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Startup Alley Exhibiting companies | Monday, September 12th, 2011

The Audience winner of Startup Alley on Monday is Questli

Adility – Adility enables online to offline commerce transactions |
AffinityLive – SaaS business management suite for professional service firms |
Apartment List – Apartment List is the first social apartment matching engine |
APPEK – APPEK is a professional mobile app development company |
Appscribe – Android App & Game Subscriptions |
Apptivo, Inc. – The Best Free Way to Run Your Business with 40+ Cloud Based Apps |
AttorneyFee – The first price comparison engine for attorney fees |
Be-novative – A social game on creativity developing real-life products |
Bilneur inc – Bilneur is airbnb for businesses idle resources and inventory |
Bizness Apps – Bizness Apps is a DIY mobile app platform for small businesses |
Blogic – Instantly create a blog theme that matches your existing website |
Blu Trumpet – Mobile advertising |
Bridge – We help people discover and form meaningful relationships |
Caraquri Inc – Our mission is “Creating the unimaginable” |
Carbyn Inc. – Carbyn is an HTML5 OS; one platform, amazing apps, every device |
CloudFactory – Cloud labor API using assembly lines staffed by real people |
Coincident.TV – Coincident changes how brands engage customers with digital media |
Connect A Job LLC – Revolutionizing the way Job seeker and Employers connect |
CrowdEngineering – Crowdsourced customer support, SaaS Enterprise Level Crowdsourcing |
DailyLook Inc. – Experience One New Personalized Look On Sale Every Day |
DealBird – A comprehensive group buying platform for enthusiast groups |
DENNO Inc. – “Cost-Per-Second” Based Keyword Match RTB Display Ad Exchange | – Specialist in Android, launch innovating products |
Drumbi – drumbi is a smarter way to call your friends or businesses |
Eeve – Eeve is a fun way to discover and share what’s going on |
EnHatch – Crowd Fund, Develop, and Market Medical Device Innovation |
eRENT – eRENT makes it easy to rent people, places and things |
Everymedium – – clear off your bookshelf and move to the cloud! | – If FB, Yelp & Foursquare went camping & had a love child… |
FabFitFun – A women’s lifestyle brand by Giuliana Rancic |
Fantoon – the interest network that connects liked minded individuals |
Faveous – Faveous is a simple tool which gather favorites in one place |
Flare Code – Building community around real-world objects and digital content |
FunerAlly – Connects families in need with funeral homes that best serve them |
Gadgetrocket – A wise, mobile search for gadgets | – The next big thing in file sharing. #web #realtime |
Gootip – Gootip is a community service of located questions and answers |
Imply Labs – We develop predictive buying technologies analyzing social media |
Judge Social – Your problems solved by social networks faster than legal system |
Kodesk – Physical business networking through peer-to-peer office sharing |
Latakoo – Send Video Fast; Make Video Simple |
Leadtip – Marketplace for sales-ready Leads |
LegalNature – The sustainable approach to manageable & affordable legal service |
LocalBonus – Your existing credit card is your loyalty card at local merchants |
LocalMind – Real-time, location-based Q&A platform |
Lumatic – Lumatic makes navigating cities easier and enjoyable |
Mantle – Mantle is the free way to display your DVD/Blu-ray collection |
Marvin [Mobile Security] – A revolutionary security solution for Android phones and tablets |
measureOut – measureOut brings life-size shopping interface on-line |
Miew inc – “5 senses 5 seconds” New Social Video Service to the world! |
MinuteBox – MinuteBox: Live Expert Advice across the Social Web |
Mobotap – With 9M Android users, the world’s first gesture browser on iOS |
MobStac – The Web Redesigned. For Tablets |
MoBubble – Buy, Sell, or Promote anything locally in real-time |
Mofoxy – MoFoxy is a mobile feedback and survey service |
Narvalous Inc. – A top-notch team making top-notch social and mobile games! |
Near Networks – Near Networks creates online video channels for local businesses |
OnRelay – Cloud-based Mobile Office Phone System |
OpenSesame – OpenSesame is the iTunes for corporate training | – Fastest way to publish content online |
Phonezoo Communications – Share your world through photos -Filters,tags,friends-iOS/Android |
PicBdages Ltd – Visual statements sharing on top of profile pictures |
Picdish – Facebook meets Quora for food |
Plango – Plango is mobile social calendar on Facebook |
PositiveTALK – PositiveTalk – Facebook & Twitter app for positive minded people | – is where skilled workers connect with local employers |
Proximiant – Tap-and-Go Digital Receipts |
Quantter – Activity Based Mobile Platform |
Questli AG – Treasure hunting, applied to everything |
QuickAirLink – Smarter Travel Search with 1-Click & Faster Airline Booking |
