API Workshops

We’ve got some great names presenting workshops & judging the competition, and here’s the scoop:

On Saturday, May 19th, we’ve got a big list of the industry’s best presenting 1/2 hour workshops detailing the inner-workings of their APIs.

2pm – foursquare
Presenter: Anoop Ranganath, lead iPhone developer @ foursquare
Anoop will be going over the ins & outs of the foursquare API.

Details regarding the API can be found at: http://developer.foursquare.com

2:30 – The Echo Nest
Presenter: Glenn McDonald, Senior Knowledge Engineer at The Echo Nest, responsible for the quality of the music data platform.
Doing anything with Music with Echo Nest

Search for and find tons of data about any artist or song in the world’s largest music database. Get the tempo of your favorite song and then beatmatch it automatically with a whole playlist. Mash up videos and music or make a game out of any song. Build your own Pandora using Spotify, Rdio or any number of our music partners. Fingerprint audio from your phone or find the most popular artist on twitter right now. The Echo Nest API is the best way to do anything with music and Glenn will run you through all the possibilities.

Details regarding The Echo Nest API can be found at http://developer.echonest.com/

3:00 – metaLayer
Presenter: Jon Gosier, Founder and Director of Product at metaLayer.
Contextual disambiguation using metaLayer’s Text and Image analysis REST APIs. metaLayer’s APIs allow users to process streams of text or images to extract contextual features where they don’t exist. For instance, extracting place names from tweets or articles using NLP to attempt to geolocate content makes it possible to then visualize where content is coming from or referencing on geospatial maps. With images, extracting text makes it possible to search words in photos or auto-categorize them based on the objects they contain.

Details regarding the metaLayer API can be found at: http://api.metalayer.com

3:30 – Twilio

Presenter: Jonathan Gottfried, Developer Evangelist at Twilio and a diehard hacker.
Twilio is the leading telephony platform for developers to extend and expand their applications with Voice and SMS communications. Our focus for this workshop will be to get an overview of the basic features and functionality of the Twilio platform; send, receive, and respond to SMS messages; place, receive, and respond to phone calls; and use Twilio Client to use your browser to place and receive phone calls.

Details regarding the Twilio API can be found at: http://www.twilio.com/docs

4:00 – bitly
Presenter: Matt LeMay, Platform manager at bitly, where he helps developers and ecosystem partners get the most out of bitly’s API.
I will be showing off the powers of the bitly API beyond simply shortening links. Our analytics API has grown much, much more robust in the past months, allowing developers to pull end-users’ entire link history, and retrieve powerful time-series analytics on both the link and the user level.

Details regarding the bitly API can be found at: http://dev.bitly.com

4:30 – Tumblr
Presenter: John Bunting, Developer Extraordinaire at Tumblr, working on the Tumblr API
The workshop will be an introduction to the Tumblr API, showing off a client or two. We’ll finish up with showing off some of the neater projects that people have come up with for inspiration!

Details regarding the Tumblr API can be found at: http://www.tumblr.com/docs/en/api/v2

5:00 – Knodes
Presenter: John Goodwin, CTO & Co-Founder, Knodes
Introducing the Knodes Context API. Knodes makes it simple and easy to augment your applications with powerful social integration and data analysis. We take your users’ social network credentials and provide a normalized, searchable index of their world. We integrate data from Facebook, Twitter, Foursquare, and LinkedIn to create a unified “uber-graph” that maps the connections among people, places, content, schools, and companies in your users’ networks. Note this is a user utility, not ad-tech. Privacy and security are our top priority, and we don’t sell any data ever.

Details regarding the Knodes API can be found at: http://developer.knod.es/docs

5:30 – Spotify
Presenter: Andrew Mager, Hacker Advocate at Spotify
During this workshop, you will learn about Spotify Platform; including the Spotify Play Button, Spotify Apps API, and libspotify for iOS/Hardware. The workshop will focus on Spotify Apps API; which enables you to create an experience inside the Spotify Desktop client. Using JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3, you can control playback, interact with a user’s playlist, build beautiful interfaces that engage users, and make their music-listening experience the best it can be.

Details regarding the Spotify API can be found at: https://developer.spotify.com/

6:00pm – Mobli
Presenter: Moshe Hogeg, CEO of Mobli, a photo & video sharing community built to bring people together around common interests.

Mobli, the booming cross-platform photo & video sharing network is launching their API at TC Disrupt 2012! Hackthoners will be the first to have a crack at integrating Mobli into their products. Mobli is a photo & video sharing community built to bring people together around common interests. Photos and videos are captured with the app’s pro-level camera, beautified in Mobli’s all-purpose Darkroom, and then shared across multiple channels for maximum visibility. Each photo or video is placed in up to 3 themed Mobli Channels (e.g. fashion, sports, music, etc), and upon uploading, is pushed out to every “watcher” of those channels. Photos and videos are also simultaneously pushed out to a user’s Mobli “watchers”, his Facebook, and his Twitter. Mobli’s Live feed, which displays every photo or video uploaded from around the globe, in real-time; and Mobli’s Local feed, which displays photos and videos uploaded from within city limits – provide two more outlets for visual media to be discovered. Mobli’s unique multi-stream approach provides unmatched discovery potential and ensures visual media is only delivered to the most captive of audiences. Mobli is the premier place for making new friends, not just connecting with old ones.

Details regarding the Mobli API can be found at http://www.mobli.com/api