Startup Alley

3D Planeta

The world’s most advanced 3D visualization of land and sea, increasing situational awareness needed to make faster, safer decisions for emergency response and land exploration.


Allthenticate offers a single solution for both physical access control and digital authentication, replacing legacy systems such as keys, passwords, smartcards (and credit cards), and other hardware tokens with a single, secure smartphone app.


We are the Stripe for Blockchain. Enable our customers accept crypto or NFT payment by itergrating our APIs.


Bestmap combines 25+ mobility / travel apps in one app and allows users to pay for all tickets, rent cars, order taxis and pick up any scooter in one app.


We make hybrid coordination simple by empowering employees to make good decisions when it comes to “When should I go to the office?”


Today – AI driven cloud optimization platform for AWS, Google Cloud, Azure. Tomorrow – autonomous cloud management for all the clouds.


AI should not be monitored akin to traditional software. Currently teams have limited visibility into how models are performing in production. Our platform turns AI observable.


CheckStep is a unique service that helps platforms customize their trust and safety needs through seamless policy change and monitoring.

DomoSafety S.A.

Using machine learning, we can detect early signs of several chronic diseases / health issues:
– Mental Health
– Cardio Vascular
– Fall prevention
Thus enabling to act in a preventive manner and avoid hospitalization. It represents huge health cost savings.


We help people match emotionally.


Emtrey automates visual testing for web applications. Every time you push a change to a web app, Emtrey checks it for any impact that change might have had visually. If any changes are found, Emtrey highlights them for review by you and your team.


EN-NOBLE elevates local communities around the natural resource of their culture by connecting travelers to cultural experiences in global subculture communities and off-line cultures.

Fairly AI

An API-driven toolkit for AI governance and validation to keep your AI responsible and regulated.

Family Proud

Family Proud is a collaborative care platform that connects people who care to people in need to give support that matters.

Fleri Inc.

Fleri enables immigrants abroad to provide direct healthcare access to their loved ones living back home instead of just sending cash remittances.


Folio is an online bookshop digitizing the word-of-mouth recommendation process for Gen Z & Millennials — the Glossier of books.


FoodsPass is a fintech startup based in Los Angeles, CA. In 2020, we created the first Visa® cashback card & savings club dedicated to food, offering members 24/7 access to the largest searchable database of food deals on our app. As the missing layer in the global food ecosystem, we bring people together through a shared affinity for food. Always get the best deal and never ask yourself “What’s to eat” again! Plus, every time you use FoodsPass, we donate meals to families in-need.


FortyGuard™ is a turn-key smart system aimed at mitigating the urban heat island (UHI) effect. We are the first climate resilience startup to combine materials science with advanced data science and predictive analytics to empower cities to deliver a comprehensive urban cooling solution. Http://


GameDriver is a patent-pending plug-and-play test platforming to automating testing in VR, AR and Video Games.

Generated Photos

We’ve developed face generator to create images for synthetic data, graphic design, and gaming.


ABBY is a new smart wheelchair platform with unmatched features i.e. Power-assist, Machine Vision Robotic Drive Modes & IoT priced at a fraction of any comparable mainstream product.


We are the first non-finance application to give users the power of their spare change.

Immersive Cure

Using VR, we honor Veterans with trips to DC to see the monuments built to honor them. Additionally, we combat social isolation, anxiety and pain with relaxation and guided meditation.


KISSPlatform provides AI powered agile competitive intelligence which places early stage ideas within the patent and company landscape. It helps early stage innovators to rapidly iterate.

Koidra Inc

Koidra, based in Seattle and founded by an ex Microsoft Researcher, provides a game-changing and award-winning AIoT tech that is transforming agriculture.


The Modzy solution for ModelOps provides more holistic capabilities for monitoring AI models. This includes patent-pending adversarial defense and explainability, as well as drift detection.


Community platform to run small online peer support groups for big financial decisions. Excel and Reddit meet Weight Watchers Workshops.

Neighborhood Sun

We provide an advanced software platform that connects consumers to projects in the fast-growing community solar space.


Youth mental health platform, includes personalized SEL activities, peer storytelling for stigma reduction, livestream events. 300+ minutes/week engagement, student ambassadors in 150+ schools.

Nordetect Our product delivers lab-comparable results for vital parameters such as nutrients/fertilizer in 5 minutes as compared to weeks, without the need for a trained technician is at the forefront of next-generation technology and is pushing the boundaries of AI and ML for sales onboarding and readiness

Ottonomy Inc. We are the world’s first in providing contactless deliveries with our autonomous robots at airports. Our proprietary software allows the robot to navigate seamlessly from inside the store to outdoor parking lots/curb-side.


Instant creator payments for digital content via DeFi-enabled finance stack.


PitchSpace is a private equity marketplace with automated pitch-builder. PitchSpace1.0 instantly creates pitch materials through a conversational experience and gives startups a guided fundraising roadmap. is a real-time creative analysis platform. It helps marketers easily understand their ad creative performance, and get actionable insights and predictive analysis they need in real time. leverages AI technology to analyze, shot videos, images and copy-writing in order to provide marketers with actionable insights to maximize creative performance and media ROI.


Think Airbnb for Interior Design. Homeowners explore virtual Studios of their favorite Design influencers and instantly book their E-design services, seamlessly converting followers into clients.


Sensorscall is developing an AI based device “CallAlert” that looks after the wellbeing of seniors living independently. It learns their habits and alerts caregivers on anomalies. Allows reminders and communication. And over time it becomes smarter with additional functionalities. No cameras and nothing is required to be worn.


Startgun enables track and field athletes to train autonomously and generate and share data from workouts specific to track and field via wearable devices.


STEERus is home to the world’s first Soft Skills Academy, closing the gap between education and work with our proprietary infinitely scalable model for blended learning.

Stroller Patrol

We are the only service providing direct and real-time communication between parents and their community for the exchange of useful information to keep kids safe

Tara AI

We’re building a smart Jira alternative. Zero config, modern and designed for engineering teams and fast moving orgs.


We are the only company that helps to solve test case maintenance problem and the only one that helps companies to do accessibility testing

The Wealth Pool The Wealth Pool is a self-directed financial planning tool that collects, cleans, and organizes “pools” of household data to help you make better financial decisions

Tonner Technologies

Tonner Technologies is creating an app-based solution that empowers school nurses,teachers,parents, and administrators with tools and resources to manage and improve the health and wellness of pre-K through grade-12 students. Our first app is Permission Pal and School Nurse 411 will be our next app. We hope to make it easier for schools to obtain parental consent for various school activities/functions and procedures.


Trustate is a high touch, end-to-end estate administration service that helps individual Executors quickly and efficiently settle the estate of a deceased loved one using back-end technology and automation.


4 USERS: first ever post-purchase assistant 4 PARTNERS (BRAND, INSURANCES): first ever to directly engage with their consumers”

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