Startup Battlefield

At the very heart of Disrupt, Startup Battlefield launches promising, under-the-radar companies to a global audience on tech’s biggest stage. The 14 companies in our UK Battlefield were selected from nearly 700 applicants from around the world. They will judged by a world-class panels of with some of the biggest names in tech. The prize? £30,000 and the coveted Disrupt Cup. Tune in Monday afternoon and see these companies in action on-stage.

2014 TechCrunch Disrupt EU Battlefield participants:

CareZapp Logo CareZapp l l Andrew Macfarlane, Co-Founder & CEO l Ed Lenox, Co-Founder & CTO l Carl Flynn, Co-Founder & UX l Ron Finegan, Co-Founder & CXCareZapp is a caring community to support people who need or provide care at home. It’s the easiest way for you or a loved one to create a home-based care network, to be alerted and kept informed at all times, and to get all the help that you need.Location: Cork, Ireland l Date Founded: 07/2014 l Raised: Undisclosed
Cosmethics Logo CosmEthics l l Katariina Rantanen, Founder & CEOCosmEthics educates consumers about cosmetic ingredient safety, and suggests users healthy alternative products by referencing medical research data. Users scan the product’s barcode, and the App cross-references it with undesirable ingredients (e.g hormones) and the user’s personal alerts (allergies, vegan etc.). Disrupting one of the world’s biggest industries.Location: Helsinki, Finland l Date Founded: 10/2013 l Raised: €320K
Crate Logo PNG Crate l l Jodok Batlogg, Founder & CEO l Christian Lutz, Founder & COO l Bernd Dorn, Founder & CTOCrate makes central database servers obsolete, it allows you to launch a highly scalable backend in minutes. Based on the familiar SQL syntax, Crate combines high availability, resiliency, and scalability in a distributed design that allows you to query mountains of data in realtime, not batches. Easy to scale, simple to use.Location: Berlin, Germany l Date Founded: 06/2013 l Raised: €1.2M
Disease-Diagnostics-Logo Disease Diagnostic Group l l John Lewandowski,  Founder & CTOWhat if we told you we could save one million lives every year with just refrigerator magnets and a laser pointer? DDG uses magneto-optical technology to change the way diseases are diagnosed. Our mission is to create a low-cost, reusable device that can reach the patient and differentiate multiple diseases.Location: Boston, USA l Date Founded: 08/2012 l Raised: $400K
giftgaming - Slides-Colour fallback giftgaming l l Nick Hatter, Founder & CEO giftgaming® allows advertisers to easily “gift” virtual currencies, powerups and coupons in-game to players, without interfering with gameplay. Brands get happy consumers, loyalty and coupon distribution, whilst developers monetise the majority of players who spend nothing. The giftgaming platform currently supports Unity and Marmalade SDK and soon, apps.Location: Cambridge, England l Date Founded: 12/2013 l Raised: €53.9K
IA Text Dark Instant API l l Scott Ling, Founder & CEO l Sunil Kumar, Founder & CTO l Mimi Ling, Founder & CFO l Jay Reed, Founder & COO l Luka Druks, Founder & Product ManagerInstant API makes it easy to create, host & manage APIs from existing data and services. What used to take a skilled team months can now be done in minutes and at a fraction of the cost. Most companies can realize a saving of at least 10K per API per year.Location: Los Angeles, USA l Date Founded: 05/2014 l Raised: €60K
IO_transparent IO l l Eugenia Kuyda, Founder & CEO l Philip Dudchuk, Co-Founder and Chief ScientistIO is a social concierge that knows everything about lifestyle and travel and talks to you in natural language in a messenger app. Powered by a proprietary object-oriented conversational manager technology.Location: Moscow, Russia l Date Founded: 09/2013 l Raised: Undisclosed
levebee_logo_black Levebee l l Michal Zwinger, Founder l Michal Hudecek, Founder l Renata Wolfova, Founder l Simon Rozsival, Founder l Marek Lisy, Founder l Veronika Pavlikova, FounderLevebee improves reading and helps with reading disorder conditions, including dyslexia, by providing a new-generation learning tool to students, parents, teachers and related professionals.Based on proven exercises used in the reading disorder treatment praxis, the app creates an individual set of exercises for each reader that adapts to the current reader’s skills.Location: Prague, Czech Republic l Date Founded: 09/2014 l Raised: Undisclosed
Lobster Logo EPS 1 Lobster l l Olga Egorsheva, Founder & CEO l Andrey Dmitriev, Founder & Tech / QA Director l Maria Iontseva, Founder & UX and Marketing DirectorLobster is a marketplace for user generated content. An ‘iTunes for social content’ that disrupts the way digital media can access it. Users license their Flickr and Instagram photos to others in a legal, effortless and rewarding way. Lobster will source and index content automatically when users add #ilobsterit hashtag.Location: London, United Kingdom l Date Founded: 04/2013 l Raised: €90K
Number 26 Logo NUMBER26 l l Valentin Stalf, Founder & CEO l Maximilian Tayenthal, Founder & CFONUMBER26 offers real time banking, a mobile focused current account, MasterCard® inclusive, no fees attached – secure, simple and transparent. All expenditures are tracked instantly, and clever statistics help users to keep their finances under control. Transfers finally become simple. Even send money to friends via email, text or Facebook.Location: Berlin, Germany l Date Founded: 05/2013 l Raised: €2M
\ONDiGO_logo_01 (1) ONDiGO Mobile CRM l l l Yoni Dariel, Founder & CEO l Nir Keren, Forunder & CTO l Ohad Oren, Founder & CMOONDiGO is a Mobile CRM for sales-people and small-businesses on-the-go. ONDiGO adapts to the way people work nowadays by automatically building a customer database from day-to-day interactions conducted on mobile devices. Deeply integrated into the mobile device, ONDiGO automatically captures emails interactions, calendar events, calls, text messages, notes and tasks, and eliminates manual data-entry.Location: Tel Aviv, Israel & Palo Alto, CA USA l Date Founded: 2012 l Raised: €400K
Oscadi Oscult l l Olivier Sautron, CEO l Thierry Payet, COO At Oscadi l Damien Ferrere, Mobile & Embedded Developer, we’re seeking to bring excellence to our users. We do so with simple and yet powerful devices like Oscult, our first product. Oscult is an imaging device interfaced with an iPad Air, changing the way medical devices are used. Our full featured iPad app, allows a rich, precise and connected experience.Location: Reunion, France l Date Founded: 06/2013 l Raised: €500K
PhotoMath-logo-landscape-RGB-2 PhotoMath by MicroBlink l l Damir Sabol, Founder & CEO l Jurica Cerovec,  Co-Founder & CTO l Izet Zdralovic, Co-Founder & Sales and Marketing Director l Matija Korpar,  Co-Founder & Lead Product DeveloperPhotoMath is the world’s first camera calculator app. Point your phone camera toward a math expression and get an instant solution with detailed solving steps. Company behind PhotoMath is MicroBlink, with its mobile vision and real-time text recognition technology. Get PhotoMath on Appstore or check our technology at Location: Zagreb, Croatia l Date Founded: 04/2013 l Raised: Undisclosed
Sign2Pay_Logo_Vector l l Nicolas Mertens, Founder & CEO l Nick Lloyd, Founder & CTO l Tom Schouteden, is a High Conversion Mobile payment method. The consumer can quickly pay on mobile while the merchant sees a high conversion. It innovates in security by doing the risk assessment upfront and authentication through signature recognition.Location: Antwerpen, Belgium l Date Founded: 11/2013 l Raised: €590K