deck, similar to robotic vacuum cleaners.
The robot uses a proprietary stain capsule each time it operates.
StethoMe provides a better and safer life for children suffering from chronic respiratory diseases, especially asthma. StethoMe instantly detects sounds characteristic of asthma and bronchitis / pneumonia at home and enables sharing results with a doctor. Helps parents make informed decisions faster and children to recover faster.
Tatum makes blockchain development simple, democratizing blockchain and providing the best developer experience possible. With the Tatum framework, developers can build apps in hours and without any previous blockchain experience. Supporting over 40 blockchains protocols, Tatum brings blockchain interoperability to the unparallel level.
Designed after a dog’s olfactory system and olfactory neurons, The Blue Box is an under-development AI-powered medical device aimed at in-home breast cancer testing in a non-invasive, non-irradiating, inexpensive, specific and user-friendly way… Just by introducing a urine sample in a BOX!
Tide is a transformative deeptech startup, developing a TRUE-zero-trust technology that unlocks cyber-herd immunity – the only cure for the breach pandemic. Founded by a team seasoned in cyber-intelligence, bleeding-edge research and enterprise software, backed by a world-class advisory of veterans from tech, business, politics and cryptography.
Verdi is building the technology that enables farmers to customize nutrition for every plant, helping crops reach their optimum potential no matter what climate, terrain, and soil they grow in. It allows farmers to augment their existing farm infrastructure with massive swarms of smart actuators that enable location-specific delivery of water, fertilizer, and other inputs.


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