Startup Battlefield

At the very heart of Disrupt, Startup Battlefield launches promising, under-the-radar companies to a global audience on tech’s biggest stage. The 26 companies in our SF Battlefield were selected from nearly 700 applicants from around the world. They will judged by a world-class panels of with some of the biggest names in tech. The prize? $50,000 and the coveted Disrupt. Tune in Monday and Tuesday afternoon and see these companies in action on-stage. You can also check them out on Product Hunt, AngelList and of course, CrunchBase.

After three days and incredible pitches from our 26 Battlefield companies (plus two Audience Choice winners), it’s now time to name the TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Battlefield champion. This year’s finalists included Alfred, Partpic, PatternEQ, Shipstr, Stack And Vinli – all amazing startups. But there can only be one winner who walks away with the Disrupt Cup – and $50,000 in prize money.

So without any further ado, meet your TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2014 Battlefield winner and runner-up.

The Winner: Alfred Club

Boston-based Alfred, founded by Jessica Beck and Marcela Sapone, is the first service layer on the shared economy that manages your routine across multiple on-demand and local services (like Handybook, Instacart, and the local dry cleaner). Members build a subscription to make their routine automatic, letting Alfred coordinate services in their home.

And The Runner-Up: Shipstr

Shipstr streamlines the complex, opaque, unreliable, time-consuming and expensive international shipping industry through a cloud-based aggregation platform.

Shipstr works by aggregating information from different service providers onto one platform. The startup goes directly to third-party services, including trucking companies, customs brokers, warehouses and ocean carriers, and gets information on their pricing and fees. This allows businesses to make their own shipping arrangements without the aid of a freight broker, get instant price quotes, and track their shipments more quickly.