Rentlord – Rentlord is the first secure way to rent homes and spaces online |
Scaneroo – Connect. Share. Scaneroo. |
Scrawg – Write on the Web, view it with a community of like-minded people! |
Shopvolution Inc. – SHOPCADE Build. Share. Shop. Prosper. |
Skydera Inc. – Cross Cloud Automation Platform |
SkyVu Entertainment – PIXAR meets ROVIO. SkyVu makes original mobile games & brands | Sky.Vu – Live streaming presentations with enhanced audience interaction |
Spiral Moon Media – Affordable video production for startups |
Spotzot Inc. – Deals on the Spot: App and Platform |
TaskUs – TaskUs offers innovative outsourcing for start-ups! |
Testranking – Google Analytics for consumer electronics products |
Time Doctor – The first ethical team monitoring tool |
TourWrist – A mobile, virtual tour market, supported by a free app and API | – Send Files. Receive Files. Even on your site. That’s what we do. |
TripDibs – TripDibs, hedging options for travelers |
TweakerLabs – Disrupting Wall Street – Finance gone social in a mobile app |
Twentyat – TwentyAt is a new mobile social network connecting your twenty! |
TwitBitz – At TwitBitz we produce the best “social currency” money can’t buy |
United Task Co. – Kickstarting To-Do, Task & Project Management APPs! What? YES! |
Veact GmbH – SaaS marketing analysis and planning apps for car dealers |
VisualXCript – THE FIRST HTML5 animations creator for the iPad and iPhone |
Vizible Inc – Vizible, Inc develops social games, toys, experiences and profits |
Wavespot – Local merchants get “liked” on Facebook in return for free Wi-Fi |
We&Co – We&Co is an app for people who provide and enjoy great service |
Whitli – Explore Minds Like Yours |
Whodini – Whodini automates the discovery of expert coworkers |
Wondershake – Wondershake lets you discover interesting people around you |
yaM Labs – yaM is a web application that changes the way people do meetings | – User testing done right; fast results, free tests, easy insights |
Zami – Vibe enables communication-by-location with the “crowd around” |
ZeroDesktop, Inc – Personal Cloud desktop solutions for public cloud & private cloud |
Zingaya – let your customers call you online for free without a download |

[fancy_header]Startup Alley Exhibiting companies | Tuesday, September 13th, 2011[/fancy_header]
The Audience winner of Startup Alley on Tuesday is CardFlick

5Degrees – Like Evernote for contacts: remember everyone, contact anyone |
ADTELLIGENCE GmbH – We provide the leading ad platform to monetize the social web |
AdWired Mobile – Mobile Applications Advertisement Network |
AHIKU Corp – Instagram’s video version |
AirPay – Social mobile wallet app and payment network | – Investor network to predict, learn about and comment on markets |
Alternion – Combine and manage all your social web in one place |
Appswers – Smart people making easy apps to clarify big & common questions |
AtomChat – Cloud hosted chat solution |
Atticous – A personal branding tool with complete backup & data liberation |
Aurality – Your personal mobile radio for the textual web |
Back At You, Inc. – Technology maximizing the marketing power of Facebook & Twitter |
BEETmobile – The first mobile Internet access provider powered by the crowd |
Bimaple Technology Inc – Live local search integrating multi-source social network data |
Blueconomics – Win. Grow. SocialSalesMap. | |
BookLikes – Complete Social Website for Book Lovers |
Butterflive – SaaS solution to boost engagement and increase conversion rates |
CardFlick – Create and share beautiful business cards with your phone |
Chatterfly, Inc. – Social Mobile Rewards |
Chorus Technologies, Inc. – Get in tune with what your customers think and feel in real-time | – Creative jobs for the professionally inspired |
Dave Partners – Executive search firm for VC & private-equity backed startups |
dealangel – Google PageRank Meets Travel Deals |
Demibooks – Software for authoring interactive books |
ElasticBox – ElasticBox, Any platform, Anywhere(TM). The future of PaaS |
Embee Mobile – Embee is a rewards program for your mobile phone |
Empatica – Our devices measure your emotions to help improve your life |
eThor – eThor creates the perfect market in online2offline commerce |
Evertale – The self-writing scrapbook of your life |
Fanrank – Rewarding Fans for Spreading the Word | – Create, discover, share, buy Fashion on the Internet and beyond! |
Fitiquette – Online boutique for fashion powered by virtual fitting room |
Fizziology – Social monitoring that blends tech and human sentiment scoring |
Gibi Technologies Inc. – Pet location service with social networking capabilities |
Giroptic – 360 degree photo and video camera |
Grazely – Grazely is a social bookmarking app that uses encryption |
Hatch Labs – An entrepreneurial sandbox building advanced mobile products |
Hello-Hello – Mobile language learning combined with social networking |
Holler – Holler’s mission is to connect people through social experiences |
