SF Disrupt 2011 Venue — San Francisco Design Center Concourse
635 8th Street (at Brannan)
San Francisco, CA 94107

Note: manually entering the address above in Google Maps points to the wrong location. The Design Center Concourse is at 8th and Brannan.

The San Francisco Design Center Concourse has 125,000 square feet of Disruption space for us. And we plan to fill it with startup demos and tons of energy and surprises. Come join us!

Please don’t make the mistake of going to the San Francisco Design Center Galleria on Henry Adams Street. Their names are very similar.

Hotel Accommodations

We’ve partnered with to provide several hotel options surrounding the venue. Please visit the Oyster/SF Disrupt website to make reservations; use the code “DisruptSF” to receive their Disrupt 10% discount. You may also contact their Disrupt Concierge Service for personalized assistance at or call: 888-446-9783.


Getaround Is Offering A Car Rental Deal For Disrupt SF!

If you haven’t figured out how you’re getting around San Francisco next week, Getaround—the car sharing startup that won TechCrunch Disrupt New York in May—is offering an exclusive car rental deal for attendees of Disrupt SF 2011.

All you have to do is click on this URL to rent a Getaround car in the San Francisco Bay Area between September 9th through the 15th, and they’ll have it waiting for you at SFO. They are also offering a special 20% Disrupt discount to all renters and a few other perks. They are letting you choose anything from a Pruis to Porsche, with prices starting at only $3 an hour.

Since May, Getaround has been doing what most earnest startups do: evolving their product and marketing, hiring talent (they’ve since more than doubled their team) and being bombarded by investors.

Keep an eye out for them at Disrupt in SF this year. Word is they’ve added some pretty sleek cars to their system, so if you’re dying to be seen in that Tesla or Lotus—even for just an hour—this is by far your best chance.

Share the ride with Zimride to Disrupt SF!

Zimride (the Airbnb for seats) is helping us match up drivers and passengers attending Disrupt. This is a fantastic way for you to network on the way to the conference and a big help for reducing parking congestion. To find or offer rides to Disrupt, go to Zimride will also be arranging special rides with select Valley VC’s to those with the best Zimride tweets. Just tweet a link to with hashtag #pitchVCzimride and you’ll be entered for a sweet ticket to ride.

Also be sure to check out Zimride’s first promoted route from SF to LA. Driving down to SoCal in the next few weeks? Or need a ride? All drivers will receive a $20 bonus (on top of what passengers pay for your seats) and the first 50 passengers to buy a seat can email for a $20 credit!


We’ve partnered with TC Disrupt NYC Alumni to help Disrupt attendees make the most of their day and make sure they meet all the right people. Sonar uncovers the hidden connections you share with fellow attendees.

If you have an iPhone, download the app at Stop by the Sonar desk during one of the breaks to meet the team and get a demo!