Alfred  Alfred Club l l Marcela Sapone, CEO and Co-Founder l Jess Beck, CEO and Co-Founder Alfred Club is the first service layer on the shared economy that manages your routine across multiple on-demand and local services (e.g. Handybook, Instacart, and the local dry cleaner). Members build a subscription to make their routines automatic, letting Alfred seamlessly deliver services so they come home happy. Location: New York, NY USA l Date Founded: 9/2014 l USD Raised: Undisclosed
Allre l l Katherine Dryden, President Online real estate transactions.  No agents, no commissions.  Allre is an exclusive marketplace giving buyers and sellers every tool needed to complete an entire transaction online.  Allre is 100% focused on the consumer, making the process transparent by giving buyers and sellers total access and complete control. Location: San Diego, CA USA l Date Founded: 2/2012 l USD Raised: $0
Athla Athla LLC l l Michael Gillam, MD, FACEP, CEO & Founder Athla designs software for digital health, fitness and athletic performance. Athla’s flagship release, Velocity, is the first hands-free app for sports to put the precision of a professional speed radar onto iOS devices. Velocity calibrates to +/- 0.7mph of the $1,200 Stalker II Pro radar used by over 30 professional teams. Location: Redwood City, CA USA l Date Founded: 5/15/2014 l USD Raised: $0
Beartooth_Logo_Full_Transparent Beartooth l l Michael Monaghan, CEO l Kevin Ames, CTO Beartooth’s patent-pending technology allows iOS and Android devices to communicate even if the cellular network is unavailable, failed, or congested. It enables true peer-to-peer communication between the devices, completely bypassing the network. Location: Bozeman, MT USA l Date Founded: 10/15/2013 l USD Raised: Undisclosed
Disease DG Disease Diagnostic Group l l John Lewandowski, CTO and Founder What if we told you we could save 1 million lives every year with just refrigerator magnets and a laser pointer? DDG uses magneto-optical technology to change the way diseases are diagnosed. Our mission is to create a low-cost, reusable device that can reach the patient and differentiate multiple diseases. Location: Boston, MA USA l Date Founded: 8/30/2012 l USD Raised: $400K
DynoSense DynoSense Corp. l l Saeed Azimi, Founder and CEO DynoSense Corp. is a Silicon Valley life science technology company founded by successful high-tech veteran Saeed (Sam) Azimi, with a mission to “innovate best in class products and services for a better, longer, and healthy life that are integrated, accurate, secure, elegant, and simple to use.” We call it “innovation for life.” Our patented Dynosensor (or “Dyno” for short) is the world’s smallest medical grade health scanner technology for capture and analysis of a broad range of health data. Location: San Jose, CA USA l Date Founded: 3/2013 l USD Raised: $600K
Fove FOVE l l Yuka Kojima, CEO and Co-Founder l Lochlainn Wilson, CTO and Co-Founder FOVE is the first eye-tracking head-mount display for home use. By tracking users’ eyes, it is possible to interact freely with objects in 3D space. The VR world reacts to your eyes for the first time. Welcome to the new world you’ve never seen before. Location: Tokyo, Japan l Date Founded: 5/12/2014 l Raised: Undisclosed
Gem Logo-Horizontal Gem l l Micah Winkelspecht, CEO l Ken Miller, COO Securing the world’s digital money. Gem makes it drop dead simple for the entire developer world to provide a secure, easy to use wallets to store and spend Bitcoin anywhere in the world, built by the same people that built the cutting edge security products for PayPal and Palantir. Location: Venice, CA USA l Date Founded: 1/22/2014 l USD Raised: $2M
IS IT YOU IsItYou l l Benjamin Levy, CEO l Shmuel Goldenberg, CTO We offer a simple and safe way to m-commerce by allowing service providers to know their customers through the use of facial recognition. Our unique light filter and anti-spoofing technologies transform mobile devices into biometric scanners. We not only solve a security problem but a trust problem as well. Location: Yokneam, Israel l Date Founded: 4/2012 l Raised: 995K
mailtime MailTime l l Huang He, CEO l Lau Chun Kit, CTO l Sheng Yixuan, CMO MailTime incorporates the smooth experience of instant messaging and the universality of emails. They re-format and summarize your mails into a messaging conversation view. They redesign the way you assign tasks by mentioning and help you to track information easier. Location: San Francisco, CA USA l Date Founded: 4/2014 l USD Raised: $550K
PalateHome Palate Home l l Eric Norman, Co-Founder & CEO l Jim Reich, Co-Founder & CTO l Don Norman, Co-Founder & User Experience Advisor The Sizzle Smart Grill is a simple way to cook restaurant-quality food at home. It’s a one-minute setup when you get home, and one minute when you are ready to eat. In between, our advanced software cooks with the same low-temperature process top chefs use to get tender, juicy results every time. It won’t overcook if your guests are an hour late, and it’s connected so it improves over time. Location: San Francisco, CA USA l Date Founded: 8/20/2012 l USD Raised: Undisclosed
PartPic Partpic, Inc. l l Jewel Burks, CEO l Jason Crain, COO l Troy Burks, CTO Partpic is visual search for replacement parts. Partpic remedies the arduous process of finding repair parts, which is currently isolated to part number, name and description. We empower suppliers by giving their sales reps and customers an alternative method of identifying parts, which can increase sales, build customer satisfaction and save time. Location: Atlanta, GA USA l Date Founded: 8/2013 l USD Raised: $80K
PatternEQ PatternEQ l l Shikumar Shivaji, CTO l Tigran Ishkhanov, Chief Data Scientist PatternEQ is an advanced analytics platform that provides analysts data mining capabilities without having to rely on data-scientists.  It integrates a wide variety of data sources to create a unified view of the company’s data. Users can find insights across diverse datasets and predict events, at the click of a button. Location: San Francisco, CA USA l Date Founded: 12/10/2013 l USD Raised: $150K