Hookflash – From Talk to Done, for the way we work today |
IncentiVine – IncentiVine is a social marketing platform for local businesses |
Intercast Network – An interactive advertising experience and syndication technology |
InTooch – the easiest way to build social connections in a mobile world |
iTraff Technology – SaveUp is a photo recognition mobile shopping application |
Jasondb – Real-time social photo and video geo-located sharing for mobiles |
JobSqr – JobSqr is reinventing the job search |
Joho Planet inc – IT venture company in Japan provide “Synclogue” service |
June Software Inc – June Software is building an awesome Educational app – tapbook |
JX PRESS Corporation – Vingow is an information tool to smarten you more |
Kotohaco, Inc. – Social Newsletter Service |
Leebug – A multi-event productivity & networking platform for conferences |
Lemon – Lemon is a simple way to organize and access all of your receipts |
LetsListen – Chat and listen to music together. Think iCloud + |
Librato – Librato: time-series data storage & visualization as a service |
LivePad41 – Interactive ‘crowd-think’ visualization and reporting tool |
Mancx – The first fully transactional platform for trade with knowledge |
Member Desk, Inc. – Member Desk is a platform for selling premier digital content |
MemSQL – MemSQL is a database for the Cloud that is 30x faster than MySQL |
Mingle – Mobile Proximity Social Network using simple introductions |
MogiMe – Cross Platform Mobile Social Gaming Network |
Mopapp – Cross-platform sales & downloads analysis for your mobile apps |
Moprise – Securely access and share business documents from your iPad |
MOREDAYS – MOREDAYS, that means planning your life with style and fun |
MT Performance GmbH – Quality content and advertising network in Latin America |
myJoblinx – myJoblinx is a social recruiting application on Facebook |
Nagisa – Nagisa,inc. develops mobile smartphone applications |
Network Optix – Software architecture for viewing video over IP networks |
OnRelay – Cloud-based Mobile Office Phone System |
OpenBrand – Smart platform for brand building and brand asset management |
Openera, Inc – Openera builds smart, easy, and useful SaaS solutions |
OpenPhoto – OpenPhoto is a free, hosted, open source photo sharing platform |
Phonedeck – Phonedeck is a web service to manage mobile phones remotely |
Qraft – Toy Rentals By Owner – Boats, RV’s, Cars, Motorcycles, Planes |
Readmill – Social layer for ebooks. Share and discover new and great reads |
Recurringly – Take your clients to the cloud. Earn extra income |
Red Staple, Inc. – Tools to create ePubs, Enhanced iBooks & Fixed Layout books |
Sassor Inc – Sassor is a design company which works on designs for services |
SELECT2GETHER – Real-Time Platform Powering Mobile & Web Interaction |
Share0 Inc – Share0 provides “Share0″which is an office sharing web service. |
Shop2 – Social commerce site to share and recommend products you love |
SocialForders – Sync your social life! |
SohoOS – SohoOS is a free for use business management for small businesses |
Soul2Match Inc – Soul2Match makes matches based on science and facial features. |
Staffittome! – Discover your career potential on Facebook |
Sticky Projects – Mobile location app to help friends meet up with each other |
Streamer – Bring all your teams and systems together… |
Tagtile – Sustainable revenue growth for local businesses |
TalkOClock Inc – Social alarm service: be woken up by a random stranger |
TalkValley – Give guidance to students only when you want to. No unwanted call |
tapTank – Achieve Goals & Explore Interests Socially |
ThingLink – ThingLink develops tools for image interaction that allow content |
TimeView – Search, view and add your name to a restaurant waitlist remotely |
TopicLogic – TopicLogic; The Map of Your Digital Life |
Transfluent – Human-translated web and social media platform | – Providing B2B & B2C customers private-sale discounts on travel | – Community where travelers meet like-minded locals! |
Tripzard – Tripzard is like Pandora for Travel Destinations |
Tussle – Tussle provides a happy home for all of life’s competitions |
Uadd – The Geo-social Knowledge Network |
UberGrocer – UberGrocer finds you the lowest price on your daily shopping cart |
Wikifashion – Wikifashion is a wiki for fashion, driven by a creative community |
WikiOrgCharts – WikiOrgCharts allows users to crowdsource org chart information |
WizMeta USA – Web-based virtual video clipping service provider based on patent | – Luxury fashion focused global ecommerce & branding platform |
Woofound Inc. – Personal matching between people and experiences they’ll love |
YapMap – Yapmap is a new search engine that focuses on conversations |
Zawatt Inc. – We accelerate communication by sharing your Wishlist |
zippoe – Zippoe is Social Real Estate Search Chat Enjoy |
Zkyuun Entertainment – Smartphone apps company located on Tokyo |