Office Hours

We love talking with start-ups but sometimes we don’t have time to sit down with everyone. That’s why we started TC Office Hours. It’s a chance to meet a few TC editors and pitch your business, ask questions or advice, or just stand in awe of our majestic presence. We’ll be visiting SXSWi this week and we want to talk to you – with a few caveats. Here’s what’s up.

We’ll be taking turns sitting at Hilton in downtown Austin with a cold beer in one hand and some food at the ready. You’ll show up promptly at your allotted time, sit down with us for about 10 minutes, and then head back into the scrum. It will be a fun way to meet you all and for you to meet us.

Don’t have a start-up or not ready to talk about it? Use this as an opportunity to bounce ideas off of us. We’ve seen it all. I’m especially partial to hardware startups, so if you have some gear you want to show off, head my way. Otherwise, take your pick of the TC litter.

You can sign up for individual editors by visiting these links:
John Biggs
Anthony Ha
Ryan Lawyer
Josh Constine
Alex Williams
Greg Ferenstein
Alexia Tsotsis
Important rules:

  • No PR people allowed. 
  • Show up. If you miss your spot, you’ve essentially stolen it from someone else and wasted our time. 
  • Show up with real questions. Just want to chat? We’ll have a beer after.
  • Don’t double up. You can only take one spot. Pick one TC writer and that’s all you get.

Looking forward to seeing you in Austin.