QuickFire QuickFire.TV l l Craig Lee, CEO l Garrett Choi, CFO l Mike Coward, CTO l PJ Go, EVP l Amit Puntambekar, VP, SW Engineering l Wurzel Parsons-Keir, VP, HW Engineering l Robert Telles, VP, Operations Consumer impatience for online video is growing faster than technology is keeping up. Breaking news “scooping” is measured in seconds, instant replay requires “instant,” and social video must be online within a teenager’s attention span. QuickFire.TV’s cloud-based video transcoding solves this problem via an innovative approach 10-20X faster than competitors. Location: San Diego, CA USA l Date Founded: 6/2014 l USD Raised: $4M
RallyTeam Rallyteam l l Huan Ho, Co-Founder and CEO l Dan Ellis, Co-Founder and CFO Rallyteam is a collaboration platform for intelligently connecting people, projects and ideas – think eHarmony for people and work.  By seamlessly aligning people to roles where they will have the most impact and personal growth, this will increase productivity, innovation, engagement and retention. Location: San Francisco, CA USA l Date Founded: 10/22/2013 l USD Raised: $20K
sciencebite l l Salman Samson Rogers, CEO l Stephane-Bertin Hoffmann, CMO l Lester Perez, CTO is smart matchmaking for R&D supported by open access scientific data. The platform enables innovators to find and engage with scientists to share practical know-how, incentivizing those scientists to apply their knowhow to real technology challenges. Location: Berlin, Germany l Date Founded: 4/7/2014 l USD Raised: $400K
SelfLender Self Lender l l James Garvey, CEO l William Butler, COO Self Lender helps consumers monitor their credit, build credit history and save money. We enable consumers to create a credit line on their credit report and build positive credit history. Location: Denver, CO USA l Date Founded: 5/13/2014 l USD Raised: $0
Shipster Shipstr l l Max Lock, Founder and President Shipstr streamlines the complex, opaque, unreliable, time-consuming and expensive international shipping industry through a cloud-based aggregation platform. Shipstr offers this platform to small-medium U.S. companies that ship goods across oceans in containers. Businesses save time and money while enhancing reliability. Providers attract customers, simplify operations and improve payment efficiency. Location: Bryn Mawr, PA USA l Date Founded: 8/1/2014 l USD Raised: $0
SOPnotify SOP notify l l Toks Ogun, CEO SOP notify is a Nigeria-based notification platform for power-challenged communities. We blanket cities with our smart sensors and send power notifications through our mobile app, email, SMS, and social media. The application makes it easier for customers, power companies and governments to communicate about the availability of electricity. Location: Abuja, Nigeria l Date Founded: 2/10/2014 l Raised: $0
stack Stack l l Neil Joseph, CEO l Jovi Gacusan, Head of Hardware l Robert Bogart, Head of Software Stack is the first responsive lighting solution that produces the right tone of light and brightness to maximize comfort and energy savings. We are the foundation for a responsive building that sets the perfect lighting conditions for occupants, requires little-to-no user input, and provides rich analytics. Just plug it in. Location: Cupertino, CA USA l Date Founded: 5/22/13 l USD Raised: $1.47M
StudyRoom StudyRoom l l Emerson Malca, CEO l Pindi Albert, CTO StudyRoom is the best platform for college students to connect and collaborate. Students can now have access to all their classmates at any time to ask questions, share notes, form study groups and get instant help right when they need it. Location: Menlo Park, CA USA l Date Founded: 6/15/2012 l USD Raised: $325K
TableGrabber TableGrabber l l l Pawan Marwaha, Co-Founder and Chief Grabber l Sonya Marwaha, Co-Founder RezGuru – Revenue Management for restaurants! We digitize restaurants and provide them with automated dynamic pricing to maximize their revenue potential. Location: New Delhi, India l Date Founded: 1/2014 l Amount Raised: Undisclosed
Tailor Tailor l l Yali Saar, CEO l Nadav Shatz, CTO l Tom Lahat, CPO The next-generation branding agency. Tailor makes great branding accessible to everyone. By using an algorithm that thinks like a graphic designer, Tailor provides everyone with beautiful and affordable design for their business. Location: Brooklyn, NY USA l Date Founded: 6/11/2014/ USD Raised: $0
Valor Valor Water Analytics I I Christine E. Boyle, PhD, President Valor Water Analytics provides a suite of business intelligence tools to water utilities to address issues like conservation, drought planning, revenue impacts and affordability in ways that were never before possible. Location: San Francisco, CA USA I Date Founded: 11/12/2013 I USD Raised: $130K
vinli Vinli l l Mark Haidar, Founder & CEO l Scott Harper, Founder At Vinli, we’re redefining the everyday driving experience without reinventing the car or changing existing vehicle components. Vinli is a connected car platform that makes cars smarter, safer, and more fun. It’s the first truly open platform that enables developers to build applications and services for vehicles. Location: Dallas, Texas USA l Date Founded: 2/5/2014 l USD Raised: $0
xendo Xendo l l Julian Gay, Co-Founder and CEO l Dominic Lee, Co-Founder and CTO Xendo is a cloud search service that surfaces relevant content from multiple cloud accounts, in context, in the natural flow of work. With just a few clicks, get a unified perspective across all your emails, documents and messages through a single search box. Secured end-to-end, Xendo is used by individuals and organizations to bust cloud silos and boost productivity by up to 20%. Location: San Francisco, CA USA l Date Founded: 8/13/13 l USD Raised: 50K